FFXIAH Map (Stalkin ur XI-Fwen to RL)!

Our Daily ToDo List! Stalking People! For those that don’t really click around enough, let me introduce you to the errr.. sort of complete function of FFXIAH Map!

The Star Onions – Sanctuary DL

CD Cover for The Star Onions – Sanctuary! Gotta Love It! I like it =) Just errr… not really a fan of CD’s these days when I prefer things in hard drives :o Good thing I’m not register on SE’s whatever community stuff, can post RapidShare stuff. I did however, find a Rapidshare link! (On […]

The FFXIV Blog / Fan Art

The FFXIV Blog Team! The FFXIV Blog :D I’ve been amazingly busy :3 But I’d still like to let everyone know I’m part-time working on the FFXIV Blog :D Yes, it’s actually at http://www.ffxivblog.com Not some random gil farming websites or stupid domain parking. For me, playing the game is half the fun, the other […]

Shantotto Figurine Prototype :o

A Prototype of Shantotto and Star Sybil! Whoa O.o Well credits to Otak, but she showed me these two awesome pic. It’s in da Paris expo atm :o Here’s other Windurst NPC that made it as a prototype. That stuff is awesome :O I want to take Shantotto home ^_^; and blow me up! (Or, […]

Duping Kraken Club: Success!

Kraken Club inside this box! Real Club comes in Real Boxes! For those that don’t know or haven’t been keeping up with Mai Blog, well there’s someone out there who can Dupe Kclubs! You can read more about it there. Well for me, I got myself a Real Kraken Club! There it goes, all my […]