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Hello from Aion (Coming from XI/WoW)!

Aion’s METALLIC Game Box! What?! When I told people FFXI was my last MMO, I really mean it… “at that moment”. However, as more MMO came out, I was more than tempted to try. I went to try WoW, ended up taking it to Lv80, gank in Ulduar (I stopped after Ulduar, so no idea […]

Aion – Original Sound Track (OST)

Maiev trying out Aion! Aion OST/Original Sound Track Other post will follow up, but thought I’d like to share a link to the original sound track of Aion – Tower of Eternity’s Sound Track. It is beautiful :) You don’t have to like Aion to like the Sound Track. =) Here’s the link to the […]

Starcraft II Gameplay on Kotaku

Hello :) It’s been awhile I’ve posted. I’m still alive but I’m currently working on a few FF related projects, will brief you guys once I have that underway :D However, just want to hook everyone up with a Starcraft II Battle Report. Pretty amazing! Looking at David Kim controlling his units is just amazing. […]

RL: The Storm is Coming ‘~”

The Tornado-Like Storm I usually try not to mention any rl that’s got nothing to do with ffxi, but this one’s a little different. It was IMO, a life experience that I guess, could have took my life. :o The Storm is Coming :o Just this last Sat, while most people are at home playing […]

Zelda: Phantom Hourglass… freaking good!

Zelda Phantom Hourglass – Mai Recording Playing Zelda on DS Yea man.. something to play while waiting for the FFXI-expansion.. and hope its good too… First impression about Zelda – Phantom Hourglass on DS was.. I thought the touch screen was there to just jot notes, but you literally play the whole game with the […]