Fascinating Video on “Video Game”

Video Game better than Life? Video Games better than Life Its stunning :O! It’s point out a few good facts. Video games are really blurring the lines between RL and E-Life Video game violence starting to look real, but then real violence starting to look like a video game. So true! How about… the graphics […]

FFXI Fanart – Night in Heavens Tower

Heavens Tower – by LovelyDagger Commission for Daggy So there it is, Mai latest commish for Daggy, caught her while she wasn’t busy so I gave her a few ideas and she turned it into this artwork :O! This is what I enjoy doing, just having a good time, chilling and relaxing! & this piece […]

Gil Buying in FFXI

This is what Google suggest to me… What people are Searching with Google. So I got $50 Google Ad-Words randomly for free, so I thought, might as well try it out! So upon logging in, they give you a suggestion of what most people search. Believe it or not, out of like 8 categories, 4 […]

Harvest Festival 2008

BOoooooOOO!! too bad eerie body didnt give us black mask like those formers =(. seriously, what can someone even do with eerie body. i think SE is running out of ideas now… but on the other hand, this item looks so cute!! i so want, but i cant go to CA =(.� /sigh i hate […]

Blizz Con Arena Tournament

selective queuers vs Concil of Mages(CoM) Blizz Con Tournament Since the Wraith of the Lich King (WoW Expansion) will be out in less than a month, Blizzard is concluding this expansion with a cash-prize Arena Tournament! So far its been very interesting to watch. As always, strategy, mind reading and player skill all plays a […]