Blu/Nin Solo Chain 5 Guide.

A note to my readers:

  • First of all, I didn’t invent this, Pii on Hades did. The mithra is the 1st ever known Blue-Mage to solo Chain 5. I was still a Level 1 n00b back then. But after seeing that amazing Screenshot (trying to find it!), I’ve decided I wanted to do blue mage! That all it took.
  • This guide is in my opnion, the way to do it and in no way, the standard that everyone should follow. I respect other people’s opinion and preferences in playing the same job.

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This guide consists of 5 pages.

Understanding and Blue-Magic Setups

Lets first understand in theory how Chain 5 can be done. So What are we killing?
Mob’s Name: Herodic Imp. (Specialize in Elemental and Dark magic)
HP: Approximately 2,500-2,800
Job Ability:

Magic that the Imps can cast (that is un-blinkable):

  • Firaga II
  • Thundaga II
  • Poisonga II
  • Sleepga
  • Sleepga II

So lets go over what WE will use against them!

3 DD Spells: (13 total)

  • Frenetic Rip (Let them taste their own medicine) // 3 hit, 3 Blue Magic Points
  • Disseverment // 5 hit, 5 Blue Magic Points
  • Hysterical Barrage // 5 hit, 5 Blue Magic Points

2 Defensive Spells: (6 total)

  • Head Butt! (You will need to macro this somewhere easy for your finger, you will be using a lot of Butts!), 3 Blue Magic Points
  • Magic Fruit, 3 Blue Magic Points

Self-Buffs: (5 total)

  • Refueling, 4 Blue Magic Points
  • Metallic Body (For resting if you have stupid Choke), 1 Blue Magic Point.

Job Traits that you want to have: (9 total)

Blue Magic Point Used: 13 + 6 + 5 + 9 = 33
The other, FFA, I’d personally equip strength-based attribute bonus spells such as Fire Spit etc..

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