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WoW Humor & Zulu LS Drama

DROP! Oscar Award! HAHAHA I don’t feel bad about gaming moar now! In fact, I’m always glad I did :D I learn all about photoshop, coding, and computer all because of gaming! It facilitates learning IMO, from playing games! Maybe someday I’d win an Oscar hahaha! Anyway… So Oscar… I didn’t watch it either, but […]

Do You Zulu? (BG Fenrir Drama)

Do you Zulu?! (Click for Larger!) Damn Son I miss FFXi Drama. Well.. didn’t know such Zulu linkshell exists. But do they really reside in England? Cuz like.. Zulu in flying refers to.. UTC (GMT). Regardless, can find the juice here. To the right I just took the airplane headset ad and modded it. No […]

WoW: Valentine Commercial & LM17 Discussion

Dabari’s Venture Co. Commercial Dabari’s Venture Co. HAHA made me laugh :D. For those that don’t play WoW, Gems are Jewels you “Socket” into weapon, to give it some extra strength like +2STR to your weapon. Mechanically in game, you cannot remove it, and they are using that in the commercial. Watch the Guild I […]

WoW Writing on a FFXI Blog?

WoW Hater I’ve heard many things about it ;) There are good and bads about WoW. Which is okay because we all have preferences :D But when someone who just haven’t play start ranting about WoW, that’s pretty imo emo ;) So like this guy (Found it on Etain’s) is like lol we shouldn’t be […]

Duckie Recruiting Spree, Lagsave and SS!

Doesn’t it look like our body is detached? I’ve been VV Busy :/ Like the title… its just going to be screenshot dumps :D I’ve been really busy IRL… so swamped that I literally got no time to even sit down and write a nice little post. So I’ll try to summarize my month of […]