Sam Relic Gearing – 9/12/07

End-Game Gearing

I will go through the basics and logic of what type of gear to choose.

A few basic knowledge a Samurai should understand is:
– Great Katana
– Attack vs STR
– Store TP
– Haste
– Accuracy

Great Katana-

Know and believe it; Hagun is the best Great Katana for spamming weapon skill at 100% TP next to Amanomurakumo. Onimaru is the best 300% weapon skill Great Katan next to Amanomurakumo. (here is my attempt to show you why)

Attack vs STR

STR > Attack now with the new update as 1 STR adds 1 Attack.  It’s much easier to choose gear now.  More on this in future …

Store TP

First of all to explain Store TP for those who do not know what it.  TP rounded down to the nearest tenth; calculated as shown in wiki .  1 Store TP gives 1% more of the original TP, which is often mistaken to give 0.1 more TP.  An example would be +10 Store TP would make an original  12 TP return and give you 12*1.10 = 13.2  .

Most common Great Katana are all 450 Delay which returns 11.5 TP.  A lvl 75 Samurai will have 25 Store TP which will return 11.5 * 1.25 =  14.375 ~ 14.3 TP return naturally.  The most effective way for us to gain 100TP is 6 hits which doesn’t stress our gear with too much Store TP equipment.  With 5/5 Store TP merits which gives +10 Store TP, Rajas Ring, Brutal Earring which we will have 24/7 we will need 5 more Store TP in gear to have 6-hit setup.

It’s not that complicated, with the above gear and merit the usual gear left would be Hachiman Kote /+1, Hachiman Sune /+1 or Usukane Sune-ate.  The feet and hands slot is usually used haste build in your TP setup so Usukane Sune-ate will be best suited out of all these setup since it fulfills both haste and store TP.


Some people may think 2 handed don’t need haste and it won’t help, but they are absolutely wrong.  Currently I have 21% in gear with hasso without anyone casting haste on me I will be swinging my 450 delay Great Katana at the delay of 310.

We have to understand that haste is best stacked.  They give increasing returns.  A simple example is player A has 0% haste, player B has 20% haste.  Player A will be hitting 20% faster than Player B; meaning every 10 swings player A makes player B only made 8 swings.  A will do 1.25 more swings than B.

Now lets say they both increased their haste gear buy 20%; Player A will be hitting 20% faster than Player B again but now every 4 swings from player A player B will only have made 3 swings.  A will do 1.33 more swings than B.

From this logic you can easily see that if we go haste we should go all out.

Since Samurai damage comes from our WS damage and the number of WS they deal out, we can see 6-hit setup with as much haste as we can equip will bring us the most WS.


Most monsters besides high level monsters is what we usually hit and require to spam WS like limbus, dynamis,  and merit PT.  I would recommend an accuracy of about 400 for most of these situations without madrigal.

Accuracy from skill information can be found here.  My Samurai/Warrior has 297 skill and70+26 DEX which returns me 200 + (97*0.92) + 96 = 385 accuracy.  I wear +35 Accuracy of gear which brings me to 420 Accuracy.  Thanks to this last update 1 DEX gives 1 Accuracy, I now hit almost anything at 95% capped hit rate.  My accuracy caps me just about anything I merit on, but I still need to carry more for stuff like Byakko, Wyrm KS99 etc with high evasion.

A general rule would be 1 accuracy increases 0.5% hit rate.  More information on how to calculate hit rate % from your accuracy with monster’s level and evasion here.

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