Duping Kraken Club: Success!

Duping Kraken Club, FFXI Fenrir

Kraken Club inside this box!

Real Club comes in Real Boxes!

For those that don’t know or haven’t been keeping up with Mai Blog, well there’s someone out there who can Dupe Kclubs! You can read more about it there.

Well for me, I got myself a Real Kraken Club! There it goes, all my 5 years of work… well a little less since I got Club in 2006… but yea, my objective of the game, to own one.. and I did! Now I even own one in RL =) satisfy all Mai desires XD

The cost? Well like the website advertise, its 150USD for one, then of course lame truck comes along like UPS and decided to charge shit like “Brokerage” fee, that’s for us Canadians… so if you want to buy one and you’re a Canadian… think a bit again because it almost came up to C 250 for me :(

Well away from the sad face, I just rip that thing open… and the next thing is “Stage Prop, Not Real” LOL. What? I thought I was buying a real KClub :O

Moving on…

So wow, that thing looked exactly as advertised… you really got what you really paid for.. it’s pretty fukin amazing.

Duping Kraken Club, FFXI Fenrir, Close Ups, Picture

Oww Real Kclub!!!

Well guess what, the first thing I did was.. I held it up… and start swinging (LOL), and no, I didn’t get the “Occasionally attack 2-8 times”. I thought about asking a refund but the creator made it very clear… that it may not swing 2-8 times… so I really just got a….


Here’s a picture with my BlackBerry Bold beside it, as you see… it’s pretty big in size. It’s “Hume” size. I’ve just placed it beside my 25″ MaiTaru Plushie! There, I’ve bought FFXi to RL =)

For the curious ones about the “actual” work, here are some closeups, unedited straight out of my cam. So lemme tell you, it’s not screen friendly, not ADSL friendly (no, not just 56k), but work friendly =)

Club View | Teeth | Joint | Handle

Blows you away huh =)

So yea, if you’re interested, go read this post and find out his stuff. He’s pretty booked as is and I also know Mistmonster from Fenrir is also getting one =) heat item XD

Aside: RL

I’ve been quite busy, trying to do projects on the side on top of work and preparing for flight tests :x so once I get that test out of the way, I’d have way more time to focus on the enjoyment stuff =) I know it’s summer, but I like my Air Con and my own time to do stuff I like (such as blogging) so I’ll promise I’d make a comeback :) and keeping people entertained.

In the meantime, browse the TTTO, always fun stuff around :) Stay classy ok? =)

Oh I did read those A Moogle Kupo’s Edat, sounds like a Cash grab… and I was surprised SE had the guts to announce less log-in times… and reveal how unfavorable missions were in their stats.

Vanadiel Census, FFXi, Economics

FFXI Economics (Lots of Problems)

Well can always read the detail (or I mean, fun) way of looking at SE’s stats are Starcade.

  • I.. also have a few things I’d like to state. First thing is.. a few months ago SE announce some like “2million char creation”. Who judge development by char creation. Common, lets give us some “subscription” number =) Hence, PAID accounts.
  • Notice the Pie, 1-3 hours, OR LESS. Oh I definitely know people who pay but don’t play.
  • SE notice, still most popular is GRINDING, well why not open some merit points. Hell the game is already easier, doesn’t really matter if its even more easy. It’s not like KRT or Ullikummi skillchain party will every come back.
  • 62.74% are level 1’s (PlayOnline, 2m CHARACTER in April, we’ll come back to that)
  • FFXI 9th Census, Mission, LOL

    The Loser Train without Missions!

  • As a RDM, I was surprise the amount of Lighting Acc, thought there would be more retards then that.
  • 1 upgrade in Blind II fails LOL (just to get the animation? just get a DAT swap LOL)
  • Monster Correlation kinda caught me off guard, I mean it’s nice enhancements (forgot number in my Blue guide) but damn you really got to hit the right mob with right spell to kick in :3
  • I was hoping to see -1 in a relic due to ban LOL :D
  • Clothcraft blew me away, cuz that shit is expensive… IMO it’s pretty close to Goldsmithing (Remember, I have like 6 char 100 crafts to play around XD).
  • (Refer to Graph). See the PINK? That’s Excellence selling rights to lot items on Hades =)
  • See the BLUE on the left side? Most people that got 50k or less is because they fail at BCNM LOL.
  • YELLOW is OTHERS, 10m gil+/wk. Although some are pretty legit, the rest, GIL BUY? HAHAHA (or steal friends’ account rob then rich!)
  • Digging 1m per week? Hay, hook me up!
  • Synthesis fails.. because we have people that gil buy, robs the market’s mats in whatever price and just dominate that market’s synthesis. In RL, at least we have WTO, in-game, we have What The Fuck!
  • Linkshell reason missing one. “Joined because I have a BOT!”

End rant. Stay safe, stay classy, and we’ll brb with MORE JUICY THAN USUAL!

9 Responses to “Duping Kraken Club: Success!”

  1. Jowah says:


  2. Pyra says:

    That club looks awesome.

    As to missions — I would be “In the Name of the Father” x2. Pyra is still canceled, but my old WHM is active again with a friend. He leveled up a THF (in qufim), managed a free lot on AFv2 hands, and now farms all day. He claims to average about 100K/hour, with some hours as high as 250K, and as low as 50K.

  3. Maiev says:


    Announce wut? Ohhh right, today’s my friends’ bday, and also “Canaduh Day!”



    Hehe yea I know you can farm 100k/day, but choco dig 10m a week is rather crazy :D

    But then again those stats are self reported so could be all f-ed up :D

  4. Kimiko says:

    Really, someone needs to write a guide on how to get these ridiculous 100k an hour farms.

  5. Lyali says:

    Oh man, I showed my friends the earlier post about the k club and now my friend is making me and another friend of mine morgensterns. XD

    Also, I’m totally in the nerds category for WotG missions. *wears her uber nerd badge proudly*

  6. Maiev says:


    Now ima jus need to get those costumes ready and take that club to fanfest! lawl :D well… its really a shellbuster IRL cuz its rly heavy hahaha!

  7. Etain says:

    I would totally pay $150 to have a mock-up of a Morgenstern like that. :3

  8. Sumny says:

    Omg! I see BB there! Maiev is the most awesome Taru ever!


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