Mai FFXI Fan Art Commission/Collection!

Maiev and Otak by Lurazeda

Maiev and Otak by Lurazeda/Otak

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I love art. I don’t know what or how to describe but I really do. I do not have the talent to draw, so I really appreciate every FFXI fan art pieces that goes on any website.

Lets put it this way, even my girlfriend Otak is an artist LOL :D!

Overtime, I’ve fell in love with giving out FFXI fanart commission as well (Secret: That’s how I provoke Otak, a commish! XD). Not only you get something really personalized in return, but you are actually helping someone out, kinda like donation, but you know they will use it well. Art school, supplies and equipment was never cheap :x so I know my commission can make dreams come true.

So yea, next time when you are thinking about what to give for your FFXI buddies as presents or just about anything, consider having a personalized art of you and your friend drawn! It’d be a sweet present (though, give it some time, artist can’t draw overnight!)

Yes, I love each and every piece I’ve ever gotten, I’ve taken my time to compile a list of all the art I’ve ever commission/received! I hope you enjoy it XD

If you are interested in getting a personalized art piece done (hence, a commission), I’ve compiled an article on Art Commission Etiquette for those that are interested :P

Mai’s Commission

I currently have a few outgoing commission, like paid for all that stuff :P However, if you’d like to draw a piece for Mai and Otak, feel free to drop me a message. I love to commission :P and yes you’d get your compensation before you even start, just so you know I am serious :P

  • Commission: Renard, Recheche.
  • Kiriban (Won, YAY!): salacia-of-vanadiel

Maiev FFXI/FFXIV Fanart Showcase!

FFXI Fanart - Maiev Otak inside Mog House!

Maiev Otak inside Mog House! by eiffelart

Title: Maiev Otak inside Mog House!

Artist: elffelart

Type of Art: Commission

Date: December 2011

Comments: Who doesn’t like Matt Cummings’ art…?! For the longest time, Mai and Otak have been eyeing on a commission by Eiffelart… and we’ve finally pulled the trigger. On his birthday =)

We thought, a couple of years back we did… naked taru. Last year we did dancing taru. This year, we’ll do DRUNK taru LOL :D~! So we’ve drawn you some… wicked drunk taru on Christmas night!

Common now, when you think of Otak and Maiev, isn’t that just the cutest taru on Earth? We’ve brought that romance from RL to art =)

Eiffelart’s legendary art never fails to impress :D the emotions, details, the background, colors were all just so perfect! The details too =)

Otak was very impressed and had a very nice giggle with the artwork, and we just couldn’t wait to share this masterpiece with everyone through our Christmas Card =)

We hope you like it :D!


FFXI Fanart - Maiev Otak at Windurst!

Maiev Otak at Windurst! by ainiwaffles

Title: Mai Otak at Windurst!

Artist: ainiwaffles

Type of Art: Commission

Date: December 2011

Comments: This was a commission that I had it ready a few months ago. Drawn by Ainiwaffles, this file was a huge 15MB in transmission, height is 5600px x 3500 px. There is a TREMENDOUS amount of detail in the high-res version and… was drawn with surgical precision.

What I love about aini’s coloring is high contrast =) It’s so so so colorful, it looks great on the poster. It is eye catching :) She drawn our RL face with FFXI clothing as requested and it turned out awesome :) the trees, water, details were just all fantastic. It was worth the buck. It’s also her first commission drawing RL faces, so referencing from a picture wasn’t easy for her but she took the artistic challenge and handle it very well =)

Thanks ainiwaffles =)


FFXI Fanart - Dryopae, Aaagh and Maiev at Snowday!

Snow day! by Blackash

Title: Snow day!

Artist: blackash

Type of Art: Gift/Kiriban

Date: December 2011

Comments: This was a Kiriban for Aaagh :) However, Aaagh was very sweet and told Blackash to include Mai in so it deserves a nice place here within Mai art gallery :D!

It was very creative to have leafs as teeths LOL, and we’re making a Goubble! We even used rocks for eyes. Holy moly that is just flat-out awesome imagination :3

Blackash and her ever imaginative mind :) Love your work! Thanks again Aaagh for including Mai and thanks Blackash for the Kiriban giveaway =) Notice these are just Gifts =) and she put a ton of work into it =)

Artist Comments:
Kiriban prize for the sweet and always helpful :iconaaagh:

Dry, Mai and Peti having fun in the snow. Not really any area of FFXI, but any excuse to draw snowy trees is a good enough reason for me :D Also not any outfits from the game…Oh well.

I hope you like it!


FFXI Fanart - Maiev and Otak in Aydeew Subterrain!

Adyeewa Subterrain by Blackash

Title: Aydeewa!

Artist: blackash

Type of Art: Gift/Kiriban

Date: November 2011

Comments: One of the best places in FFXI has to be Aydeewa Subterrain. Together with the music, the magical glow of the caves makes it quite a romantic place. Blackash totally brought Mai and Otak’s romance into Aydeewa, which is already romantic to begin with, and make it grand slam even more epic :D!

Just chilling, enjoying a quiet night with no aggro just inside Aydeewa Subterrain. I love that place :) Love those brush strokes on the flowers and making it just pure magical place for two of us :)

Thanks Blackash for the Kiriban :D! Keep in mind this is just a Kiriban =) and blackash still puts a ton of time into each piece, with work, with love!

Artist Comments:
Kiriban prize for :iconmajeev:

Here we have Maiev and Otak in Aydeewa Subterrane. This area has some beautiful music so I thought it would be an appropriate place for a bard.


FFXI Fanart - Maiev and Otak - Chibi!

Chibi of Maiev and Otak by demachic

Title: Couple Commission!

Artist: demachic

Type of Art: Commission

Date: November 2011

Comments: Demachic is probably one of the awesome Chibi artist out there IMO. She draws pretty awesome eyes so I’ve commission her to drawn us a Chibi that I could use for our Christmas Cards =) Thought you guys would get a crack out of seeing Otak and Mai’s RL mixed with in-game clothes ;)

Hope ya all liked it :D!

Artist Comments:
Commission for :iconmajeev: ! I hope you like it my dear :hug::heart: Very fun to draw! C:


FFXI Fanart - Maiev and Otak - Kiriban Prize!

Kiriban 02 by vinhnyu

Title: Kiriban 02!

Artist: vinhnyu

Type of Art: Gift/Kiriban

Date: November 2011

Comments: Angry Otak and Mai here :D! Well more angry Otak and Mai :D I guess it’s a different way of expressing drawing Kiriban! ARGGGHHH hahaha! No I didn’t mean it that way, but nice to see Otak/Mai not in the usual smile, but ANGRY Tarus :D!!

Artist Comments:
Kiriban for :iconmajeev:
Characters are tarutaru from FFXI. [link] in Sha’ir Manteel and Full Homam set.


FFXI Fanart - Maiev and Otak - Kiriban Prize!

Majeev’s Kiriban Prize! by MirroredSky

Title: Majeev’s Kiriban Prize!

Artist: Mirroredsky

Type of Art: Gift/Kiriban

Date: November 2011

Comments: This one is quite a hilarious Kiriban! Fun thing about Kiriban is… you don’t know how it turns out :D

And this one is no exception, Mai and Otak in Halloween costume :D! I love how we are portrayed :D Mai (the female in the drawing), which is like RL Otak and Otak (the male in the drawing), looks like me IRL haha!


Thanks for the Kiriban xD! lolz :D I love Mai boob lolz ;D!

Artist Comments:
Yay 4k hits! Winner this time was Majeev :D

I veered away a bit and mixed it with a halloween pic. Gogo taru boob! It’s her character (Mai) and her taru boy-toy (Otak).



FFXI Fanart - Maiev and Otak - Kiriban Prize!

Majeev’s Kiriban Prize! by Witheringmoon

Title: Majeev’s Kiriban Prize!

Artist: Witheringmoon

Type of Art: Gift/Kiriban

Date: November 2011

Comments: Haha I love Kiribans :D! I camp them everyday xD I guess that’s what it is hehe, getting me addicted to getting commish through these Kiribans!

But I love how girly Mai looked, so feminine :3 Otak is so darn cool :D in the Homam and the background of Aht Urhgan Whitegate just goes very well with it.

Zomg this was really nice :3 definitely an epic Kiriban Prize

Thanks Witheringmoon for offering/honoring it :D!

Artist Comments:
Majeev’s Kiriban.

Sorry it took so long, hope you like it! :D


FFXI Fanart - Maiev and Otak - Kiriban Prize!

Majeev’s Kiriban Prize! by Sarucho

Title: Majeev’s Kiriban Prize!

Artist: Sarucho

Type of Art: Gift/Kiriban

Date: October 2011

Comments: I love catching Kiriban :3 Well… sole reason is I do enjoy browsing, hence I have all the upcoming Kiriban bookmarked :D and occasionally open them and check ;)

This one is by Sarucho, who drew Otak and Mai in FFXIV Lalafell :D! We kinda do loo like that in RL :D shy and hehe, tiny :D! and shy :D! hehe! The drawing resembles a lot of Otak and Mai IRL :D!

Thanks again Sarucho!

Artist Comments:
Kiriban prize for ~Majeev! C:
Thanks for catching it~ x)

These two were definitely fun to draw!


FFXI Fanart - Maiev and Otak - Kiriban Prize!

Majeev’s Kiriban Prize! by Neosorcerer

Title: Majeev’s Kiriban Prize!

Artist: Neosorcerer

Type of Art: Gift/Kiriban

Date: Sept 2011

Comments: Otak and Mai recently went to Europe, and we took some pictures with the grass. Right when we came back, we saw neosorcerer has completed the commission and whoa, it was laying on the grass as lalafell.

Oh boy it so happens to resemble some of the pictures from our pic, instantly bringing back good memories. The color was so warm and sweet that Otak and I can’t resist to buy a coffee for neosorcerer although it was just a Kiriban!

We are in fact, see if neosorcerer’s going/wanting to do another commish! This Kiriban was beyond epic!

Thanks again Neosorcerer!

Artist Comments:
Majeev’s kiriban prize from dA! It took me forever and what I painted at first looked nothing like Lalafell. Please nobody ask me to paint one ever again…



FFXI Fanart - 31111 Kiriban!

Maiev and Otak! by xMireille-Chanx

Title: 31111 Kiriban!

Artist: xMireille-Chanx

Type of Art: Gift/Kiriban

Date: August 2011

Comments: This gotta be one of the hard piece to draw. I mean, it was done in real-deal real skillz feltpen :3 When Mireille offered me either digital or classic, I took the classic route and oh boy, it was amazing :D!

I haven’t seen this type of FFXI fanart for ages :D it was really nice seeing how Mai just being a silly Mai and Otak is like um… errr… hahaha!

Thanks again for the Kiriban

Artist Comments:

Omg… oAo
Thanks for 31,111+ pageviews!!
This is for my past Kiriban of 31,111 pageviews. ~Majeev caught it. :3 He asked for me to draw his Tarutaru and his gf’s taru from Final Fantasy XI, his being in Paladin AF and his gf’s in complete Homam.
Why does the Homam have to have so much detail to it, lol. I probably killed it not putting all the detail, but I tried to put as much as I could without overdoing it. :/
I’m so happy with myself, not only did I do a traditional piece, but I put a decent background on it as well. I really though, need to buy me some new Prismas, my old ones I’ve had for like…ever and they are so dried out. These new markers I got, Professional markers, they’re way to dark and watery and I can’t blend them very well, that’s why this picture looks so dark. But overall, I love how this turned out.
Keep an eye out for my next Kiriban~ :3
Final Fantasy XI © Squeenix
Art © ~XMireille-chanX


FFXI Fanart - Maiev and Otak!

Maiev and Otak! by Shiyu-Chan (Chocopies)

Title: Maiev and Otak!

Artist: Shiyu-Chan (Chocopies)

Type of Art: Commission

Date: August 2011

Comments: I knew Shiyu from Paint Chat :D She was very energetic and was always looking forward for something to draw/practice. I approach her for a commission and oh my gosh, she for sure put one hella effort into this :D!

I love the solid linework and coloring :D! The framing also takes into account a poster print :D! It makes Mai and Otak like a hero in FFXI :D!

Thank you Shiyu-Chan for such wonderful drawing :D! We’ll let you know once we frame it up someday XD!

I promise her an artwork in poster print! I’ve yet to mail it but think Ima surprise her during Christmas =) hehe!


FFXI Fanart - Doodle of Maiev!

Doodle of Maiev by Salacia

Title: Doodle of Maiev!

Artist: Salacia

Type of Art: Doodle

Date: August 2011

Comments: Thanks Salacia for the wonderful doodle! Salacia randomly decided to doodle Maiev out of the blue :D for being supportive ‘~” Well, all I really do is press the like button and drop a comment! I can’t draw, but appreciate it so… I guess I’ll continue to do what I do best :D! Support :D!

Salacia have a wonderful style! Hope you keep improving :D! Can’t wait till you one day draw the cover for Square-Enix games =)


FFXI/FFXIV Fanart - Mai and Otak

Mai and Otak by Steffydoodles (Sorasha)

Title: Mai and Otak in FFXI/FFXIV

Artist: Steffydoodles (Sorasha)

Type of Art: Commission

Date: July 2011

Comments: Wonderful piece of artwork :D! Since FFXIV kinda failed hard, we know that Mai and Otak won’t be in FFXIV, so it was nice to see how FFXIV and FFXI merged together :3 just to say hello at least :)

The actual artwork from Sora contains tremendous details :D! It was a pleasure viewing it :D! Thanks Sora :3


FFXI Fanart - Mai and Otak

Mai and Otak by PriestessOfPie (PoP)

Title: Mai and Otak

Artist: PriestessOfPie/Lyali

Type of Art: Gift

Date: July 2011

Comments: PriestessOfPie, a friend that is so invaluable :3 Always finds ways to cheer her friends with her pencils. Simple yet so meaningful and powerful! This time, PriestessOfPie decided to draw Maiev and Otak having such a sweet time together. We actually have pictures similar to her drawings IRL :D so it was a very nice way to remind us the wonderful time :)

Again, thank you PoP for your wonderful artwork ;)

Artist Comments:
(late)Birthday present for ~Majeev!

Mai (c)
Otak (c)
FFXI (c) Square Enix


FFXI Fanart - Mai, Otak and Shiyu

Mai, Otak and Shiyu! by Shiyu-Chan

Title: Mai, Otak and Shiyu!

Artist: Shiyu-Chan/Chocopiesforever

Type of Art: Commission

Date: June 2011

Comments: Mai&Otak always had an eye on Shiyu-Chan, always knew her and her excellent line work! We finally decided to ask her kindly for a commission for Mai&Otak :) and was happy she accepted it :)

We are still WIPing but this is one of the work she came up so far, though not sure if that’s going to be the final masterpiece :3

We’re excited to see but thought we’d give everyone a glimpse :) Here’s the Commission WIP version 1 before the image on the right =)


FFXIV Fanart - Wake up by Daluna/ivloongoddess83

Wake up! by Daluna

Title: Wake up

Artist: Daluna/ivloongoddess83

Type of Art: Gift

Date: May 2011

Comments: OMG :< I feel so terrible about our fake wedding ;;. Back in April 1, 2011, Otak and Mai decided to play with April fools and decided to announce a fake FFXIV wedding. We even had a fake wedding website So from all that, Daluna thought it’d be a nice wedding gift and omg :( we didn’t know we really made everyone think we are really getting married.

On one side, I feel like I succeeded, since people fell in. But then I feel bad, since people now start thinking about gifts :(

This was a beautiful drawing :) I’ve never even seen Mai&Otak in FFXIV drawing, so this gotta be the first one :O and yes, I gotta wake up. Otak getting bored waiting for me lol.

THANK YOU so much Daluna for this wonderful piece of artwork =)

Artist Comments:
For Majeev and Lurazeda

Ok so I am doing a horrible job at being /hermit. I can’t stay away from you guys!


Wake up you :C
I wanted to draw XIV guys, don’t kill me that its not your XI characters T.T

I’m glad you guys like it!

@ Maiev, lol don’t feel bad :D I’m not mad at all, But I gave my word I had a present started for you two and I wanted to see it threw and finish. You deserve it, you are a big supporter of all us XI and XIV artists :)

Characters from Final Fantasy XIV


FFXI Fanart - The Celestial Fountain by Aaagh

The Celestial Fountain! by Petisu/Aaagh

Title: The Celestial Fountain

Artist: Petisu/Aaagh

Type of Art: Commission

Date: April 2011

Comments: WOW :O! This gotta be one of my favorite commission :O! I definitely love the CG textures combo-ed with the amazingly amount of details.

I definitely like the waters and the expression on Mai! It makes her look like one tough Taru that you don’t wanna dick around with xD. Fenrir is behind me to bite you!!!

Well I’m from Fenrir, but it’s also a good piece of art just to remember me soloing Fenrir’s Prime :3

I hope you all enjoy the Commission from Aaagh :)

Artist Comments:
Painting commission for Majeev ^^

Closeups of Maieev’s commission wich is going to be posted on my deviantart if he allows me to :)


Pretty much yeah

Drawing based on FFXI, his character with Fenrir :aww:

I hope I achieved nicely your request Maiev :D thank you.

Thanks for the support and the visit, please feel free to commission me!

Photoshop CS3
Textures from CGTextures
Sorry for the watermark :)


FFXI Fanart - 12345 Kiriban: Majeev by dhkite

12345 Kiriban! by dhkite

Title: 12345 Kiriban: Majeev

Artist: dhkite

Type of Art: Gift / Kiriban

Date: April 2011

Comments: First of all, thank you dhkite for the kind Kiriban. It was very kind of you to honor such fun for others to catch, and I do enjoy catching Kiriban’s :)

dhkite actually drew what Otak enjoys…. casting spell onto my head. She actually cast it quite often :3 We are both super nerdy and this portrait of Mai&Otak clearly describe what she does everyday :D!

We really enjoyed it and really loved how it was expressed! In the form of art.

Artist Comments:
After many weeks, here’s my reward drawing for the kiriban I held 70 weeks ago, won by ~Majeev

Meteor; the spell all the mages want~ *dream*

– – –
Characters (c) their owners


FFXI Fanart - Pay Attention! by blackash

Pay Attention! by Blackash

Title: Pay Attention!

Artist: Blackash

Type of Art: Commission

Date: March 2011

Comments: This commission was for my friend Tazo’s wedding. I wanted to be a little personal with the card so I’ve decided to get a commission and use it as a wedding card. However, the print shop fail :( so I ended up just slipping it as a printed picture :( I bet she’s too busy to even read it but anyway!

Tazo and her “husband” met via studying in classroom. Tazo was plain-out playing her Nintendo DS when her husband (now) lol walked in. So I had her Taru drawn as playing DS, husband the scholar (both teachers) and I am the LS teacher, with a joke on board “Remember to bring Cosmo Cleanse”, because Tazo tries her hardest to forget to bring Cosmo Cleanse :< So that was kinda the joke. I gave Blackash literally, 3 days to do it and she did an amazing job, given the fact that I literally gave her no time to think or scribble! I always knew her as someone who's good with drawing but just never had the chance to commission her! I really enjoyed working with her :D! Thanks for the commission! You can find that commission on her DA.

Artist Comments:
Commission for ~Majeev for a friend who is getting married!

I hope they enjoy it! I got some good, drawing Taru’s from the back, practice with this. They still are difficult to me.

Final Fantasy XI – Square Enix


FFXI Fanart - Thanks Blackash! by lurazeda

Thanks Blackash! by Lurazeda

Title: Thanks Blackash!

Artist: Otak (Lurazeda)

Type of Art: Gift to Blackash

Date: February 2011

Comments: During Christmas, Otak and I’ve decided to send Blackash a card :) Blackash was very kind and return us a GIFT and it was the clay figurine of Otak and Mai :D Otak then returned her a GIFT saying thank you for the gift! I guess we’re seeing a cycle! But THANK YOU for your kindness. The detail is amazing on the doll. Otak and Mai looks like one hella matching taru’s there :D! We love that clay figurine a lot :) Thanks!

The art is simply Otak and Mai holding our figurine respectively, the way Blackash created it :D!

Here’s the original post of Blackash’ creation :D!

Artist Comments:
A little piece of doodle for Blackash :D Thanks for the cute little clay taru you created ^^


FFXI Fanart - Clay Taru Figurine! by BlackAsh

Maiev & Otak! by Blackash

Title: Maiev & Otak!

Artist: Blackash (DA), (Tumblr)

Type of Art: Gift

Date: January 2011

Comments: I totally didn’t expect this in return! Otak and I decided to send seasons’ greetings to our friends. However, one of our friend – Blackash, have decided to return us with very cute clay models of our character. It is just adorable!

The detail was amazing! I like how she even try to present that this website is “the StarOnion” by attaching a little onion on top! Oh for sure I’ll be taking good care of it. I won’t be attaching it to a keychain and get banged up :x. Very beautiful gift! We’ll definitely take a picture one day with those dolls for you!

Thanks Black Ash :D!

Artist Comments:
Present for Maiev and Otak for their wonderful Christmas card! I wanted to get them done sooner but I can’t seem to stay well for more than a week at a time, I feel like an 80 year old smoker. So a late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to both of you :D I’ll try and ship them next week

Mai is 3cm (just over an inch) tall and Otak is 2.5 cm (1in) they’re both made with sculpey III and painted faces. Hopefully everyone gets what the little charm is supposed to be (hint:the jump rings are stars)

Edit: I’m very glad you like them Mai! :D Btw since I don’t think it’s obvious the things at the top are supposed to be onions staronion get ityeah I suck lol.


FFXI Fanart - Maiev of Fenrir!

Maiev of Fenrir by Rinielenika

Title: Maiev by Rini

Artist: Rinielenika

Type of Art: Doodle

Date: January 2011

Comments: Oh gosh :O Another awesome Rinielenika’s lineart :D Now I shall bug people for a coloring :D

I wish my Taru really looked that cool :D in-game XD Rini drew Mai a lot cooler than she really is ‘-”

Thanks Rini for the doodle :D

Artist Comments:
Doodle for Mai that kinda poped outta no where. A cool down 10 minute doodle just for fun between homework.

Annnddd for all of your entertainment also.

Havent drawn FFXI in forever


FFXI Fanart -Maiev's Doodle!

Maiev! by Aaagh

Title: Maiev!

Artist: Aaagh

Type of Art: Gift

Date: December 2010

Comments: Oh boy rofl! This is sho cute ^-^; It’s the first doodle by Aaagh and I certainly present myself as a kind person XD! Aaagh drew me with a bunch of baby chocobos and not a bunch of beastmen ^-^;

She was so kind ‘.’ to send me Art doodle as Christmas greeting :D!

Thanks AAAGH :D!


FFXI Fanart -Maiev and Aene vs Cactuar!

Maiev vs Cactuar! by Aene

Title: Maiev vs. Cactuar!

Artist: Aene (Cactuar)

Type of Art: Special Commission

Date: November 2010

Comments: Aene was also a very supportive friend and WHM on Mai side as I adventure through FFXI over these years. Whenever there’s a critical mission like killing JoL, I always select Aene as primary healer. She’s always on top of her game, quick fingers and attentive to details! Bestest WHM ever!

So when she drew me that commission, she somehow decided to draw herself disconnecting (DC) – -” which NEVER happened! So she’s not a DC Queen, but she just wanted to make it more “interesting”! lolz!

& I love the humor coming out of it hahaha! Yes, the consequences is… I got owned >.> lolz

I gotta thank Roranora for that, else I’d never get this commish from Aene :D!

Artist Comments:
special case commission for Maiev.

Maiev’s got like 3 HP here.


FFXI Fanart - Maiev and Otak Taru Waru

Taru Waru! by Lovelydagger (Daggy)

Title: Taru Waru!

Artist: Daggy (lovelydagger)

Type of Art: Commission

Date: October 2010

Comments: Otak and I likes to use this emote :P, we also do this in RL :P so as a joke, I’ve commish Daggy to draw this out :P However, I wasn’t the one paying for it, my friend Jayashaya did. He wanted to give Otak and I something so I said hay, commission Daggy :D!

This picture is just epic :D!

Artist Comments:
Commission done for Majeev: =3 cute taru couples hm?

FFXI Online Game


FFXIV Fanart - Maiev and Otak Nosebleed, OrzCast Logo

nosebleed! by Lurazeda (Otak)

Title: nosebleed!

Artist: Otak (lurazeda)

Type of Art: Fanart

Date: October 2010

Comments: That episode of OrzCast was talking about female players shopping for clean underwear. Yes, there is underwear/garments shop in Eorzea. So Otak decided to draw me/her shopping, but me holding out a lingerie hahaha. The tag actually says “Eorzea Secrets” as well!

Very awesome :D

Artist Comments:
An illustration created for the Orzcast on lol,
featuring Otak and Maiev … in FFXIV! :D

um.. coz it’s an episode talking about… lingeries.. nono I mean underwear in Eorzea.

(And um… there’s no Eorzea’s Secret in the game.)


FFXIV Fanart - Maiev and Otak

Majeev and Otak! by Sorasha

Title: Majeev and Otak!

Artist: Sorasha

Type of Art: Gift/Fanart

Date: Sept 2010

Comments: Thank you Sora for the wonderful sweet little gift :D I sure have one hella of a cute impression with Sora, to draw Mai in such a cute pose :D! Otak on the other hand, seems like he just woke up lolz


Artist Comments:
Majeev and Otak. Thanks for being awesome friends!


FFXIV Fanart - Maiev Taru

Fanart for Majeev! by CeruleanRaven

Title: Fanart for Majeev!

Artist: CeruleanRaven

Type of Art: Gift/Fanart

Date: August 2010

Comments: Love the angle :D and the lack of belly! I’m not really a fan of the pear-shaped Lala’s so I’m glad CeruleanRaven was able to let me see a Lala without that belly :D I also like the pose! Fits me, SO WILD haha!

Artist Comments:
For Majeev that requested cute lalafell art!

And by golly they are cute.

Oh and did anyone else see the gameplay at gamescom? I liked it a lot. :D /excited

But seriously i’m going to give the whole FFXIV a rest for a minute haha… but only for a minute.


FFXI Fanart - Maiev Taru and Priestessofpie PoP's Taru

Moogles, Maiev, and Me! by PriestessOfPie

Title: Moogles, Maiev, and Me!

Artist: Lyali (PriestessOfPie/PoP)

Type of Art: Gift

Date: August 2010

Comments: PoP and Maiev featured in one of her art :3 Despite her busy schedule and my lack of drawing talent, PoP decided to PoP some surprise like POPCorn :D with Moogle, Lyali and Maiev enjoying an afternoon together :)

Only funny thing is the top flying moogle lolz! Somehow, the moogle antenna can stay um…upwards despite gravity hahaha!

Thanks PriestessOfPie (PoP/Lyali) for the drawing :)

Artist Comments:
I wanted to draw something disgustingly cute.

Maiev (c) PriestessOfPie (c)
FFXIV (c) Square Enix


FFXIV Fanart -Maiev's Beta Lalafella!

Maiev’s Beta Lalafella! by Aene

Title: Maiev’s Beta Lalafella!

Artist: Aene (Cactuar)

Type of Art: Gift

Date: August 2010

Comments: Aene is so cool :P Drew Mai lalafella out of the blue! Either she find Mai so annoying that she had to draw it out to punch, or the opposite. I think its because I’m annoying rofl :P because I just don’t know anything about FFXIV *grins*

But yea, we had a great time together with our Lalafella :P testing the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV MMO. The game still needs polish as of this point, but the Lalafell is just so cute ^_^ it kinda masks over the bad stuff

Lalafella 4 Life!


FFXI Fanart -Maiev & Otak!

Maiev & Otak! by Farkee

Title: Maiev & Otak !

Artist: Farkee

Type of Art: Gift

Date: July 2010

Comments: Wow! I didn’t expect Farkee would doodle me something, after such a long time not drawing :O But he’s finally broke out his illustration skills and doodle Mai and Otak :O! It was really sweet of him :P

For being Farkee… yea I think that’s pretty sweet. The only other person he’s sweet to was Katrinka on Fenrir lolz :3 which I find it… quite awkward up till this day lolz :3!

Thanks Farkee :D! 7″ LOL!


FFXI Fanart - Our Adventure Never Ends!

Our Adventure Never Ends! by Otak

Title: Our Adventure Never Ends!

Artist: Otak (Lurazeda)

Type of Art: Girlfriend Art ^_^;

Date: June 2010

Comments: Lets put it this way, this art piece holds a special place in our hearts, because…. this is how Otak and Mai got together :P Through this very commission.

A year and a month ago, Verohawke from Siren and I wanted a commission together! We’ve been a blogging friends for ages. We also do market research at the back and chat about gil making gil strategy. Anyway, so we’re like hay lets get a commission together to remember this awesome friendship!

We shortlisted a few artist to do the commission. I let Verohawke pick since I always do commission. She selected Otak! So I contacted Otak for a commission. So happens Otak wanted a break from drawing boring stuff, so she took Mai commission. I didn’t compensate her all that well :P but she took it o.o”

I then wrote Otak a 1000 word essay (she still LOL up to this day), of exactly what I want. I guess that 1000 word freaked her out, so she decided to read 3 words per day. Which meant it took her a year to comprehend what I want for that commission LOL. Yes, she finally finish drawing it after 1 year and 1 month :D

The picture is a symbol of what I want to do with Otak one day, I’ll fly a plane and she’ll be traveling around the world with me :D She will help me navigate while I fly :D She can take her MAC while I take my PC with me (lol!~)

Also, because she took so long to read my 1000 word essay, I had all the excuse in the world to talk to her. All I need to do is ask for the progress and I can start a conversation :P

Anyway, that’s how we started :D “Our Adventure Never Ends!” :D

Artist Comments:
So~ Finally I’ve finished Maiev’s Commission after…

one year and a month lol.

It’s also the pic connected the dots between me and him and .. we became lovers ^_^ our adventure in rl just started hehe

I’ve also submitted this pic to the fanart contest =)
Glad I finished it on time XD …
… and NO, this pic doesn’t mean that we are sailing to FFXIV rofl!
There are still many islands in Vana’diel remain unknown to us right :D?

I love hanging out at the control room when I take the airship in FFXI lol, there are many interesting details in the interior design. I had lots of fun (and a bit pain) to draw the cabin in this pic :D


FFXI Fanart -To My Friend Across Worlds

To My Friend Across Worlds by PoP

Title: To My Friend Across Worlds

Artist: Lyali (PriestessOfPie/PoP)

Type of Art: Special Appearance

Date: June 2010

Comments: Although this was Priestessofpie’s submission piece, the fact that she remembers Mai out of her 100 friends already made me happy ^_^; PoP’s always cheerful and loves to draw, and I was so happy that she was spreading that love of both drawing and friendship in her FFXI 8th Anniversary Contest. It’s already a win to me! :D

Mai and Otak is at bottom right, so is Shiyu-Chan, Blackash and ivloongoddess83

Artist Comments:
Though the boundaries between us
may seem far apart
the bonds of friendship will transcend
and bridge from heart to heart.

Here’s my entry for the 8th Anniversary FFXI Art Contest. There’s so many people in here, I feel like I rushed it too much, but I was just out of time!

Sorry if you’re not in here. =( I still :heart: you.


FFXI Fanart - Maiev of Fenrir!

Maiev of Fenrir by Lyali (PoP) and Rinielenika

Title: Maiev of Fenrir

Artist: Lyali (PriestessOfPie) and Rinielenika

Type of Art: Maiev’s Fan Art

Date: May 2010

Comments: This is part of the series drawn by Rinielenika.

This one was done by my wonderful friend Lyali / Priestessofpie! She took a completely different approach, one that I never expected O.o, is to color it at night with the moonlight. I like the lone yet happy atmosphere that it ended up with!

Reminds me I’m at Gotham City, sitting on top of a building looking down on a night with full moon :D

However, I think I could use somebody beside me, sitting on the roof at night by myself :( looks a little sad lolz!


FFXI Fanart - Maiev of Fenrir!

Maiev of Fenrir by Daggy and Rinielenika

Title: Maiev of Fenrir

Artist: Daggy and Rinielenika

Type of Art: Maiev’s Fan Art

Date: May 2010

Comments: This is part of the series drawn by Rinielenika.

I want to see if I can get a few more artist to color it in a variety of ways, then put em all in a poster, just to see the unique style of coloring from various artists.

This version is colored by Daggy. She selected a more summer feel by drawing extra leaves, using more of a bright color tone to illustrate Mai in the sun, stylish. Too bad it wasn’t naked :P


FFXI Fanart - Maiev of Fenrir!

Maiev of Fenrir by Blackash and Rinielenika

Title: Maiev of Fenrir

Artist: Blackash and Rinielenika

Type of Art: Maiev’s Fan Art

Date: April 2010

Comments: This is part of the series drawn by Rinielenika.

First thing that comes to mind, was probably the Aht Urhgan Whitegate pier :P I guess I am sitting there waiting for that damn boat to arrive!

The coloring was solid, the cloth was nicely colored as well, and hehe the cloud and wave gave it a dreamy effect :P

I think I’m just missing a fishing pole and I’m going to go fish out some Kraken for Angel Skin lolz~


FFXI Fanart -Midnight Excursion

Midnight Excursion by Lyali (PriestessOfPie)

Title: Midnight Excursion

Artist: Lyali (PriestessOfPie/PoP)

Type of Art: Gift to Maiev

Date: March 2010

Comments: For someone that doesn’t even play on my server, I believe Lyali is the best cross-server buddy I’ve known :P

Put it this way, I can’t even draw anything in return, and she knows it, yet she still deliver me some surprises on my Birthday.

I’m glad I know PoP, such a good person to have around ;D

Thank you PriestessOfPie (Lyali on Titan), for this wonderful present! I hope she gets better by the day! :D

Artist Comments:
An early birthday present for Maiev

Thanks for always being so encouraging and supportive! ^^



LVL CAP YEAH by Lovelydagger


Artist: Daggy (Lovelydagger)

Type of Art: Maiev’s Fan Art

Date: March 2010

Comments: LOL Daggy was more excited than me when she heard the LVL Cap Increase for FFXI, and the first “1337” person she thought about was me lol! I used this for a post and it’s quite a good laugh.

I just love the pink underwear LOLz!

Artist Comments:
Maiev totally deserves this! I owe you big time for being so great. So I heard tha FFXI has this new lvl cap going on? I’m sure you’ll get that lvl asap lol.


FFXI Fanart - Doodles!

LVL CAP YEAH by Shiyu Chan

Title: Doodle

Artist: Shiyu Chan

Type of Art: Special Appearances

Date: March 2010

Comments: See I can’t draw, but then I love drawing, but I guess I transmit that art love too much that even Shiyu wanna include me being a buddy :D

There’s a lot of other fun people in that doodle too! Even my GF is there :D

Thanks Shiyu for including Mai, it means a lot! :D


FFXI Fanart - Maiev the Red Mage!

Maiev the Red Mage by Lovelydagger

Title: Maiev the Red Mage

Artist: Daggy (Lovelydagger)

Type of Art: Gift to Maiev

Date: March 2010

Comments: This was supposedly to be the design of Maiev’s Christmas Card from Farkee, which it never arrived LOL, such a fail! Regardless, I thanked him for the thought, and Daggy’s time for drawing it :P

Maiev look TOO COOL in that pic :P

Artist Comments:
Christmas gift to Maiev :3…Too bad Farkee phailed! lol *bonks n hugs farkee* oh well <3 late present <3.


FFXI Fanart - Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day by Otak (Lurazeda)

Title: Happy Valentine’s Day

Artist: Otak (Lurazeda)

Type of Art: Girlfriend Art ^_^;

Date: February 2010

Comments: What’s there to say, a kiss from Otak on Valentine’s Day, and published as the FFXIAH Banner, I think I’ve got my share of Valentine :P

Though, I have to day the kiss on the picture cannot replace real-life kisses, because those are just plain-out more special :P

Happy Valentine Day to everyone and Mai Otak!! <3 PS: The chocolate wouldn't melt forever :P ----------

FFXI Fanart - MaiMai in Love! by CIermel

MaiMai in Love by Ciermel

Title: MaiMai in Love!

Artist: Ciermel

Type of Art: Gift

Date: January 2010

Comments: I was so amazed and its really sweet of Ciermel to give Mai a doodle! Ciermel and Mai have always been good friends, since 2004 and it was such a nice time. Ciermel and Mai are like sisters in-game and… we really enjoy each other’s company and also sharing our success.

I guess this time, she was happy that Mai finally found her other part, Otak and wanted to celebrate this wonderful achievement with a doodle!

Thanks Ciermel! You’re the best :)

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  1. Daggy says: memories of this and nostalgia of looking at older artwork. I’m still lucky to have met someone who’s very passionate and supportive for all artist and I. You gave me lots of boost :) and it really amazed me when you kept asking for more commissions! This is one reason I want to keep my major into a successful career as Media arts & animation…I love knowing people are moved in any way by just a stroke from a pencil X)

    I gotta say~ As for all artist out there. We love joo MaimaiPOOPS.

  2. Farkee says:

    i love this!!!

  3. nekoZetsu-x3 says:

    :) WOW this is so much. I would commission more but at last i usually have no cash. XD


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