Starcraft II Gameplay on Kotaku

Hello :) It’s been awhile I’ve posted. I’m still alive but I’m currently working on a few FF related projects, will brief you guys once I have that underway :D However, just want to hook everyone up with a Starcraft II Battle Report. Pretty amazing! Looking at David Kim controlling his units is just amazing. […]

Some DuckHUNT Updates

I know it’s been forever but i haven’t forgotten! i really need to get more disciplined at updating! first thing’s first! sch pants!!! the first pair that have dropped for our ls since the implementation of sch and dnc af months ago. then three more pair dropped… of course, but still! this technically makes me […]

FFXIV (14) Online now with Video Trailer

Here’s another version :D Official website here. I see all 5 races, I see amazing graphics, I see SE learned some stuff. I see it’s for both PS3 and PC! Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, FFXIV (14). Holy shit this is going to chew up my life again XD and yea lets all play on the […]

A LM-17 for CC? /w Email from SE

Um… This Screen for… CC Expiry? x_x! A few hours ago, I posted someone duping Kraken Clubs. Although that won’t give you LM17, but apparently… these days, you can get LM17 for using a lot of CC”s on different accounts. Preparing for Rapture launch? :O Well anyway… one of my LS member got caught and… […]

Duping Kraken Clubs…

Damn…. duping Kclub for RMT!! I = this Guy. Quoting from the guy: I have recently come across a very reliable way to dupe Kraken Clubs, and I want to extend my newfound collection to the community, in the hopes of making some real-life cash in the exchange. Server doesn’t matter, I have plenty of […]