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Disney with LS ppl / Quick Update.

Disney with Shaya! Met Farkee/Shaya IRL I totally forgot about Mai game friends until I got an email from Kimiko :3, so hehe its probably time to reconnect myself to the ffxi world (or at least try). So… I met both Shaya and Farkee, one of those people I’ve always wanted to meet =). Since […]

Ouryu Cometh! Yesh!

Ouryu Cometh! Title: Ouryu Cometh! LOL Finally we got this… its pretty tough to explain Ouryu to a ton of people when its their first time. Regardless, after 2 previous experiments, we’ve finally got it nailed down. Its one of the greatest barrier for me but I’m glad its finally over with. I did not […]

Capped out Slow II

Capped Slow II! Yay Merit Room I think I’ve had this 10/10 9999/10000 for at least 4-5 months, so it was nice to have it burned. Maybe if I have a PvP partner, then we can go do some testing :3 I’d like to see the full effect of this Slow II anyway. Speaking of […]

Bugboy with Istari.

Duoing Bugboy for Exp… Boyfriend Istari So ever since Istari came back.. we “kinda” started doing Bugboy again. This dude isn’t tough but more like if you have the firepower to kill it in time. Anyway.. so I just do this for fun now and a little bit xp buffer. Its not shibby but for […]

I finally got SOME Morrigan Piece(s)!

Mai Uber Morrigan Hands Lot… Friday Salvage: Mai’s 120+ Runs I don’t know about you but for me… but for me.. I’m used to “not getting shit” lol… but that’s finally changed for once cuz… I COMPLETED A DAMN PIECE of MORRIGAN. The damn Shoes… This wouldn’t have came in that smooth if Olorin haven’t […]