MPKing @ Campaign Battle!

THIS is how you play Campaign. How to play it “Fun”! So long time no post… since I’ve been extremely busy with work, but now that’s “sort of” settled, I can now have time to play regularly without worrying about “finding work” hehe. Campaign battle is like wut to me… I still don’t exactly know […]

WHM Gear Hack?

the other night ciermel noticed this weird WHM wearing what look like the RDM JSE Wise Cap. as far as cc and me know, there isnt a WHM head gear like that. CC and me tried to check the gear out, but they some how change their gear too fast for our SS to take […]

Egg-hunt Festival!!!

Egg-hunt Festival!!!

omg it’s that time of the year again!! i love these events!! the furnitures are so cute ^_^ Letters Collected: Sakurakun: Q, O, G, U, T Ciermel: A, U, S, O, D, S, R, U, R, T, U, S, this so feels like scrabble cc ^_^ lol ciermel got all three furnitures already =P. i […]

The Stick Up His Butt

Finally a good time to leave Dynamis {rofl} Wow, the linkshell that thinks that owns us and honestly has a stick up their butt. after run with Frypan over a year, this how they treat members. that linkshell lose members every run and always have fresh new face each run. their retention of members is […]

Sakurakun’s Clothcrafter Gouge

Wow…what an update for Clothcrafters! I’m a lvl 94 clothcrafter and i’ve been trying to get myself through the next synthesis gap from 94 to 98. and bam…this update came along! i really hate these updates because things always get inflated and they always mess up ppl who are trying to skill up on crafts. […]