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Blu Blu Blu Chain5 1034exp!

Maiev Soloing Heraldic Imp as Blue Mage! WHOA! I know right… wtf? I reactivated for like 10 days hahaha (waste of money!) just to buy marbles, say hi to a few tarus, burn some exp ring as well as do some admin stuff. However, I did realize my only free time is now during daytime […]

Blue AF+1/AFv2

Time to *Drool* AF1+1 Magus Keffiyeh +1 (Magus Head linked for comparison) Head Lv. 74 DEF:24 MP+25 INT+5 MND+5 Enhances monster correlation effects Magus Jubbah +1 (Magus Jubban) Body Lv. 74 DEF:45 HP+17 MP+17 STR+5 DEX+5 Blue Magic skill +15 HP recovered while healing +1 MP recovered while healing +1 Mag. Bazubands +1 (Magus Baz) […]

Parrying and Optical Hat!

An Optical hat in 4hrs for MaiTalu :) Everyone thought, for being an old player, I should have got it in my storage somewhere… {fact}, I do not have an Opptical hat T.T So I was approaching Lv70sam. To be honest I never thought I’d play a melee job so when everyone ask if I […]

CoP Airship + Parrying Skillupz!

CoP Airship + Parrying Skillupz!

I haven’t been posting for awhile, was stressed out dealing with emo’s, anyhow!~ Time for some updates~ Sky/Sea in a wk for Cus Well not exactly from nothing to everything, but Vazhl -> Sea and ZM5 -> 13 in less than a week :) Pretty much 1/1 for all of the fights except moblin (2 […]

ToAU Mission, ENM’s, and FFXI to RL

ToAU Mission, ENM’s, and FFXI to RL

Oops… >.> Revealed my contents… ya, I tried to think and plan contents before each post, I usually have them typed up 1-2 days before the day of post but apparently yeserday, I went to a Christmas Party and my friend Cus’ internet blew up, so I was unable to upload my final post, revealing […]

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