Play! A video game symphony.

Play! A video game symphony.

It was definately good! I’d probably go again if there’s another one. Although spending nearly 200 was kind of debatable… Connie (Tazo) would also go again if there’s another one! Yay!

Play! Conducted by Arnie Roth (also conducted “Dear Friends – Final Fantasy symphony”.) I’d say the Hummingbird Center of Arts was 80-85% full. The performance was somewhat entertaining. While the orchestra is palying the songs, there were funny moments of the game’s related scene shown on the top, causing occasional laughter.

I’ve attach 3 songs out of the 17 that I listen yesterday. These are recording of their previous performance in the US. You can listen to them by clicking the play button on the bottom right of the sidebar panel. (Maiev’s DJ ^^)

Play! ProgramThe concert was well-balanced, wasn’t loaded with only Nobuo Uematsu stuff. I personally like the Zelda, Aerith’s Theme, World of Warcraft and Kingdom Hearts’s out of all the 17 songs. Metal Gear Solid was kinda cool, just that I’m more slanted to those classical music-feel type music. I really thought they would have played Ronfaure but um.. I guess not.

Here’s a glance on the program.

Some interesting stuff also happened last night. When there was the Intersession, omg, everyone took out their Nintendo Dual Screen and started Pictochat. Literally 2x 16 person chat room was full, and WiFi some people couldn’t connect due to maxed out channel. Poor PSP user, so left out of the loop LOL. Damn to gamers!

Anyway, here’s the recording of the Play! Symphony. I happen to found them on YouTube so here ya go!

Title: Oblivion – Play! A video game symphony

Title: Zelda – Play! A video game symphony

Title: Kingdom Hearts – Play! A video game symphony

Title: Chrono Trigger/Cross – Play! A video game symphony

Title: One Winged Angel – Play! A video game symphony

Title: Metal Gear Solid – Play! A video game symphony

Title: Voices from Final Fantasy – Ronfaure (Same Orchestra)

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  1. mirith says:

    Wow! Looks so groovy, definetly something that I’d love to go see! I’ll have to keep my eyes open for the Sydney show. Had a look around on their site but couldn’t see a date.

    Meanwhile… have you see this youtube vid for

  2. Maiev says:


    You must be using Opera!


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