Jowah on Fenrir

For those that really haven’t known Jowah, well she was originally from Ragnarok, transferred to Fenrir to finally make this whole “Cross Server Love” to come true.

However, shortly after, Jowah has to take her leave from the game permanently, so a friend of mine is currently playing her account. I still have access to this wonderful Taru, though I’d miss Jowah a lot.

So yea, I’ve kept a profile of Jowah – Fenrir, who she is and what she really accomplished in my own personal gaming blog.

(Last update on: 03/02/2009)

Name : Jowah (Now with Maiev, till Aug 30,09)

Created on: 12 April 2006

Server : Ragnarok / Fenrir

Race/Sex : Tarutaru Female


Nation : Windurst/10

Linkshell : SpikeFlail

Chocobo: Caesar III

Fellow: Savul-Kivul, 58 F.A.

This is a blog of a little tarutaru female from Windurst who loves enjoying her adventures across Vanadiel on Ragnarok server.

I usually spend my time with linkshell friends and my luv Kerberoz, my FFXI husband! (R3in� him most of the times, or feeding him with pies and jellies :3 -wonder why he�s that�..fatty?-)

��..Or doing Salvage (and i�m a total whore of that event) countless times.

My jobs are Summoner (wich I use it in some HNM fights and solo sessions) ; Bard, that strange singing being loved by all the people/linkshells in Vanadiel, and White Mage wich I really love so much even if sometimes I�d like to kill someone when I read �HASTEEEEEE� yellings xD (Talking about Amina? Uhhhhh no way �-�)

And, Black Mage! God I love that job. Especially each time I do something new with Kerberoz like ENMs or some new challenging stuff.

Currently leveling Paladin, Red Mage will be my next call.

And no, I�m not going for teh cap :3














  • Windurst Completed
  • Zilart Completed
  • Promathia Completed
  • Aht Urghan/Assault Completed / Tier 10
  • Wings of the Goddess / Campaign Crossroads of Time / Mythril Star

Artifact Armor

Choral Jstcorps Choral Roundlet Choral Slippers Healer's Briault Healer's Cap Healer's Duckbills Healer's Pantaloons Healer's Mitts Evoker's Spats Evoker's Bracers Evoker's Doublet Evoker’s Horn Wizard�s Petasos Gallant Gauntlets Gallant Surcoat Scholar's Pants Scholar's Bracers Scholar's Loafers Scholar's Mortarboard

Artifact Armor +1

Choral Cuffs +1 Evoker�s Pigaches +1 Wizard�s Coat +1 Wizard's Gloves +1 Gallant Coronet +1 Scholar's Gown +1

Relic Armor

Bard’s Roundlet Bard’s Justaucorps Bard’s Cannions Bard’s Cuffs Bard’s Slippers Bard’s Cape Cleric’s Cap Cleric’s Pantaloons Cleric’s Belt Cleric’s Mitts Cleric�s Briault Cleric�s Duckbills Summoner’s Bracers Summoner’s Doublet Summoner�s Spats Valor Gauntlets Valor Coronet Valor Breeches

Relic Armor +1

Sorcerer's Petasos +1 Sorcerer's Gloves +1

Marduk set

Head Body Hands Legs Feet
15 Completed Completed Completed Completed
25 Completed Completed Completed Completed x
35 Completed Completed Completed Completed x

Morrigan set

Silversea, don\’t hate me!

Head Body Hands Legs Feet
15 Completed Completed x Completed
25 x Completed Completed Completed
35 Completed Completed Completed

Nyzul Isle

Goliard and Askar, because both looks cute and I\’m a stupid itemwhore D:!

Feet Legs Hands Body Head
Goliard x x x x
Askar x x x


And something about the real Jowah..

Jowah of Ragnarok and Fenrir, Camilla Raugi

Name: Camilla

Country: Italy

Age: 23

Red haired and green/grey/blue eyes (depends on the weather lol!) Something like 172cm tall and weight�.hey I�m a girl how dare you to ask such things o.o!

I work as a web-multitask in a local web-mantainer society. With �web-multitask� I mean I am both a designer, developer, checker and so on x_x

I take care about CSS mostly, and it�s something i really love and like to do. Work takes most of my time, consuming me 8hours/day, 5 days per week.

I�ve been a RPG lover for long time; my very first RPG ever was FFVII, followed by FFIV and then by my favourite one of the series, FFVI.

But I actually love Suikoden more than Final Fantasy. (And Jowah comes from Jowy, Suikoden II)

Regarding MMOs, my first try was with Ragnarok Online (iRO, when all swordies looked as doppelganger and Baphomet was something HUGE).

I played both in official and unofficial servers, and I even had my own (two serious with Aegis and later with eAthena SQL).

I worked for euRO (european Ragnarok Online) for a while, but get pissed and left the assignment. I tried FFXI on January 2005 but I was alone and got bored after one month or two.

Then i moved to FlyFF Beta and played till�the end of beta. (I saw my almost LVL80 char wiped, and it was not nice)

Then here I am on FFXI, blame Michael and some other friends of mine :D


Black Mage

17552.png Terra�s Staff

17558.png Apollo�s Staff

Pluto�s Staff Pluto�s Staff

Aquilo�s Staff Aquilo�s Staff

Wind Staff Wind Staff

Jupiter�s Staff Jupiter�s Staff

Water Staff Water Staff

Fire Staff Fire Staff

Kirin�s Pole Kirin�s Pole


Morrigan's Robe Morrigan�s Robe

Wizard�s Coat +1

Errant Houppelande

Sorcerer�s Coat

Nashira Manteel Nashira Manteel

Oracle's Robe Oracle�s Robe

Zenith Crown Zenith Crown

Igqira Tiara Igqira Tiara

Nashira Turban Nashira Turban

Walahra Turban

Sorcerer's Petasos +1 Sorcerer�s Petasos +1

Oracle�s Cap

Zenith Mitts

Wizard's Gloves +1 Wizard�s Gloves +1

Errant Cuffs

Morrigan�s Cuffs

Sorcerer's Gloves +1 Sorcerer�s Gloves +1

Oracle's Gloves Oracle�s Gloves

Moldavite Earring

Relaxing Earring

Antivenom Earring

Novio Earring

Loquacious Earring

Elemental Torque

Spider Torque

Gnole Torque Gnole Torque

Dark Torque

Uggalepih Pendant

Philomath Stole

Morgana�s Choker

Ixion Cape Ixion Cape

Altruistic Cape


Mahatma Slops

Sorcerer�s Tonban

Wizard�s Tonban

Yigit Seraweels

Zenith Slacks

Igqira Lappa

Penitent�s Rope

Qiqirn Sash +1

Sorcerer�s Belt

Hyorin Obi

Anrin Obi

Rairin Obi


Phantom Tathlum

Spirit Lantern

Herald�s Gaiters

Goliard Clogs

Numerist Pumps

Tamas Ring

Omega Ring

Balrahn�s Ring

Sorcerer�s Ring

Diamond Ring

Stuff no longer used such Rostrum pumps or useless/obsolete pieces like Wizard�s petasos or Goliard�s slops are not listed.

Last update: 4 February 2009

Missing BLM Gear:

weapon.All missing HQ staves head. Genie Tiara, Morrigan Coronal neck. Enfeebling torque, Prudence Torque back. Invigorating cape legs. Morrigan slops, Genie Lappa feet. Yigit crackows, Morrigan pigaches, Nashira crackows, Avocat�s pigaches.


Macuahuitl +1

Sinfender Sinfender

Iron Ram Lance

Terror Shield

Valor Leggings

Gallant Leggings +1

Homam Gambieras Homam Gambieras

Askar Gambieras

Valor Breeches Valor Breeches

Kaiser Diechlings

Gallant Breeches

Valor Gauntlets

Homam Manopolas Homam Manopolas

Askar Manopolas Askar Manopolas

Valor Surcoat

Coral Scale Mail

Hercules� Ring

Mermaid�s Ring

Shadow Ring Shadow Ring

Coral Ring

Jelly Ring

Lamian Kaman

Spear Strap

Loquacious Earring

Buckler earring

Ethereal Earring

Paramount Earring Paramount Earring

Cassie Earring

Guardian earring Guardian earring

High Brth. Mantle

Shadow Mantle Shadow Mantle

Boxer's Mantle Boxer�s Mantle

Lamia Mantle +1

Valor Coronet

Gallant Coronet

Walahra Turban

Koenig Schaller


Louhi's Mask Louhi�s Mask

Resolute belt

Quick belt

Water Belt

Trance Belt Trance Belt

Ritter Gorget

Parade Gorget

Shield Torque

Melee gear (Hauby, Askar legs or skillups items like Algol) or old PLD stuff (Bibiki seashell, AF1 body,Koenig Hands �) are not in the list.

Last update: 4 February 2009

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