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Welcome to MaiTalu’s production.

This is where you’ll find all MaiTalu’s videos and recordings. Some are cool, some are emo’s. Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy em!
Most videos were re-encoded with DivX v6.4 codec, so should be pretty smooth and nice in terms of quality… considering file size.

Last Updated: March 2, 2014 (All 3 Sections)

I’ve dumped the original to a shared folder :)

Video Section:
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the StarOnion Brigade

Title: An Unprepared/Unplanned Ix’Mnk Solo
Description: Seriously rofl.. I only pop Reraise Gorget, load fraps and try solo that thing. I didn’t think it’d work but it was easier than I thought. You just need to get a hang on the movement… and there it is. As you can see, I didn’t even die when I had weakness . So its pretty much soloable by any class, even without heals (you can also see, I’ve tried multiple attempt to heal but.. didn’t want to risk so I cancelled it)
Download: unprepared_ix_mnk.avi (DivX Format, 143MB, Length: 5 minutes).

Title: DuckHUNT PvP (Chicken Mode)
Description: LOL @ our LS PvP… we are so chicken :) We spend 99% of the time running around the fields :O
Download: Not available.

Title: Just a Dream.
Description: I love this video a lot, because its really, for Istari – a cool friend who recently quit FFXI. I didn’t really know him for that long, but he proved to be someeone cool to hang out and talk to. <3 Istari! Download: just_a_dream_raw.avi (DivX Format, 68MB, Length: 5 minutes).

Title: Bomb BC – Now with Sam/Rng
Description: Smoked it :) Our setup was pretty good, he didn’t even have room to breath =P
Download: bomb_bc_cloud.avi (DivX Format, 9MB, Length: 1 minutes).

Title: DonCaprix & Tellybug’s Wedding.
Description: Very honored to be invited to a FFXI wedding. (lol video game). So for those that never attended one, here’s your sneak peek at it ^_^.
Download: don_wedding_640 (DivX Format, 74MB, Length: 6 minutes).

Title: Khamaira 13 & Genbu
Description: Pretty easy fight :) I just went in with nin sub no special preparations!
Download: khamaira_genbu.avi (DivX Format, 44MB, Length: 4 minutes).

Title: duckies’ 78sec Kirin.
Description: Ready! Sec! Go! dead Kirin :)
Download: 78sec_zerg (DivX Format, 20MB, Length:2 minutes).

Title: Aquarius with no mage gear.
Description: I was kinda skilling up parry and Aq pop, so with my parrying defense gear, I manaburned it out! Gotta try no gear sometime :)
Download: aq_meleegear (DivX Format, 64MB, Length:7 minutes).

Title: MaiTalu Solo Fenrir Prime / Absolute Virtue
Description: A video where you see me soloing Fenrir Prime, its not something new, I’ve heard some talks on KI forum, knowing its “possible” to kill, I went to do it myself just to see if I can do it. I’ve also attached in the end of a clip of Fenrir adventurers trying to take down Absolute Virtue! You’ll see 2,000 damage meteors :)
Download: maitalu_solofenrir_640 (DivX Format, 114MB, Length: 10 minutes).

Title: Playing with Limbo Fafnir
Description: A video of where you see MaiTalu attempts to solo Fafnir but due to suck ass elemental magic, he calls for help! Ended up 3 man Fafnir, easy and safe. It also got some surprising Talu dance and a glance at what’s inside the Hostel in Whitegate.
Download: maitalu_limbo_fafnir_640 (DivX Format, 30MB, Length: 2 minutes)

Title: “GuessWho” stole the Astral Candescence ?!
Description: A video of MaiTalu’s journey to save the world! (lol). Its basically a 12 hours of adventuring (and frapsing) compressed into a 10 minute video. It consists of Istari dying a lot, and us not giving up until we get the Astral Candescence back to where it belongs!
Download: ac_retrieval_v3_640 (DivX Format, 114MB, Length: 10 minutes)

Title: Playing the Blues (Contains Blue-Mage AF Spoilers)
Description: A video of MaiTalu soloing Imps, a few shots of almost-dead-talu kills, combined with some of the video shots of Blue Artifact cut scenes. One of my favorite editing!
Download: playing_blues_final_640 (DivX Format, 51MB, Length: 4 minutes)

Title: GuessWho’s Proto-Omega Fight (3:18)
Description: A recording of one of the fastest and most strategically planned fight in my opinion. Clean, no dead tarus.
Download: gw_omega_final_640 (DivX Format, 45MB, Length: 4 minutes)

Title: Bahamut Version II
Description: A video of HNMLS Omen on Fenrir server doing a Bahamut “Version II”. The fight has a 60 minutes time limit. The BC consists of Bahamut itself, plus all 3 wyrms (Ouryu Jormongand, Vrtra).
Download: bahamut_final_v2_640 (DivX Format, 48MB, Length: 4 minutes)

Title: Trutle Dynamis – 1st DL Kill
Description: A video of Trutle Shell taking down Dynamis Lord for the first time. This video also contains the vent conversation while Dynamis Lord is being killed. Definitely make you LOL!
Download: trutledl_final_v2_640 (DivX Format, 37MB, Length: 3 minutes)

Title: Kirin Fun! (2004)
Description: A video of Unbreakables taking down Kirin. It contains many “I <3 to eat dirt" shots :) Very classic video that makes you laugh. Download: kirin_final_640 (DivX Format, 94MB, Length: 6 minutes)

Title: Bored in the Pit with Nidhogg!
Description: A video of Unbreakables taking down Nidhogg, since it was against the QS rules to have more than 18 people in the fight at one time, the rejects decided to dance instead of curing. Killacolt is such an LOL taru :) My fav one!
Download: nidhogg_dance_final_640 (DivX Format, 47MB, Length: 4 minutes)

Title: 3 Thieves = Amity Cape?
Description: A video of Unbreakables taking down Capricious Cassie. It was 4am, we had nothing better to do so thieves decided to go camp it :3. Ilir was so gimped, he didn’t even bring shihei, had to trade a “rdm” in mid fight for shihei -.-
Download: cassie_fight_final_640 (DivX Format, 61MB, Length: 4 minutes)

Title: 18man Ark Angels (lolFight)
Description: A video of a random pick up party for 5AA, we did 2 runs, lost this one but won the one after :) but this one’s more interesting to watch :). I was like.. “Cool I’m doing my job well”, then you see an army of ….
Download: 5aa_feromir_raw (DivX Format, 61MB, Length: 5 minutes)

Title: See “o” Pee – Omega/Ultima (Cap 60)
Description: A recording of my Omega 6 fight. My hard disk ran out of space in the end ; ; So below is Daxam’s recording of my 1337 2hr Utsusemi save the day kind of thing :)
Maiev’s Version: (Without the 2hr Utsusemi Blink ending) maiev_omega_raw (DivX Format, 155MB, Length: 21 minutes)
Daxam’s Version: (Complete version) dax_omega_raw (DivX Format, 252MB, Length: 24 minutes)

This fight is too big to be stored on YouTube. Please download them to your computer instead =P! Below is only a preview

Title: See “o” Pee – Tenzen
Description: A recording of my Tenzen fight, nothing special happened, normal weapon skill, damage, to take it down :) We did it back then so it was slightly harder without any merits.
Download: tenzen_maiev_raw (DivX Format, 24MB, Length: 4 minutes)

Title: See “o” Pee – Promyvion Vazhl
Description: A recording of my Promyvion Vazhl fight. Relatively easy and smooth fight :)
Download: promy_vazhl_raw (DivX Format, 155MB, Length: 12 minutes)

Title: See “o” Pee – Promyvion Vazhl (Me play Tazo)
Description: Pretty good for a newbie Bard heh :)
Download: Unavailable, deleted off PC! Just watch Tube Version!

Title: See “o” Pee – Bearclaw Pinnacle (60Cap)
Description: A recording of my Bomb BC fight! Strategically, its different back then due to lack of merits, we had to squeeze damage out of all players in order to win.
Download: bomb_bc_raw (DivX Format, 17MB, Length: 1 minutes)

Title: See “o” Pee – Moblin, Mine Shaft BC (60Cap)
Description: A recording of my CoP Mission: Moblins. We can see Daxam didn’t really understand what we were doing, taking his time chilling :)
Download: moblin_bc_raw (DivX Format, 90MB, Length: 7 minutes)

Title: See “o” Pee – Diabolo (40Cap)
Description: A recording of my CoP Mission: Moblins. We can see Daxam didn’t really understand what we were doing, taking his time chilling :)
Download: diabolo_fight_raw (DivX Format, 37MB, Length: 7 minutes)

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