FFXIAH Map (Stalkin ur XI-Fwen to RL)!

FFXIAH Map, Etain, Maiev, Fenrir

Our Daily ToDo List! Stalking People!

For those that don’t really click around enough, let me introduce you to the errr.. sort of complete function of FFXIAH Map!

What is it?! X_X

It’s a e-life stalking tool, well no, AH isn’t using your IP to trace you, but ask you “Where do you live!”. You can put anything you want, and participation is completely voluntary. If you put in say (10 Front Street, Toronto), it will translate a detail address into something simple, like “Toronto”. I mean… the point is you live in Toronto, and that’s kinda enough for others to know.

Well… to play with this feature, you got to signup/login!

Well once you login, you’d be able to see cool stuff like… where everyone on your server lives (well, of course only showing those that participated in entering their location). Remember, its only as accurate as the user entering the right stuff. Some might be lying =P

Well have fun stalking/connecting with people while the patch is being downloaded!

PS: Go grab The Star Onions – Sanctuary if you haven’t =P For ringtone, wake up music, HNM alarm music.. whatever :D

4 Responses to “FFXIAH Map (Stalkin ur XI-Fwen to RL)!”

  1. Kimiko says:

    If they didn’t make it such a bitch to cross the border now of days I’d come visit. Toronto I think is maybe a 6 hour drive at most.

  2. Maiev says:

    You actually don’t wanna come. We have a garbage strike atm, no collection for a month and we are converting parks into temporary dumps.

    Garbitch Toronto!

  3. Laution says:

    yeah maiev its weird we never knew each other in RL knowing in game and living only like 20 minutes from each other.

  4. Maiev says:

    LOL hay Laution,

    Just tweet/email/post a message when ur around Toronto. Sadly, even messages from this blog goes to blackberry XD so you can literally… find me anytime hahaha


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