Meaningful Moments in FFXI

Nothing much, just a gathering of moments that I find it worthwhile to share or bring up :)

Chainspell Raisen an Alliance

The most meaningful HNM SS to me…

This screenshot might seem nothing special to anyone who looks at it, would be just some ordinary screenshot of wipes, but in fact is probably one of the thing I’m most proud of … up to this day. (For playing since Oct 2003)

My old HNMLS: Omen were camping Nidhogg, won pull but with Ext’s good intension of not allowing us to get any abjurations, he made it Spike Flail. As you see, he did… made it Spike Flail…

Me trying to be a coolkid and was late (10sec after Spike Flail), step into the pit, E-seal Sleep II that YELLOW Nidhogg infront of Ext and…

Chainspell raised the whole alliance. All that dead people you see up there, I made them come alive =P

and it dropped M.body which sorted to Rjork. Anyone in that screenshot can verify that story :)

Its ok, I don’t expect you to understand =P but I love this SS so much, I should have probably printed it on a poster lol xD Just joking on that one.

The most meaningful talk with NightEagle

Its the best talk at all times, thumbs up, go read it here (if you find it boring, I’ll give you a cookie!)

Maiev Owning NightEagle.

The most meaningful Ban

“Bye nicca!”

This kid and I started end-game like freaking long ago, you were probably still doing LB quest when we already kill Fafnir and Sky gods.

Believe it or not, my “Stun” macro contained the “n-word” back then =P

But the difference between me and him is, I don’t take a ban to learn stuff. Self realization ftw! Its like you really don’t need to be in jail to learn that “murdering” people is wrong. Same goes for the “n-word”.

Anyway, I find it pretty funny people sent me tells right when Raka got banned. It was pretty obvious to a lot of people that me and him don’t get along ever since Unbreakables (the HNMLS from Oct 04 to Apr 05 before Omen II was created). You might think why but let me fill you in on this one. He logged onto the “Shell holder’s” account, self sackholder and was commanding us =P

He was “so call” the treasurer but never gave out gil cuts =P or have any kind of spreadsheet that tracks where all gil went. When I post negative comments about him, he would login admin and delete it, and this thread was one of them.

Anyway, you can read more about his ban on . The ban imo was well deserved ;) Sorry “nicca”! Well you know what, at least he left FFXI with a 9 page thread on BG, that’s a lot of e-peen right there.

Oh yea… Raka’s also one stingy mofo. He wants to buy a Melody Earring +1 from me and trying to cut a deal =P

830k was “never” the “last sold” price, because Deranoon bought them in pairs :) Good try but I’m not that stupid :) It was 850k a long time ago =P.

Some people just never change ^^; Wants to get the most out of everyone ^^

Speaking of the n-word, someone on Blue-Gartr posted a video of a Teacher saying “Sit down nicca”… its pretty epic.. I mean its coming from an English teacher too.. wow.. You can see the video here.

The whole “jacking other’s people account thing” was lame, but pointing guns for a “Gunbound” account was even more lame! Here’s the [Full Story].

The most meaningful Dynamis Wipe!

I mean I’d like to give it to TheLightWarriors Dyanmis but…

I think Ascendantsky deserves it more =P That’s a lot of dead bodies, its actually 64 but some won’t load :)

And the legendary Dynamis-Lord wipe just before World Transfer to Hades :) Such a bad ending

Lots of old-school people in those screenshots that you don’t even see anymore. /sadpanda

The most meaningful “Too bored” screenshot of Fenrir.

This is back in 2004 when “Lower Jeuno” is the popular hang-out place. This is one of the stuff “Fenrir” people do when they are bored back then :)

As you see, the line stretches pretty far back :) We are all pretty damn bored people!

The most meaningful “Group Picture”.

Probably TLW (or “NA’s”) first Fafnir kill. It was really epic back then and was worth a group screenshot to show this great accomplishment. This was back in June 2004 =P

\The party setup was pretty epic too, like 2 PLD to tank, 2x Whm/Smn to constantly give out Garuda blink, a bard and a rdm (that was me!) in the tank party. Now, people burn Fafnir with 6 people :/ looses the fun imo! Takes more teamwork back then :)

Most meaningful “tells” I’ve got!

The “God” of Goldsmithing on Fenrir sent me this =P (He’s the 1st 100 GS on Fenrir, have a few mules of 99m!)

Other tells um.. maybe Mai’s boyfriends? lol

I got plenty of them, but a pattern is… they all quit on me :( I think I have a curse that makes them quit :<

Most meaningful SS that demonstrate”money can’t buy everything”!

Pretty recent, but a conversation between Tazo and Ryushii. She was exping, she loves exp, and only exping with me! She can drop “everything” to exp. She just loves exp… and then someone trying to convince her to do Salvage. Tazo didn’t want to sound mean, so I told her to tell him I’ll break your pearl if you go Salvage! I’ll take the blame ^^ (I do that a lot to protect ducks :o, just “blame it on me” ^^) So shortly after Tazo told him I’ll break her pearl if she goes to Salvage…

I get this!

I just told everyone in my LS to reply =P to him lol :) Lagsave ftw xD Sorry =P Gil can’t buy anything, especially for Tazo… I mean I am her bank machine =.=” Plus did he really think I’d break Tazo’s pearl? lol

Most exciting Drama of all times. Daede and I!

This kid is crazy! Well he’s teaching me how to play dynamis (Walking into dynamis with Full AFII) ‘.’ To be honest, I think he was still doing sub job quest when I started dynamis xD. But I’m nice ^^;

Friends are nice in this game too, not only they don’t cheer you up, they mock you ‘.’

Most LOL Screenshot of how I pray for AF2 Body!

So I was like.. going to many runs without RDM AF2 Body (I was next in-line) so I was like… um…. Daxam, make it drop, and he’d like ok, if I hit it, it will drop! (since he got relic horn) so anyway… then the following happens when he hit the mob :o

Other Memroable “lol wtf” SS!

Takalo telling us his RR “wore off” just as he die, is he lying? lol or did he really forgot to RR

Normally, eating “Utsusemi: Ni” scroll is fine, but when you’re exping with “Robber Crab” and see a Ninja eating “Utsusemi: Ni” scroll, there’s a problem!

Apparently, the White Mage don’t get why she keeps dying after doing the following action in Sky

“Casting Reraise III”, “Casting Sneak”, “Casting Invisible”

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  1. Jkun says:

    rofl, looks like you had a lot of great times.

    Ryushii has apprently quit CDC now, and disbanding his Salvage LS due to “shitty endgame”, I always wondered why and now I know!

    Plus lol @ Positron, he’s my hero.

  2. Maiev says:

    lol… oh :/ now I feel bad, his salvage ls disbanded :( maybe cuz Tazo didn’t go :<

  3. raidenn says:

    Man this is a long thread…
    Yeah there are always stories on how the LS treasurer took off with the money… Guess there will always be scumbags in any server.

  4. Maiev says:

    haha yar, well at least the scumbags got the banstick too ;)


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