Potency of Stoneskin vs MND!

Rora>> you nab, Earth’s staff not for Stoneskin @@;

Majeev been having mad inventory problem, I walk out, mage gear… O.O, 52 pieces without any poison pots.. sneak pots, RR gorget, not even a bazaar >.>!! omfg ><; so i was wondering if i really need neptune staff and shit like enhancing torque for stoneskin :O I went to Tsunade Taru~ and ask... knowing Tsunade's pretty knowledgable in rdm, went to discuss the issue of stoneskin potency ^^ (we discuss a lot about our job ^^ jus tryin to be better.) and Tsu has suggested.. to go get fooked up at west altepa by 1000 needles '-' cuz tat thing ignores defense ^^ and constant dmg, so ya!

Testing out Stoneskin

Maxed out Stoneskin is 350

Here we go, since its like 6am, i borrow a friend’s account and go test ^^ we have no merit in anything that would affect stoneskin (MND/enhancing), so two rdm tarus would be a great way to start (same race, eliminate another variable)

But stupid cactus hits for 100 naked, so my first test was… to see if 1000 needles gets affected by defense (1000 is a spirit-within type WS), just to make sure.

Testing out Stoneskin

Without Stoneskin, both takes 500dmg

Apparently defense of 120 versus 400 makes no difference, so this set of gear was used through the experiment.

Then we went on gather data by keeping all other variable constant and only changing the others.. and here are the results.

Sohjai’s been my control set, to make sure every 1000 needles, is the same as others, as recorded, his dmg taken was always 500.

Raw data shows, I apparently reach a point where a constant 150 dmg was taken (after ripping through stoneskin) @ row 7,8 (top , so I added a crap load of enhancing and all possible MND on row 9 test, and still the dmg taken is still 150, so we can say

Testing out Stoneskin

The Excel Data

Stoneskin caps at 350 damage in potency

If you do the math, you will find that, the potency of stoneskin increases by 3 everytime you add 1 MND. We can see that in row 11 12 and 13. and at 13, we reach our maximum stoneskin potency again. therefore

@ 256 Enhancing, You only need 95 MND (total), to maxed out stoneskin potency

What about enhancing? ^^ didn’t leave em off, since there isn’t too many enhancing gear, equipping an enhancing torque (data sheet, lower table), shows that keeping MND constant both at 62 and 92, a 7 increase in enhancing increasese your stoneskin potency by ‘.’ 6.

Sho… if you can’t stack up 95 MND, u can try maxing out stoneskin through enhancing :O

So what rora said is not wrong, blm probably don’t have +40 MND gear compared to a rdm (and can go higher if we use club etc…), therefore seeing a Stoneskin potency increase via using a Neptune staff is not wrong ^^ but for us rdm, ur base is 256 @ 75, with AF1 pants, its +15 enhancing + 3mnd, that gives roughly 15 stoneskin potency + (3×3), a 24 increase in potency, considering a 256 enhancing stoneskin can hold 251 dmg, by default all rdm’s stoneskin should be 251+24 = 275 dmg cap is 350, minumum is 275 u really need to add:

  • 25 MND (if you use af1 pants for stoneskin) to your equipment swapping
  • 20 MND (if you use af1 pants and af2 gloves)

Which is not too bad, considering rdm should have MND gear anyway `.`

This testing was done long ago, i couldn’t find it, so I did one myself ‘.’, so ya, for blm, use ur neptune staff for stoneskin ‘.’ but for rdm who already load up on MND

Wse earth staff :D, i mean.. when u cast stoneskin, u probably jus got hate, stoneskin got ripped out and need to recast unless ur at fafnir ‘.’

Plus, damage taken (1-2 dmg) vs (9-10 dmg) makes a difference to spell interruption :O u can finish a spell if ur only taking 5 dmg, but gets interrupted if ur taking anything over 15~ (i learn this through parry skillup with 8 mourouche, when you don’t use defender `.` u take more than 10 dmg per mourouche ~ stoneskin hardly ever finish casting) so equipping earth staff and getting ur dmg taken below 10dmg can significantly help you finish casting ur stoneskin ^^

btw >< enhancing still good for stuff like barspells hope it didn't bored u and... help u decide what to bring

  • 256 enhancing will have a 23 damage reduction / hit
  • 293 enhancing will have a 27 damage reduction / hit

Works out rouhgly 11 enhancing / 1 damage increase in phalanx. ^^
Hope i didn’t bored u, and thanks to tsunade for these rdm talks, afterall, we both jus wanna be better with our job :O, at least i’m still learning from playing rdm better ‘.’

8 Responses to “Potency of Stoneskin vs MND!”

  1. Marenko says:

    Dude, nice job, gratz man (well or woman >.>) anyway, snaps for Maiev

  2. Marenko says:

    good job! snaps for Maiev

  3. Nadesco says:

    will a earth staff help with stoneskin?

  4. Maiev says:

    Hello Nadesco, thanks for dropping by.

    No, Earth Staff will not help directly with stoneskin. The only modifier that can make your stoneskin cap at 350 is Enhancing Magic Skills or MND. MND is easier to get and easier to cap Stoneskin than Enhancing, and there’s more use for MND so go with MND.

    You can increase the cap for stoneskin from 350 to 390 (i think), with 2 items, one being stone gorget whhich is a pain to get :D and something new from expansion which I don’t remember the item off my head :D

    hope that helps :))

  5. StarShine says:

    Great job Maiev! I might have miss it but does Shell help StoneSkin?

  6. Maiev says:


    Yes, MDB from Shell does help your stoneskin.

    Remember, Stoneskin is simply a replacement/substitute for taking damage.

    Lets say Hurricane Wing does 200 damage to you. Magic Defense Bonus from it reduce the damage to 150.

    150 is the Damage your Stoneskin Absorb. If Stoneskin is at 350 maxed, then yea. It your stoneskin will have 200HP (your shield).

    One more Hurricane Wing, your Shield/Stoneskin will now be at 50hp

    3rd one, your stoneskin wears off, plus take 100 damage.

    Hope I didn’t make it more complicated :D and thanks for dropping by :D

  7. Toph says:

    Always use earth staff when casting stoneskin on jobs that have enhancing magic. This is JUST incase you get caught with shadows down or the mob decides to pot-shot you; earth staff doesn’t make the spell stronger, it just protects you while casting a longer spell. Another good idea is to use skill over MND when you can afford it, to help with interrupts. On jobs like BRD go for the water staff +5 MND since you probably will have a hard time capping it otherwise.

  8. Maiev says:


    Thanks for dropping by :)

    Actually you’re right, Earth Staff doesn’t make the spell stronger, but it significantly increases your chance to cast your spell despite of taking damage.

    From personal experience (2005 that is) when getting beaten up by 7 Mourouche inside Boyahda Tree, I find that when I take 10 or less damage.

    Taru 1 starts casting Stoneskin.
    Mourouche 1 does 9 damage to Taru.
    Mourouche 2 does 7 damage to Taru.
    Mourouche 3 does 8 damage to Taru.


    I find that unless damage are over 10, it seems like its rarely interrupted, as if I do have Stoneskin or taking 0 damage.

    So yea that’s where my Earth Staff theory coming from :) decreasing damage hence enhancing the chance of casting long spells like Stoneskin =)

    Sorry for confusion and thanks for contributing :D


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