Got your Christmas Cards yet? =)

FFXI Christmas Cards 2010 by Lurazeda

Maiev and Otak’s 2010 Christmas Cards!

Holy, this blog is alive!

I haven’t posted for 9 months. Yes, swamped with various tasks :< but finally done with most of them, including writing my Christmas Cards! I've made 5 version of this card. The front is all the same :) An art piece drawn by Otak name “Let it Snow Let it Snow!” It was a Christmas drawing prepared one year ago lolz! Of course, the Taru you see infront is Mai and Otak :)

4 Versions are BIG! The last version is tiny ones :P Hay! Doesn’t mean you’re less important if you get the small one! :D

Inside is… personalized! You’ll have to get yours to find out :) I wrote it in red! Don’t take it wrong! I did it purely for festivities! Also, red is a lucky color! Maybe I’d win the Mog Bonanza for writing cards!

Infront of the cards, is Otak’s 2010 Christmas present for Mai :D All those little dolls :D She knew I didn’t buy those little Shantotto FFXI taru set, so she made me Otak and Mai :D! <3 Anyway! The cards are already on its way to various places around the globe. Some went to JP, some went to Europe, but most of them are just going to United States =) of course, one is heading to Hong Kong (I wonder who '.')! Just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas =) & and Happy New Year! I'd be doing some traveling so by the time most of you get your card, I won't actually be here to see your reaction, but you can always leave a comment that I would be able to check on random computer terminals =) I'd love to read all those comments ;D! One last thing! Sorry if I missed you :< I went through like 2k comments on my blog to ensure I didn’t miss anyone ‘~” or I try :O! There’s always another chance! I love to do cards (though it takes a hella a lot of time!) so don’t you worry!

Merry Christmas!

On the side: The Christmas 2008 Cards =) Nekeed Taru :D

40 Responses to “Got your Christmas Cards yet? =)”

  1. Xari says:

    You are too adorablesweet!

  2. TwitterBot says:

    [ainiwaffles]@Maiev zomg I got yer gorrrgeous card!!! Thanks sooooo much <3 <3 <3 you rock! ;_;

  3. Rini says:

    omfg I just got my card and I wanted to cry. Its so sweet and adorable. You and otak are the best. omfg. Thank you so much!! This card is amazing and Im keeping it forever ; ; <3 <3 <3

  4. Jonpaule says:

    I got my card today, its awesome. It really put a smile on my face, thank you so much Mai & Otak <3

    We miss you <3

  5. Aeyze says:

    I got the bestest card ever today <3 Thankyou, it's fantastic, I hope you have a super christmas and fantastic new year!

  6. Jayashaya says:

    Jeff! Dude!! That Xmas card is amazing!! My wife is insisting to meet you.. Haha :D really hope you make it back to FLA so I can un failface myself and see you.
    Seriously thanks man, best card I’ve ever got – it’s going in a frame.

    Hope all is well, stay in touch!!

    Merry Xmas!


  7. Wicked says:

    I was absolutely blown away….god I wanna get one every holiday now @_@ Thank you so much Maiev, even if I don’t do Xmas, I do however celebrate the Starlight Festival! I will follow in Jayashaya’s steps and frame it as well, it deserves more, but its the best I can do.

    Happy Starlight everyone!

    p.s. wheres my cactuar plushie?!

    • Maiev says:

      Cactuar Plushie? lolz finding ;P well glad you liked it! Shuold lemme c when u frame haha! (I’ve never seen a card framed rofl) you two will be first

  8. Kyarutaru says:

    Eeee :D :D Got mine too! Absolutely beautiful! Thank you very much!

  9. PoP says:




    No fair you sneaky little taru! <3 I can't believe you lol. You're way too nice. Thank you for the all too sweetaru card. I regret not being able to return the favor this year. =( You've always been such a good friend. Always giving encouragement and always available for chit chat about whatever. Thank you. =)

    • Maiev says:

      Lawl :D

      Thank you for the keychain! I had no confusion into which one of the 3 SE one-time password for the whole last year!

      Is ok, Otak and I enjoys Pie / eating Pie as well :D

  10. Mitski says:

    Thank you for the xmas card, hope you had a great holiday. Have fun in NY

  11. Cheche says:

    What’s with this double time giant taru face popping up at me! Thanks so much for the unexpected but welcome surprises! I love the little card in the awesome small card and the big card that’s supposed to make me make lots of bigger cards card?! Haha thanks so much, hope you guys are doing well and happy holidays.

    Do tell when you’re in the area, that’d be a day/night of awesome. :)

    • Maiev says:

      I’ll so get a locker at Daiso just to get treats rofl!

      Glad you like it :) Yea, the little cards wasn’t really part of my plan, but it kinda came in out of no where! Besides, some people I can fit them all on small paper!

      Save Cost
      Environmentally Friendly
      Good for a laugh!

      rofl :D!

  12. Calaera says:

    I just got the card today! :3 Thank you SO much! Its really sweet and I’m really happy things are ok between us now. I kinda knew you woulda taken it the way you mentioned in the card, and I was really scared to talk to you for a long time. lol so no need to apologize. I still luv Mai and will one day record it for all the world to hear, lol.

    • Maiev says:


      Christmas is a time to bring Joy :) no exception to the Petilo lala! lulz.

      Though… I took a gamble on your address lulz! I wasn’t sure but didn’t want to give it away by askin haha!

      I’ll wait to hear that section and put it as the Cally’s incoming email tone rofl.

  13. Blackash says:

    Thank you so much. I got your card yesterday! It was so sweet :) I didn’t get bored looking at you two XD all the artwork is so cute. Plus now I can add it too my wall of art :D I was surprised to see that little coloring I did of Rini’s lines, it really made my day. It was a great Christmas extra.

  14. TwitterBot says:

    [CorinthCat]@Maiev my card came and it is AMAZING! Everyone in my family loved the pictures <3 Thank you!

  15. Wohdo says:

    hihi!Maiev! i finally got your christmas card!
    very thank you!and happy new year!

    wohdo is going to new year countdown live

    L´┐ŻArc en ciel ?3

  16. Atalanta says:

    OMG I about spazzed when Rini told me that she had mail for me. I couldn’t think of who it might be. It drove me nuts all day till I drove over to her house to get it. Thank you so much! Its beautiful! You two did an amazing job. One of the most thoughtful cards i’ve ever gotten. Thankyou again and I hope your Christmas was great!

    • Maiev says:

      :D lulz I can’t even imagine your expression XD (cuz im pretty sure you would never knew its from us)! BUT we love your cosplay and would come hunt you down someday for some FFXI to RL awesome-ness XD!

      Glad you liked it and thanks Rini the moogle for delivering the lolcard :D

  17. TwitterBot says:

    [braginski]@maiev THANK YOU <3 Got it yesterday in mail!

  18. Elysia says:

    thank you so much for the christmas card! it’s so adorable! i put it up the wall lol. Hope you had a good holiday ?

    ps. i love ist’s stories, they’re so awesome!

  19. AAAGHie says:

    GAAAAAAH!!! <333333

    I've got mine too!! Thank you thank you!!! It's amazing how you customized it so well! Thanks also for the cd.. omg a cd with my own art printed on it.. This is so freaking cool! That really shows you put care to details and your appretiation for art! Also I reconogized all the pieces inside, aww! thanks a lot for this!

    • Maiev says:

      haha glad you liked it aaaghie and i hope your computer pop back to life with fenrir yelling on that CD “please come back to life” rofl :D

      keep doodling! i’d be watching joo!

  20. Santokie says:

    I just got your christmas card! Omg its really cute!!! ^^ thank you! Made me feel like its christmas all over again :D i really appreciate it! was such a cute card :) Happy new year and once again thanks for the lovely card :D

  21. Farkee says:

    AHH MAHJEEV THANK U FOR THE CARD!!! it was a really nice suprise and your cards are always full out haha :]!

    merry christmas and happy new year! sorry for the late reply haha. u know i fail :]


  22. Cynthea says:

    Omgggg I totally wasn’t expecting this! It was such a surprise when I checked my mail and saw your card lol, I absolutely love it T3T Thank you so very much~ <3
    Oh,and a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! :D

  23. Daluna says:

    TY so much for the card! The artwork on it is amazing! And the cute little pic of Gad PoP made is just a plus! :D

  24. Mirith says:

    Card was soooo totally awesome and cute :) you two are adorable hehe ahhhhhh if only we could be taru in real life hoho

    Thank you so much for the card! You should totally fly over to Norway one day hoho

    -Mirith (writer of old old

  25. x4leafx says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! <3 I completely forgot about this card when I got it in the mail the other day. I was pleasantly surprised.! It was incredibly sweet of you to handwrite a personal message like that. I am really glad you like my artwork too! And my printed picture..

    Was an amazing touch! Words cannot describe how grateful I am! ^^ This was the best Christmas gift that I received. It was a beautiful card. So thank you sooo much! We will definitely keep in touch and continue to do fun FFXIV/FFXI related art! All the best!


  26. Shiyu-Chan says:

    Oh jeez, I thought I’d sent a note earlier but I guess I didn’t.

    Thank you guys SO MUCH for the card! It is so lovely, and I loved all the cute little drawings inside and the message! I’ll definitely be working harder, I owe you both. That was incredibly sweet. Hope you two enjoyed the holidays!

  27. Kaeko says:

    I just got the card and its awesome! Yes it’s March! No you may not make fun of me!

  28. Katari (Asanna) says:

    OMG!!! I still haven’t gotten one =o, but they look SOOOO cute can’t wait! You’re like, the bestestestestest artist ever!!

  29. Bubian says:

    Got it thanks Mai, Looks like you had an amazing trip to NZ! BTW I have baby boy #3 otw, we’re due in March :) Cheers!

    btw we’re on Excaliber server, if you make it out into ffxiv again. I suck at it too! :)


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