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Mai Guest App & FFXI Offline fun!

Mai Guest App & FFXI Offline fun!

It’s been awhile, so lets keep everyone posted on Mai latest offline FFXI adventure! Before we start, randomness WoW Sculpture lol. Mai Limit Break Radio App! Application to Limit Break Radio Podcast Guest?! Haha I know, I was going to surprise everyone but seems like errr.. it didn’t go as well as I planned. I […]

9 Helix from SCH = AV Win?

Scholar (SCH) in FFXI by LovelyDagger! Best Invention since Sliced Bread When you have a bunch of people over AIM asking if I know about the latest AV trick, you know something’s finally hit the general public. Yes, with no doubt, its on BG. Similar to Salvage dupe, that’s when shit gets patched / banned. […]

FFXIAH Map (Stalkin ur XI-Fwen to RL)!

Our Daily ToDo List! Stalking People! For those that don’t really click around enough, let me introduce you to the errr.. sort of complete function of FFXIAH Map!

The Star Onions – Sanctuary DL

CD Cover for The Star Onions – Sanctuary! Gotta Love It! I like it =) Just errr… not really a fan of CD’s these days when I prefer things in hard drives :o Good thing I’m not register on SE’s whatever community stuff, can post RapidShare stuff. I did however, find a Rapidshare link! (On […]

the StarOnion on BlackBerry =)

FFXI Blog Reading OTA Reading Blogs OTA With a little bit busier in schedule :/ I kinda hav less time beside a PC just browsing. So… I use my BlackBerry a lot to get a lot of Mai entertainment – including reading everyone’s blogs. One thing bothers me is clicking through bookmarks on the BB. […]