Anti-AFK Inventions!

There are two types of equipment in WoW. One type are for PvE (what we see in FFXI), one are for PvP.

PvP equipment are mostly obtained in something call Battleground, in which people are gathered cross-server to battle against the opposing faction. What’s the difference? Mostly less attack power, but for a ton of increase in HP.

For Example, a Haubergeon for PvE (FFXI one) is…
DEF:45 STR+5 DEX+5 AGI-5 Accuracy+10 Attack+10 Evasion-20

A Haubergeon made for PvP (Ballista) might be..
DEF:45 STR+3 DEX+3 AGI-3 Accuracy+7 Attack+7 HP +80

You’d obviously use the PvE one if you’re exping, but if you’re PvPing or walking around dangerous area, you might wear the one with 80HP more.

Well the “most effective” way of obtaining these type of gear is by playing Battkeground, where you team up with other people cross-server to kill the opposing faction.

Kinda like Jowah + Maiev (Windy, Tarus) vs Cloudstah, Supabuck (Bastok, Galka)

At first, everything seems fun like Assault. But once you have to “farm” them for “Assault points” just to do Salvage, it becomes boring! Since its a team PvP, if Jowah AFK, its 2v1 and it might be a problem, so Blizzard “Auto Kick” you out of Battleground PvP when you AFK for 5 minutes.

With limited options (since you can’t bot or you get banned), people resort to making real-life mechanics to keep their characters “alive” in the game by PRESSING THE SPACE BAR!!!… here are some of the greatest invention.

Yea, someone will break a fan just to make an anti-afk machine!

100% Lego Powered.

Pretty precise, home-made!

The fan smashing the SpaceBar

Physics involved!!

An anti-afk machine you can pick up in a toy store! (hitting the scroll wheel)

A bit overdone but… lol…

lolWoW! I’m glad I play WoW too, to bring you guys some lolEnjoyment of how other MMO works!

4 Responses to “Anti-AFK Inventions!”

  1. Etain says:

    I haven’t done any BG’s or anything yet. :S Maybe someday. Too busy trying to grind out rep for my kitty cat mount (5k/21k, on my way to exalted!). x_x

  2. Maiev says:

    But can you imagine the people behind those afk are doing these things? lol… makes me laugh real hard xD

  3. Sakurakun says:

    y build something when u can turn your bf into a slave bot? =D


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