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Mai 2c on Server Merge and Lv99

Mai 2c on Server Merge and Lv99

Hello fellow readers =) It’s been a long time since I’ve written an update! I’ve actually been a little bit more active in game… mostly socializing ;) I’m just a little busy exping RL but nevertheless, I’m still around and not quit / rage quit lolz. Maiev’s Lv99 Excitement by LovelyDagger Limit Break Radio Ep51 […]

WoW: Deep inside Ulduar!

Entry to the Halls of the God in WoW! Adventuring Deep Inside Ulduar PS: This article relates my WoW Experience to well known FFXI bosses and content. Prior WoW knowledge not required for this read. =) The feeling of adventuring once flourished in FFXI, has now returned in WoW (well… for me). You know how […]

The Blizz Way of Patching the April 09 FFXI!

The April 09 FFXI Update Sad Prishe and mad Mandy! Lets start with the FFXI Rant/2c! There isn’t much to say… especially how there’s a whole disappointment thread on BG (Not every post is negative, but quite a lot). I did wait it out a bit and see review.. but guess after reading those reviews… […]

Why people keep coming back to FFXI?

HitPoint Bandits by Chianne What SE did right. With the latest attention focused to bannings, everyone would only really just go with their bat and just keep hitting SE of what they did. I do agree it was a little bit severe, and they wern’t putting them in the player’s shoe when it comes to […]

Returning to WoW!

Thrall dead Thrall Dead! So after a little bit over 3 months, I started WoW again. It all started with the debate of end-game experience. If you ask me honestly, WoW’s end-game is much more fun than FFXI, in all aspects IMO. Before we begin, this is my 1st day returning to WoW.. our leader […]