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woe, is MonEy…

I’m glad that when Maiev wrote a b-day post for me, he neglected to mention my age ; ;!!! Getting older means more responsibility, and I don’t think I can handle all the responsibilities. Remember that line from Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility”?… so where’s my great power? I can already feel the […]

Respect for self, yo!

Say you are “the Donald” but the Vana’diel equivalent and someone proposed this to you: “How many minutes of sexually explicit conversation do I have to conduct with you in exchange for a/an .” What if Melania (Trump’s classy Slovian-model wife) that asked? Ladies and gentleman: respect for self, respect for others, responsibeltey for all […]

Tazo’s first conga line! ^^

While waiting for Kirin timer to be up in Sky, some tarus decided to do some dancing! I wish i could post a better image, but I was in the line so some tarus at the end are missing!

FFXI to RL – Tazo’s Bday, Daggy’s Poster!

Lawl, tazo & connie’s bday :) this girl’s getting older!! and zomg soon goin teach little kids English and Math :O! Connie’s been a really great friend to me :o. Life would have been significantly differentt if she wasn’t around. I’d probably be already dead from starvation if she didn’t feed me during HNM camps […]


I used to play this game with my friend Hollam in Summer ’06 . . . our highest level we ever got was Level 12. This game is a very very addictive version of whack-a-mole, that uses your NUMpad. The rules get harder as you go, and it’s really a lot of fun. This game […]