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Some DuckHUNT Updates

I know it’s been forever but i haven’t forgotten! i really need to get more disciplined at updating! first thing’s first! sch pants!!! the first pair that have dropped for our ls since the implementation of sch and dnc af months ago. then three more pair dropped… of course, but still! this technically makes me […]

Ely’s Blog Redux (Not anymore with Maiev!)

So, something happened, its not worth discussion, but my blog was lost :( all my old posts are gone and now i’m forced to start over from square one (REALLY?!). I’m really upset that all my old posts are gone and i didn’t know if i could start over again. I wasn’t exactly getting a […]

Lots of things happened…

So! Lots of stuff happening i think since the last time i thought to post! For one thing i added a little sidebar on the blog that will show you all my gear sets, which i’m sure isn’t interesting to anyone but me, but still! XD it took forever to set them all up, and […]

Nub DRK! Kill it with fire!!

well this shouldn’t be too long since i haven’t been up to much except for grinding out the levels on drk… 62 now, there seems to be no happy medium with invites, either i get ten as soon as i flag up or i sit around for four hours and get nothing, there’s no in […]

Better Late than Never

ok, so maybe its been a little while since i made a post but this one should end up being pretty long so that should balance it out right? let’s see, where to start? well i guess i’ll start with this: hurray! i finished all the assaults. we decided to take 6 people and jump […]