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Why is leveling parrying so hard…

Okay :) What you are going to read is purely for entertainment purposes. It might offend some people but like I said, its for entertainment purposes! You’ve been warned ^^; It doesn’t pop something up or have pictures, just the language used ^^; So yea.. work safe!

Parrying Skillup – The End!

So I woke up… I saw a damn Wind Ore (Yes, buying damn Wind Ore / Wind Bead is like impossible)… so happy and… Yea.. I freaking broke it… G.G. I was pretty pissed… so I enclosed myself in Den of Rancor all day… Parrying Skillup…. and I got…

Parrying 241 – 257

Parrying Skillups! Its old, but thought I’d at least keep you up to date with evidence of my Parrying :) Its higher than that now but these post are per-typed, well most part of it. Keep going! :) And going… AND going… Hellknight and Lucious in my LS have cap parrying, but I’m getting close […]

Parrying Againz & Mannequin Collection!

First of all, Starcraft II is announced :) You can find the rest of the story right now with Update: Blizzard’s official website. Damn its soo cool!!! Next thing is Happy Birthday to Farkee ;) Age +1 & Coolness +1! So lets begin, crushing 2 weeks worth of posting into one. Yes, I […]

Aquarius & Baby Samurai?

Aquarius for Parrying SKILLUPZ?! Quickie I’ve been slacking for awhile, temptations from other stuff has been keeping me from updating. One of the main reasons I don’t like updating or doing stuff on my desktop was my shitty LCD. The color accuracy displayed is so bad that I don’t wanna do stuff on it. So […]