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WoW: Wiped at 0.06398%

Check Out my Broken Gear!! The Effect of Guild Bank Repairs! So you see, not having too much time to play… you naturally don’t even have time to make money. So I’ve been running from 12k gold to now 4k gold, giving a few thousands to Takalo, my “instructor” LOL (yes, I have a variety […]

WoW: Deep inside Ulduar!

Entry to the Halls of the God in WoW! Adventuring Deep Inside Ulduar PS: This article relates my WoW Experience to well known FFXI bosses and content. Prior WoW knowledge not required for this read. =) The feeling of adventuring once flourished in FFXI, has now returned in WoW (well… for me). You know how […]

WoW: Little bit of Ulduar fun!

The Ulduar Trailer Lets start off the good stuff. The trailer to this “free WoW Patch”! Pretty epic huh. Well its not like the epic Blizzard-quality trailer, but it’d do the trick. I have to agree.. Alliance are PIGS! I’d never work with the stupid Alliance such as Etain :o So err…who will help Jaina? […]

WoW: Topping the Meter as Hunter 3.08

This post is about my WoW’s way of topping the parser. You might find some of the skills below that will be useful in FFXI =) Especially in soloing. But it is WoW centric, thought I’d throw this as a warning =) and a long read. Topping Meter in just one of the bosses! Mai […]

Mai X’mas Card to FF Fwens + WoW Talks.

The “Adorable” Mai Xmas Card! It’s been awhile I did something FFXi related. Although it isn’t directly related to the actual playing of the character, it does in fact involve the people who play the game =) There’s a ton of SS to this post… hope you love clicking ^_^; Mai Christmas Gifts On the […]