Goldsmithing Talu [Maiev]

Maiev’s Goldsmthing in a Nutshell!

First thing first. HQ Snow Ring doesn’t exist!

This is my Goldsmtihing journey in a Nutshell! I’ll talk about the Manteel later.

Isn’t the brd JSE just beautiful?? :o I tried it on just to see how it looks damn :/ its so hawt!

Maiev in ManteelI love making things, especially this Manteel (because its beautiful!). Back then when I wanted a synth from Goldsmithing, the only only person on Fenrir would be Ludwig. I heard he can be a dick about it, so I was like, that’s it, time to take up Goldsmithing and be a cool one ‘-‘ (I hope I am).

I took Goldsmithing with probably um.. 40m gil? I took it slow, did percise planning and calculations and analysis. It isn’t that hard if you don’t powerlevel it! I took any path that reduces loss or minimize the loss on the crafting. There was a lot of rough roads, I’d wake up really early, goto Davoi and steal some Gold Beastcoin (I literally level my Parrying there), but hay I’d learn how to survive with rdm/thf, which later made me learn how to survive with rdm/war. Parry 183 now biatch!

It took almost 10 months to get it to 100! But I was yelling on the phone with Eeto Sohjai Cata lol! It was crazy! Actually, I made a mini-game with people who were in Port Jeuno at that time. Here’s how it goes. If they can guess how many successful synthesis it will require to get to 100, they get my personal Flame Ring [Maiev ding 100 Goldsmtihing Ring]. But apparently, no one guessed it correct because it broke LOL! and Ding 100!

Goldsmithing 100 Ding!

Thanks for being there everyone! 1st NA on Fenrir to ding 100 Goldsmtihing felt good! Anyway….

My most popular synth is probably Flame Ring / Snow Ring. I could have made a lot of gil back then selling these (400k profit when the ring cost 1.2m to make sells for 1.6m) but I’ve decided to do them for free. Well basically if i’m not currently using that synth to make money, I’d do them for free. By the way, Snow Ring cannot be HQed. SS here.

Making things probably what I like to do most in FFXI. You’ve probably seen my stuff around Vana’diel (Fenrir) if you check enough. If you don’t buy gil, I’d most likely sign your stuff (or if I didn’t know).

Someone once told me when I made his Flame Ring, having gear signed by the crafter is simply a respect to the crafter, the time and effort they took to level it up. The signature is a sign of their effort and time. I really like to sign stuff then, because at least they appreciate my effort. I’d even go all the way to bastok to Synth a Flame Ring for free, just to be sure I’d did my best to make sure it won’t break.

So what do I do with Goldsmtihing 100 now? Well first I recover my investment!! Then probably buy gears which I really wanted back then (like selling HQ staff to level Goldsmtihing etc), some SH+1, Curse Slacks -1 (1st pair too!). After, I just craft for friends and LS. I gave away Curse Crown -1 (Farkee’s Bday), Curse Undies -1 (Supabuck), Curse Shoes -1 (Chiji)Omniscient ring (Jayashaya), and Rora’s Communion Ring (for his 1337 stoneskin), well he borrowed it, but I think its pretty much his rings now!

Lets just say, I think I’ve got what I really wanted, a Kraken Club and I’m really satisfied. So I’ve been slacking off, doing synthesis for people, for free, and serving Vana’diel’s nice people (sorry I don’t serve Gilbuyers or meanies).

The Sha’ir Manteel Synthesis

As I reach 95, a new recipe pop call Sha’ir Manteel! Shamu was excited and ask if I could sign them. I was only 90 when Shamu ask, so I work hard to get 95 and Clothcraft 60. (I literally messed up the Cloth market and PL that to 60+1).

Sha’ir Maneel is like my favorite synth because it looks pretty on Talu Gals! xD

Sha’ir Manteel is a wooping 8mil synthesis, some people come to me with like all their savings for a Manteel. So I do this synthesis free (basically all those below were free) until…. someone sold it for their own personal gain (30m sold -8m cloth = made 22m). Its sad, the signature got erased, and also I made it clear that you can’t use my crafting skills for your own benefit. Also, a Shekih Manteel was made on Fenrir server by another Goldsmither, but there was a huge conflict between the crafter and the customer. Since then I had a synthesis fee for those that I don’t know. There’s two options, I’d still try to keep it cool while protecting myself.

  • 1m Synthesis Fee. You can do whatever you want with the Manteel.
  • Synthesis is free, but if HQ, it is sold (someone offer 400m on Fenrir for HQ), splitted and we make another one!

Its been cool since then. I’m happy with the options, so is other people.

My Sha’ir Manteel Synthesis

1st Manteel is for Shamu! (GS @ 95)

Shamu's Manteel

2nd was for Durbs (GS @ 97)

Durbs' Manteel!

3rd was for Tumbleweed (GS @ 98)

TW's Manteel!

4th was for Rakueru (GS @ 100)

Rakueru's Manteel (One of my favorite one)!

5th was for Strawberrie (GS @ 100), holy smoke I broke all the materials except the Cloth -.- on Earthsday.

Strawberrie's Manteel!!

6th was freaking Daranoon who was ashamed of the Camera ‘-‘ I was catching him! lol

Dara's Manteel! (Damn ugly)!

7th was Sheru’s Manteel, charged him a mil for it!

Sheru's Manteel

8th was for Smeckledorf! I thought it looked pretti neat!

Smeckledorf's Manteel!

9th, 10th, 11th was for Linkshell. I think Raiko, Daxam and um… one more I don’t know where it went. But Daxam is being gay about it. He equips it for 1 sec, sing, then equip Dalmatica. I mean that’s good macro but 8m to swap in for 1sec is lame :/

PS: The crafting rules above ‘-‘ is purely to scare those that don’t care and utilize me as a mean to make gil. I always have been crafting for free ^^;

If I miss your synth, jus /t me in-game ^^; I’d love to post Manteel synthesis because I jus <3 this synth.

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  1. tazo says:

    ; ; Maiev forgot about me! Tazo was sitting at Mai’s computer desk cramming like a mad-lady for exam – so he didn’t tell me about it until AFTER.

  2. Ciermel says:

    mai hope u make one soon some day ^^

  3. stoofs says:

    hey ^^ cool site, I like the school bus drawing. anyways ill be on till 3pm est n then prolly get on again after 6 til prolly 8. just msg me, if i dont respond right away i might be gettin food or somthin but ill c your msg in log shortly. Thnx a ton ^^

  4. Maiev says:

    OK i’ll get on around 7pm est

  5. Maiev says:

    There’s a bit problem, a group meeting suddenly pop up so I can’t return till 12pm EST :( Solly

  6. stoofs says:

    It’s cool, how about today sometime? Ill be around from like 10-1230 n 6-8est.

  7. Sibe says:

    Awesome Blog, i think this is my favorite blog =`)

  8. Aramina says:


    I’m looking for a 100+ goldsmith on Odin to commission some level 72 CHR rings. I’d love the HQ, but really even signed NQ is fine by me. I have plenty other CHR gear for BST and BRD, but still use Loyalty Rings (I keep them because I use for capped stuff like LS Steamed Sprouts runs).

    Where can I find a list of crafters by craft/server? I know I’ve seen one, but I forgot to bookmark it. The listing on FFXIAH doesn’t show any on Odin, but I know that there are some.


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