Aion – Original Sound Track (OST)

Maiev trying out Aion! Aion OST/Original Sound Track Other post will follow up, but thought I’d like to share a link to the original sound track of Aion – Tower of Eternity’s Sound Track. It is beautiful :) You don’t have to like Aion to like the Sound Track. =) Here’s the link to the […]

[Video] A TaruTaru’s Point of View

Think I’m pretty late in this but damn, this is a pretty “interesting” video =) Very well made :) Please enjoy XD Source: Jowah/FFXIAH =) And yea if you heard rumors that I’ve been playing XI, I did :D just no time to post, so stay tuned XD! I’ve also found pictures (from PFA) of […]

Moogle Shoes & Curse Network

Moogle Shoes! Damn…. I’m sleeping with my Kraken Club every night. I thought about it, if someone comes in trying to rob me, Ima wack that Club right into his head. I’d make it occasionally swing 8-8 times. I just love the Kclub prop. While I’m still in love with Mai RL Kclub, I also […]

Date my Avatar (with lyrics) – Felicia Day

The Guild – Do You Wanna Date My Avatar I’m a big “The Guild” fan, and they recently made a somewhat.. a “MTV”? Damn… Felicia Day is so hawt >.> Again, no you don’t need to play WoW to understand this video =) Here are the lyrics for “Date my Avatar”

Lalafella customization now available?!

Customizing Mai Future Lalafella, now with Rainbow Highlights! No, not the in-game one :D but the one that people provide in PSD. Obviously there were some really bored people and started doing crazy things with the “few” shots that’s provided by Square-Enix. My favorite one gotta be the rainbow highlights. Then you have chocolate Miqo’te. […]