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MPKing @ Campaign Battle!

THIS is how you play Campaign. How to play it “Fun”! So long time no post… since I’ve been extremely busy with work, but now that’s “sort of” settled, I can now have time to play regularly without worrying about “finding work” hehe. Campaign battle is like wut to me… I still don’t exactly know […]

Azima (NPC) 20 years ago!

Azima the NPC 20 years ago! NPC in WotG Did you know that even NPC have a face-lift 20 years ago? I was walking around and found that… and since I remember seeing it so.. I went to check it out myself… although the jump from “hot Hume” to “super old lady” is kinda a […]

WotG vs WoW BC Thoughts!

ToAU Adventuring! So pretty sure people read reviews around the internet about WotG, not that great~ some websites gave like 5.5/10 too but… IMO they really didn’t “play” the game long enough to make any judgment (bias… is what I’m trying to say). So… I gave myself a good 6 weeks of playtime before I […]

From FFXI Fan Art to RL Poster!

Daggy Poster #2 Yep, another Daggy’s artwork printed on poster :o! More exercise for my eyeballs now! So I don’t just stare @ the LCD screen! I know… its already on the wallpaper, but seeing it in BIG SIZE is pretty nice too ‘.’ That poster is actually 36″ in width and 24″ in height, […]

Parrying Againz & Mannequin Collection!

First of all, Starcraft II is announced :) You can find the rest of the story right now with Update: Blizzard’s official website. Damn its soo cool!!! Next thing is Happy Birthday to Farkee ;) Age +1 & Coolness +1! So lets begin, crushing 2 weeks worth of posting into one. Yes, I […]