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The FFXIV Blog Team!

The FFXIV Blog :D

I’ve been amazingly busy :3 But I’d still like to let everyone know I’m part-time working on the FFXIV Blog :D Yes, it’s actually at Not some random gil farming websites or stupid domain parking.

For me, playing the game is half the fun, the other half is making videos, documenting and writing about it! So I thought… hay why not write a Blog about everyone’s next Final Fantasy addiction =) most likely.. my next addiction (I’d hate to say it, but at least better than smoking XD)

Since June 2, there were continuous buzz on playing together and such. I don’t know who might end up on the same server, or hell even what job/class/whatever I’d play, but one thing I do know is.. I would blog, and same with Berrie, Jowah, Kimiko and Etain, so us taru girls decided to gank on one blog. All of us write different things and stuff so… I believe it would bring a very nice variety in terms of reads – from technical, strats to arts and game updates.

Although I’m blogging as Maiev for now, but I’d name myself different in FFXIV, just to have stuff easily separated from FFXi, just like Shantotto in WoW (lol). Perhaps call myself Illidan this time? XD

There’s one thing about everyone here though, and that is they’ve all Blog for over 3+ more years. Strawberrie’s Tarunation (now on was probably one of the most ancient WP FFXI-related blog, then all of us just kinda followed. We’re still around, still blogging because we… enjoy doing it =)

Yea if you have some firefox plugins, you’d see that ffxiv blog’s got the same server IP as ffxiah ads server =P That’s because that blog is on their server :) No, we aren’t planning to server you ads, they just happen to have server space and bandwidth and Scragg hates loading Mai blog =P cuz its shitty slow (I know -_-“) so he’s like fuk it put it on mines! Gotta thank them for the kind donation :D

Content would be kinda sloppy slow… and none of us reads JP like Elmer so no =P It’s hard to get info but when the game launches, we’ll update you with more fun stuff than just development stuff XD

And yea, that pic above is obviously photoshopped =P bored :D. Here’s the super-size version if you like it! Thanks Otak for halpin me on some stuff, and also Kimiko on his “making SS ready for the internet” post XD

PS: Sounds like they fixed their broken RMT Pwner 1.337 and “un-ban” gardening mules. Whatever it is, still a fail to begin with.


OMG WOrking on FFXIV FanArt too :x busy bee :O!

7 Responses to “The FFXIV Blog / Fan Art”

  1. Kimiko says:

    Wow, Mai that is just awesome. =D

  2. Fusionx says:

    That’s an awesome picture!

  3. Maiev says:


    hay thanks for tuning it up. I was too tired (or maybe just too lazy) to resize and make it fit :D

    Is your version like spiced up with your famous Kimiko filter? looks a bit blurred, not sure if my eye is telling the truth :D


    Hehe thanks, just another transworld wannabe =)

  4. Etain says:

    I think imma have some new desktop wallpaper when I get home from work!

  5. Daggy says:

    Squeee..that’s so cute T^T! the hair model that looks like daggy with the green eyes~ if I were a taru..i’d pick that model!! Ugh i’ve been awfully busy too..<3 lol *hughug*

  6. James says:

    I suppose its a bit late, but the FFXI blog website is wrong. It has an exclamation point in front of .com, making it so it doesn’t work.

  7. Maiev says:

    Ahh thanks for the heads up :D fixed in my post. Stupid wordpress linking with the !

    But yea I am already writing there ^^; well I’ll still hang around here so cu either here or there XD!


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