Parrying Skillup – The End!

So I woke up… I saw a damn Wind Ore (Yes, buying damn Wind Ore / Wind Bead is like impossible)… so happy and…

Breeze Ring, Goldsmithing Synthesis, Taru Maiev of Fenrir, FFXI

Yea.. I freaking broke it… G.G.

I was pretty pissed… so I enclosed myself in Den of Rancor all day…

Parrying Skillup…. and I got…

Parrying Skillup in FFXI, Maiev's Taru Samurai of FenrirParrying Skillup in FFXI, Maiev's Taru Samurai of Fenrir
Parrying Skillup in FFXI, Maiev's Taru Samurai of FenrirParrying Skillup in FFXI, Maiev's Taru Samurai of Fenrir

and going because I was pissed from earlier… rawrrr!

Parrying Skillup in FFXI, Maiev's Taru Samurai of FenrirParrying Skillup in FFXI, Maiev's Taru Samurai of FenrirParrying Skillup in FFXI, Maiev's Taru Samurai of FenrirParrying Skillup in FFXI, Maiev's Taru Samurai of Fenrir

SOOO CLOSE!! So… no way I’m stopping!

Parrying Skillup in FFXI, Maiev's Taru Samurai of FenrirParrying Skillup in FFXI, Maiev's Taru Samurai of Fenrir


Parrying Skillup in FFXI, Maiev's Taru Samurai of Fenrir, Capped 269 Parrying on Samurai

Sweet Cake! I can stack up to 294 Parrying Skills!

Parrying Skillup in FFXI, Maiev's Taru Samurai of Fenrir, Capped 269 Parrying on Samurai

I just beat FFXI ^^; Cap parrying without a tank job: O As of today, I still don’t have a tank job xD

A bit of Experience about Parrying

  • These onions didn’t give good parrying skill until 263. So before 263, I suggest Even Match onions or stick with Crabs.
  • The above so call “day” is actually 22 hours. I stayed up to get it done, so 9 levels in 22 hours is a pretty bad parry/hr ratio.
  • You can goto the toilet while parrying skillup. I usually come back and I’m only half dead
  • Beverage is also fine, I usually rush for the fridge after I give a quick heal.
  • How do I burn all the time? Usually when I watch Naruto or Bleach, I usually -skip- all the fillers, well this is a good time to watch them.
  • Chatting on MSN works. Surfing facebook also works too. I didn’t get killed while hanging around there!
  • Reading a book = dead taru. You get get too into it that… you forgot about parrying.
  • WHM 65 was able to sustain healing without any problem, so is a 75 blm!
  • I had great fun. Puck was damn boring though, its not a method that everyone can go through

Parry Proc?

With 256 Evasion (as Samurai) and 269 parrying, Parrying Proc was slightly more than half of Evasion Proc. That makes sense. This proc data was again, collected using a “UtsuWatch” plugin, there’s a RT Stats inside, a real time parser that reads memory instead of the chat log (which can often skips a few lines). Keeping gear the same Mai’s Parrying Skillup post, I was able to see a steady increase in Parrying proc… ending up with a 21.4% @ Parrying 269 with Steelshell.

Parrying Skillup in FFXI, Maiev's Taru Samurai of Fenrir, Capped 269 Parrying on Samurai, Parrying Graph

A few things to note for the statistics.

  • Crabs can be in variations of DC, Em, or T, I tend to pull T, I pull them equally and hopefully, a balance.
  • Each session consists of strictly one exp ring. When the exp ring is out, I warp out. Each crabs hits me roughly 35 times before it dies, takes around 28 crabs to kill an exp ring (I duo with a partner), therefore the proc rate above consists of over 1k hits.
  • Proc rate were calculated as follow
    • When I ding into a new parrying level, I record down the “current parrying proc” into spreadsheet
    • If that session did not give me a parry skillup, I record the proc rate for the whole session.
    • I assume each parrying session is 90 minutes. (Timed once, for non-stop killing)
    • When I ding into a new level, I take the “current parrying proc” again. Totaling up the time it took per session to roughly derive a parrying/hr ratio.
    • The time was also recorded. If I took 30 minutes last session (since a new parrying skill), and took 90 minutes today and got a new level, the parrying proc from today are given a higher weight(75%), whereas the parrying proc from last session are given a 25% weight.
  • These were all parrying skillup strictly from grinding, no exp party or what so ever. Fenrir people knows I live there =P, I really, did live in the tree everyday.

New Note: Thanks to shadowken, he confirmed that doing parrying skillup on T is infact possible. I did try but the pull is extremely hard and since there’s only 2x Tough crab around Boyahda Tree top, it makes it a little bit difficult but it’s doable ;)

Remember! Parrying was never meant to be easy!

40 Responses to “Parrying Skillup – The End!”

  1. Jowah says:

    I’m sorry for you synth ._.
    This sucks especially when you actually spent some gils on it……. and congratulations on you new uber skill cap :p

  2. Talisien says:

    One word:



    No but seriously, congratulations!! :)

  3. Elmoz says:

    Simply amazing. Never thought I would see an all blue capped combat skills for 75s. Congratulations for this superb feat.

  4. Calaera says:

    Wow! Congrats on the amazing feat! /praise

  5. Reiginsei says:

    Grats on capping ANOTHER skill!

    As for the synth, bad luck ; ;

  6. Verrick says:

    Congratulations on the capping of parry! You’re crazy, dedicated, but crazy!

  7. Aeyze says:

    So many blue numbers @@


  8. Maiev says:

    hehe thanks everyone :)!!

  9. Istari says:

    Wow, such a busy beeeeee. Work on your summoning skill now, boob!

  10. Genryu says:

    Wow thats awesome, great job! I’ve been tryin to cap parry on my Sam and I have been close to pulling my hair out in frustration, seeing this has renewed my hope ^^.

    Mind if I ask what your gear choices were at the end?

  11. Maiev says:

    Um… I’ve tried many setups, and I think in the end, I’d prefer AGI > Parrying Skill. I could luck out but there was times I didn’t even get a single parry skillup for 2 hours “Continuously” getting hit. AGI’s parrying skillup rate seems consistent so I’d choose that!

  12. Masaya says:

    Hello- I’m in the process of capping parry and I need some guidance. I’m currently at 260.1 and have been on pucks for about 10 hours of play time and have only received 3 skill ups. Current parry skill with parry gear and merits is 295, evasion is 287 with gear and merits. I fight as NIN/THF and I barely survive the T’s, EM’s are ok and I tank DC’s with a Hauby. I guess my question is- what level was the mob that you had all of the skill ups with? DC, EM or T?

  13. Maiev says:

    Hello Masaya, thanks for dropping by.

    Actually, I found out EM stop giving reasonable skillups at 260. I tried it with Crabs.. (before, I tried to do crabs till 269 since you also get EXP), but after seeing EM don’t give skillups and T is like really rare (1-2 around the tree inside Boyahda), I moved onto Pucks.

    I wouldn’t stack too much evasion, in fact I might lower evasion (such as wearing a Hauby) just to make skillup easier. Remember, FFXI uses a multi-roll system, meaning if you evade, you will not parry at all.

    Regarding your question. EM is no longer your range. Just like skilling up normal weapon, you tend to stop getting skillups for 260 on EM mobs, so its safe to assume it also applies to Parrying. I’d just jump to either T Crabs in Boyahda (or Mamook.. those crabs deep inside), or just use Pucks. Use the zone to your advantage should you need to take a piss =P.

    Since you’re a nin, consider putting full ar-hat gear + using war sub with defender AND eat Tacos, it helps :)

    To Summarize:
    EM from ~ 240-260
    T from 260+

    I hope that answers your question, and sorry for the delay in replies.

  14. Masaya says:

    Hey Maiev- Thanks for the response! I guess I’ll just grind it out on Pucks. With Arhats, Earth Staff and Jelly Ring I can tank an EM indefinietly with /pld.
    Thanks again for the reply and all of the information on your two parry pages!

    Take Care!

  15. Moki Wan says:

    Great info. ive been looking for a parrying info guide. Asking friends seems to yield vague answers and a general, “it just takes time. tank everything” attitude.

    My question is, can i parry with a staff if it has no skill level? its at zero cuz i dont play a job that uses it yet. And if the question is stupid then don’t laugh too hard at me. :P thanks

  16. Maiev says:

    Thanks for dropping by, and no its not stupid question! They are all good questions that I should have covered :o

    You can parry with any melee weapon except h2h (that’s guarding). So staff would work. Zero is even perfect, that way you’d be 100% hitting zeros most of the time, and would not be feeding TP! That’s actually pretty briliant :O! (cuz I always have to deal with TP moves)

    Good luck with parrying and Merry Christmas (since its close)

    Thanks again for dropping by =)

  17. Moki Wan says:

    Hi, Mai^^. I just started trying the colibris out for the suggested 180-225 range. (i’m currently at 188) Its been 1.4 so far in 2.5 hours. To me thats, amazing. I do this as NiN/Dnc so i can basically keep going.

    What im curious about is, will my capped eva (with merits) at 277 change the rate of parry and should i be in a different area?

    I wear no eva gear at all and when im on a good roll, i drop a haub on. Normally, its arhats +1.

    Whatever advice you have for this would be great. Take care, man! ^^

  18. Moki Wan says:

    Oh, forgot to ask.

    If i blind the mob, does it affect his ability to properly allow me a chance to parry?

    ie: if he misses cuz he is blind, does that mean he’s just waaaay off? Or, close enough for me to get a chance to parry?

    Thanks again! Just got 190! 1.6 in about 3 hours :)

  19. Maiev says:

    Hello Moki, thanks for dropping by and I’m glad it worked for you.

    First of all, your capped evasion will change the rate of parry. Lets say 277 parries at a rate of 75% on IT mobs (example)

    When it does the multi-roll system, it first evaluates:

    1. Did the mob hit me (if yes which is 75%*, it means you evaded his attack with your evasion, display “The Colibri misses Moki”. IF NO which is 25%, THEN GO #2)

    2. Did the mob gets parried. (if you have high parry, then this is where it’d kick in, it would parry the mob, but if you do not have parry skill, then GOTO #3)

    3. Do I have blinks or any sort of damage-evading/absorbing stuff such as Stoneskin, Utsu or Blink.

    If yes, -1 to those stuff (in the case of Mage Blink, its a percentage too), if NO Utsu or Mage Blink did not proc then GO #4

    4. Calculate damage taken based on his STR and your VIT multiplied by a bunch of stuff to generate the damage you take.

    Consider this image below.

    By having a high-evasion while you do your parry skillup, you are lowering your chance to parry by evading more, in the upper case, high evasion say will give you 75% evade, well that means only 25% will hit.

    If you wear a hauby, lowering your evasion, it might drop 5% in evasion, allowing 5% stuff to hit you, hence you now have 5 more hits out of 100 hits to have a chance to parry.

    In parrying skillup, you want to maximize the chance that the mob hits you, so yea.

    When you’re fully leveled and at 277, it won’t affect your parry skill because parry only kicks in when… your evade didn’t kick in. Its only an additional defense (like having 2 evasions)

    2. If you blind the mob, you are effectively lowering their chance to HIT you, so if you look at that crappy image I drew, you are lowering the hit %, hence lowering the chance you get hit, which result in lower parry rate per hour. You do not want to blind the mob =P

    When he misses, that’s the end :) there is nothing more that’s going on =P Hope it helps :))

    * The hitting you of course factor in both your evasion and HIS chance to hit, thus generating a number of the overall “hit rate” on you. Say he got 100% accuracy on a Lv10 player, well you’re lv 75, so it’d probably won’t hit, adding to your evasion, it probably never hit. I just said 75% for simplicity :)

  20. Moki Wan says:

    Hi, Mai. Wicked breakdown.

    So, would it be wise then for me to leave DC mobs alone, as the colibri in the 180-235 range are?

    I assume that higher mobs will not be fooled by my evasion as much as DC mobs are.

    But i figure if i do that, my parry rate will be significantly lower that not only will i be taking more hits, ill even have less of a chance to parry because of my skill.

    Did i confuse myself and not get the juice of what you told me or am i on the right path?

  21. Maiev says:

    Hello Moki :)

    I assume that higher mobs will not be fooled by my evasion as much as DC mobs are. YES, you are right so doing IT mobs are a good idea! Just like crafting, you can get a 0.5 skillup if you are crafting something that is alost 7Lv or higher, but you’d never see a 0.5 when you are near the maximum ceiling.

    The same applies for parrying. The only reason I or others do it in steps, from DC to EM to T to VT then IT is the difficulty of keeping yourself alive. They are very hard to heal. Btw, T is enough to cap parrying.

    The one thing I was never able to figure out was… if parry scales with mob level. When I did mines, I always did mines with T (relatively to my level), so my parrying was pretty constant. When I started my adventuring to cap parrying, I started off DC (birds at sky) then EM with other stuff… then move onto T… since the graph showed a constant rate of parry, I believe your chance to parry is a static non-changing constant (at roughly 22%) so IMO since mob difficulty don’t seem to play a role in the rate of parrying at all.. then there’s no need to work yourself up with tanking T’s or VT’s when you can get the same rate of parrying from DC (meaning parrying just as much, 10% regardless if its NW, E, T’s IT’s). The only difference is.. with IT, you can do a 0.5 skillup. Something that’d you never see if you always pick the easier mob (just enough to give you skillup type).

    Hope I make sense :)

  22. Moki Wan says:

    Sounds like a plan!

    I’m going to keep with DC for a bit more tho. At least up to 200, as I am at 190 now. Also, i grabbed some more minus evasion gear and I am gonna mix in some plus parry gear to try and push it forward.

    I realize its going to be a long road, so im going to use all my options. I’ll keep you posted and thanks again for the info and support ^^

  23. Maiev says:

    You’re welcome Moki! I’m glad you find stuff here resourceful! Keep me posted k?

  24. Shadowken says:

    Thanks for your info. It is useful for me.

    Btw, is it possible for me to go for puck with native skill 240? Of coz i will wear parry based equip which can gain +40 parry skill. So that i have 280 in total. My job is sam/dnc.

  25. Maiev says:

    Hello Shadowken, thanks for dropping by.

    If you could push it to 280p, then yea you could do Puck. Just that IMO your skillup don’t come as frequent, but they come in big chunks like .3. Of course you can still get those .1 skillups too :/

  26. shadowken says:

    Thanks Maiev. Currently my native skill is 257.1, I dont know if I can stay at tree til 269. It is very hard to solo in puck’s camp. I finally know what is die hard in puck’s camp lol.

    Is it possible for me to stick with T crab til 269? Is there any difference of proc rate if I boost up to 297 and stay in tree? Thanks.

  27. shadowken says:

    i mean learn rate not proc rate

  28. Maiev says:

    T crab are fine :) its just harder to find and I believe there’s only 2 pops around the top… and its quite an epic pull from time to time. but yea by all means its doable :D at least i saw skillup beyond 260.

    hope that helps :)

  29. shadowken says:

    Thanks Maiev again. I just capped my parry in Boya Tree.

    FYI. Basically, players can still got skill up with even before 265. After 265, players should focus on T crabs. For those players who has no cure bomb, players can stick with the T crabs in here.


    tomoe, parry torque, parry earring, sam af1+1 pants, boxer mantle

  30. Maiev says:

    Hay, thank you for reporting back your experience :) I’ve included your experience as a note at the end of the posts for others to see ^^; and hehe I hope you enjoy your max parrying :) cuz I did :D :D :D kicks ass when you parry a ton of stuff hehe

  31. Stonegold says:

    capped my parry in Boya Tree
    long fights with 2 Parrying Knife (T Crab ~25min lol) but 263,5 > 269 in 4,5h :D

  32. damage says:

    just cause i like the way your pics look and have seen them out and about before what system do you play on Maiev?

  33. Maiev says:


    I play on PC with Windower 3.xx

    They are just with the screenshot button. I didn’t use phtoshop back then, else I’d spend so much time editing them :D

    Sorry for the late reply!

  34. Samanoske says:

    Hello wow u did something i really want to get Done cap Parrying My is at Lvl 186 I got THF75 n RDM70
    where Can i go skill Up as a Thf or RDM to get my Parryin to 200 please Let me know i really want to do this

  35. Maiev says:

    Hello Samanoske, thanks for dropping by.

    If you have THF75 and RDM70, I’d suggest you go with RDM. Having healing ability is a luxury and also, the less you eavde (crappier evasion on RDM), the more you can parry, hence making it quicker.

    Depending on how much excitement you want, you can either do EM crabs just top of Boyahda Tree, or birdy (the pink stuff) just entrance of Sky. I find birdy much more enjoyable. You can burn an exp ring and get a few skillups :)

    Hope that helps!

  36. Samanoske says:

    ThanK u Maiev so my skill now 186 to what lvl can i stay in sky skilling up and my skill is 186 and can i solo those Birdys at lvl 70 RDM ?

  37. Dancingtail says:

    Hey Maiev, firstly congratulations on a fantastic guide.

    Heres a new situation for you to try and help with if possible, the level cap increases.

    So now the level cap is currently @ 90, and all the Pucks are EP to a lvl 90, my parrying skill is currently at 242 native, how far can i take that on EP Pucks?

    And then where and what next after that?

    Thankyou ;)

    • Maiev says:

      Hello Dancingtail.

      Thank you for your kind complement.

      In terms of parrying above 75 :o I would have no idea. I shortly stop playing after SE raised the cap. So I wouldn’t know where to go next. However, a general idea is find EM/T to skillup. EM’s are my favorite during my research as they give decent skillup, exp and not too hard to tank :P

      EP’s IMO gives low skillup (0.2 max) when it proc’s, so I wouldn’t think its worth the time. Whereas EM’s and T’s can give 0.3 and even 0.5 when the skillup does proc.

      I hope this helps ^^;

  38. Shadowken says:

    I am writing to share some information for new limit in parrying. The new limit is 354. Currently, my parry level is 310. I believe this method can allow us to cap our parry.


    tomoe, parry torque, parry earring, sam af3+2 set, boxer mantle & some AGI based ring or belt

    Abyssea – Altepa : Flux 6 BLACK MANDY x 4

    VV, Atma of the Adamantine and Stronghold

    1. zone to aby desert and flux 6
    2. pull 3-4 black mandies and fight with them (better near flux 6) and watch out
    Cactuar NM near the lake
    3. Seigan, 3rd eye, drain samba II always on
    4. remember we are here to level up parrying and not to kill
    5. 120 mins yield 2-5 levels

    I hope this can help you guys


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