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Tanked Mai LBC for 25 Robe!

Mai tanking the LBC for Mai Robe! An Unexpected LBC. Tonight was like ugh… well no events so I kinda like waited for Salvage… but when Salvage comes, I was like um… nobody was on so didn’t feel like going. Look again and Slycer/Cloud both didn’t feel like going so I was like ugh… I […]

Merit Party Screening WTF? & Schooling a Sam :D

Tazo’s Procrastinating So yesterday, Tazo had some free time after teaching naughty high-school kids.. and I was (7/10 merit buffer) not completely maxed out, so we decided to merit. She phoned me and I was like okay, I’ll get on. Tazo then added a line “get on fast, cuz this guy wants to check your […]

Random Amanomurakumo Screenshot!

Here’s some random weapon skill pictures. XD

The Greatest Journey !!!

Haha.. I was close and got so excited I didn’t even bother to update Stage 4 Damage! Bubian and I finished 2 days ago borrowing our last pieces needed. Here’s our Journey with LOTS of pictures! First I went to the Switchstix to chat …

Samurai’s 2h Damage Broken?

Current Known Issues – Amount of damage is not corrected properly when characters are equipped with two-handed weapons. I wonder what this means ‘.’