WoW: Wiped at 0.06398%

Check Out my Broken Gear!! The Effect of Guild Bank Repairs! So you see, not having too much time to play… you naturally don’t even have time to make money. So I’ve been running from 12k gold to now 4k gold, giving a few thousands to Takalo, my “instructor” LOL (yes, I have a variety […]

Blu Blu Blu Chain5 1034exp!

Maiev Soloing Heraldic Imp as Blue Mage! WHOA! I know right… wtf? I reactivated for like 10 days hahaha (waste of money!) just to buy marbles, say hi to a few tarus, burn some exp ring as well as do some admin stuff. However, I did realize my only free time is now during daytime […]

Should FFXIAH Integrate Twitter?

Twittering for FFXIAH?! Tweeting the AH Twitter is a pretty weird place. For normal people, they’d tweet while they are in washroom taking a good dump, cutting hair, finish brushing their teeth, what they ate or more normal stuff like I’m shopping at XYZ, reading YYZ and meeting up with ZZZ tonight. Anyway… well Tweeting […]

WoW: Deep inside Ulduar!

Entry to the Halls of the God in WoW! Adventuring Deep Inside Ulduar PS: This article relates my WoW Experience to well known FFXI bosses and content. Prior WoW knowledge not required for this read. =) The feeling of adventuring once flourished in FFXI, has now returned in WoW (well… for me). You know how […]

Art Contest is rly.. JP ONRY.

Caught in Surprise Cake in Progress! by P-Taru I’m pretty fucking amazed in this year’s top prize. Although some might have a different opinion and preference. But lets say at least, #1 was really #1, and there was no 3ds Grass and Ram as 2nd. #1 was kinda what SE likes to see… how I […]