Category : Exp/Merit (Solo/2box)

Blu Blu Blu Chain5 1034exp!

Maiev Soloing Heraldic Imp as Blue Mage! WHOA! I know right… wtf? I reactivated for like 10 days hahaha (waste of money!) just to buy marbles, say hi to a few tarus, burn some exp ring as well as do some admin stuff. However, I did realize my only free time is now during daytime […]

Fools Revealed & Lots More…

Happie April Fools (Check SS’s chat log LOL! Female Hunter)! Hello April Fools Well.. I’d like to say I’m sorry if I went overboard! It’s definitely one that is hard to see if it’s real or not. Knowing everyone who reads this blog knows a little or something about me…. I had to make this […]

Aquarius & Baby Samurai?

Aquarius for Parrying SKILLUPZ?! Quickie I’ve been slacking for awhile, temptations from other stuff has been keeping me from updating. One of the main reasons I don’t like updating or doing stuff on my desktop was my shitty LCD. The color accuracy displayed is so bad that I don’t wanna do stuff on it. So […]

Curse you back!! Halifirien!

Blog Entries… So I was going though my daily routine, E-mails, forums, blogs and I saw a title of a blog post… I’m like man… wut’d I do this time :'(, reading a bit more, its about a Chocobo call “StarOnion” pwning in Chocobo racing lol… You can read the lolOnion post here! Maiermel’s Adventuring […]

Taru Group Nuke! Parrying and Much More!

Enjoyin every second of a dead TaruTaru. So I’ve ding 75, starting to merit again (Finally). So far I haven’t really been seeking. Its mostly LS party but I’m up if anyone’s interested to party with a Gimped sam (without Haidate/DA earring) buttttt…. I can outparse Glimpse :) (DA earring / Haidate) Speaking of Haidate, […]