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Watch the Guild – Season 3!

ZOMG Expansion for The Guild! Video: Season 3 – Episode 1: Expansion Time Oh jeez, Felicia Day is back with more entertainment. Although this doesn’t really apply to FFXI, a lineup for expansion but… still LOL. That guild leader is quite awesome :D I need to be him! You can find Season 3, EP 2-4 […]

Date my Avatar (with lyrics) – Felicia Day

The Guild – Do You Wanna Date My Avatar I’m a big “The Guild” fan, and they recently made a somewhat.. a “MTV”? Damn… Felicia Day is so hawt >.> Again, no you don’t need to play WoW to understand this video =) Here are the lyrics for “Date my Avatar”

WoW: Wiped at 0.06398%

Check Out my Broken Gear!! The Effect of Guild Bank Repairs! So you see, not having too much time to play… you naturally don’t even have time to make money. So I’ve been running from 12k gold to now 4k gold, giving a few thousands to Takalo, my “instructor” LOL (yes, I have a variety […]

Response to JPButton Questions (for WoW)

The Blizzard Style There has been quite a big buzz for what ElmerthePointy posted on his blog. Well… although most of the answers are pretty… expected. However, I bet you would not know how would a WoW player answers the similar question :) So yea, let me present you the WoW answers of Elmer’s questions. […]

The “Salv-Dupe” like banning in WoW

This was brought up on BG Adv. Discussion for roughly an hour before it was moved. For those that’s interested, read on :) The Martin Fury Scandel An Item that’s AoE to all enemies within 30 yards! Well this is the perfect example of where it’s Blizzard’s fault, but the player got banned for it. […]