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The Star Onions Sanctuary, FFXI Music

CD Cover for The Star Onions – Sanctuary!

Gotta Love It!

I like it =) Just errr… not really a fan of CD’s these days when I prefer things in hard drives :o Good thing I’m not register on SE’s whatever community stuff, can post RapidShare stuff.

I did however, find a Rapidshare link! (On TrafficShare.)

It’s a great piece and every single piece in there is really well written. I’ll let you critique the song/music itself, but here’s how I listen to these songs (below!).

Listen Time!

I’m a very music person, in fact, I only produce videos when I have a nice piece in my mind. I’ve still got a few solo videos to make but… no good music is like no motivation XD (well not the right one is really the word for it).

When I listen to music, I dream about a lot of stuff.. and for The Star Onions, it was really the past with friends enjoying a good time.

If you are already playing WoW, listening to Distant Worlds below really brings out the good old times. The more I listen to it, the more I think about the teamwork that went to beating Omega, the coordination, the hard work that goes into beating CoP missions.

I want to invite you to listen to Distant Worlds while like browsing your own old SS.


I know Violin and Piano, can play either, anyone wanna Duet with me someday? T_T;

Another one of my favorite, was actually Mhaura. For a lot of people, Mhaura was simply a place to logout, a place to get to Aht-Urghan Whitegate. But for serious Goldsmithers (probably another 32 out there), Mhaura was a gold mine for us. I made a living out of synthesizing rocks into Rubies and Diamond. I did that for almost everyday, for 3 years. I have stacks and stacks of paper of synth results, if digitize, I’m pretty sure I’d blow the 95% confidence interval to prove the directional synthesis theory.

But then I’m not Kaeko :D

So its cool beans. So yea if you’re also a Goldsmither and spent countless hours there, Mhaura version would definitely bring you those good memories of getting a HQ Diamond to have one chance on the Omniscient Ring ^_^; That’s where I earned my Kraken Club, the real deal hard way. (Not like some RMT, rips all the AH’s Rubies or Diamonds, all Orichalcum Ingots… =_=”)

If you’re not a goldsmither, no worry. Think about your first adventure, or how you felt when you just installed ToAU and wanted to goto Whitegate. You were with this music till the boat arrives… its just a pleasing experience.

Here it is, Mhaura from Sanctuary.


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  1. Dantaro says:

    Thanks for the link!

  2. Lyali says:

    I like the Flowers on the Battlefield track the best. X3 But Xarcabard is also very good.

  3. Maiev says:


    Flowers on Battlefield is quite nice to I agree!

    Download a copy at work or something lol! Cuz I did XD so you can be a true XI geek!

  4. Daggy says:

    Buahah thanks for the recommendation <3 I will hear these while going to school * 3 *..thinking of you! *weird* LOL


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