Mai & Otak’s Christmas Card 2011 =)

Maiev's Christmas Cards FFXI/FFXIV

Christmas Card – 17 Versions

Quick Blurbs

Hello everyone =) Thanks for dropping by :) I want to track from year to year who actually gets it so even if you hehe, decided not to read the wall of text, just leave me a message/comment by teleporting right below!

Oh, Mai is also thinking of hosting a contest of drawing lovely Mai & Otak :) Details below as well.

(Please no tweet/emails :P its easier for me to pull up a post and check comment ONE YEAR FROM NOW! :D!) I looked at comments haha, of who actually got it and make sure you get one this year :D!

Btw! If you missed out on this year Mai & Otak’s errr.. April Fools, be sure to check it out LOL! The comment is super entertaining =) LOL THANKS FOR PLAYING :D :D :D!

AND, during this year, I’ve COMPLETELY tagged ALL my screenshot :P with characters, like Facebook tagging :D! You might find yourself on my screenshot/chatlog/alliance member :D!

Maiev's Christmas Cards FFXI/FFXIV

Christmas Card delivery! Mailman was mad!

Mai & Otak’s Christmas Card 2011

It’s been Mai’s 4th year doing Christmas Card to my gamer friends. I don’t even make them for my RL friends (if they don’t play games!). Gamer friends is just a lot cooler right? :) You are all a big part of who I am and :) I wanted to say even if I don’t see or ever met you before, you’re still important to Mai :)

The mailman was SO MAD delivering my cards… he had to breakout his trolleys :3 instead of putting it in his bags. He was like WTF is all these LOL :D! well 17 versions. 5 card per box.. that’s about right… lol Actually… it was delivered to Istari :D then Istari routed it back to Canada for me :D!

Here’s my previous 2. I think I skipped a year… maybe not. Somebody plz confirm xD! LOL

If you got hehe my previous one, zomg line em up for a picture and post under comment :O! They were so uniquely crafted for you that I no longer know what’s inside or outside ;; if only I can keep one for myself ;; but haha a pic would make me feel warm :D! Especially those that says THEY FRAMED IT (lol) Now that needs a PIC! *ahem Wicked/Jayashaya*

Anyway! You might get any of the 17 versions :) they come in various quantity ;) VARIOUS SIZES (like even ones that are like… 2cm high :D LOL) I just randomly select one out of the bucket :) Though I hehe, do try to personalize it =) not just Joy and Happy type stuff…. lolz. If you’ve drawn Mai a Kiriban/Commission/Gift of some sort, then I’ve sent you the one with your artwork as the front =)

This year’s Christmas Card is based on Otak’s FFXI fanbook design (she’s even got a few more of the fanbook if you wanna buy :-) ). Essentially, it’s a mini one :) But the art inside isn’t Otak’s artwork, but artwork from TONS of various artists :) All the artwork is about Mai and Otak :) spreading our Taru love throughout the Christmas =) I really love this card, its like a feature gallery, but everybody gets a paper copy of it :D!

All the Kiriban’s, commissions or gifts made after Nov 2010 was put into this year’s Christmas Card and due to limited space, I’ve made 17 versions of the Christmas Card =) With arts from artist including (alphabetical order).

Since I wasn’t able to include Blackash’ wonderful Christmas-Themed drawing in my Christmas Card, I’ve included here for everyone’s viewing pleasure =)

Dryopae, Petisu and Mai on Snow Day - FFXI Fanart

Dryopae, Petisu and Mai on Snow Day – by Blackash

You can find the details of individual art pieces here, including link to the artist =)

Art… brings me a lot of happiness. It brings me more happiness than going out buying new pairs of shoes or clothes =) That’s just how much I love them :D! Loving art for me.. is a lifestyle :3 So I thought it’d be a nice time to share Mai & Otak’s love by sharing with everyone the artwork creations from various artists!

We stopped playing FFXI but still hops on from time to time for chats and giggles. We wish FFXIV was the way it’s suppose to be but it kinda dropped the balls. Lets hope XIV 2.0 will fix everything =)

The card is on its way to various places around the Globe, from Netherlands, Australia, Japan and United States =) I sent out the furthest one first and the closer one later :)

I hope you all enjoy Mai cards =) Iffff, you also have my previous one or kept it haha, I’d love to see them lined up :D! Take a pic and posted as comments below! I’ve never made or left one for myself ;; so :( sometimes I don’t even remember what it was ;;

Mai’s Cards – DIY

Oh, if you ever wonder how Mai create those Polaroid of your artwork/pictures etc, I actually use this machine :D! The paper is around $1.50 per piece.

For the cards, Mai used Picaboo. I used some other printing companies but I found Picaboo’s UI is very nice, easy to use. I pre-edit everything in Photoshop, import it to Picaboo and bam its done. They have various promotion. There’s always a promotion. The best one I’ve seen is 40% off order + free shipping. But those are like off-periods like.. June.. when nobody needs cards lol.

The card you are getting is either 100gsm (2.49/card) or 130gsm (2.99/card). If you draw Mai something, you have the thinner one since I can do low orders like 5 copies. The thick ones are 130gsm and they are in quantities of 10 increment.

If you happen to use Picabbo =) feel free to use the referral link so I get $10 :D Even if you print a single card, I’m happy xD! You can also ask Ainiwaffles, Blackash, PriestessOfPie :) they also used Picaboo before. :D! Let me know if you do use the link =) I’ll be sure to send you back a card next year LOL D:!

Also, these cards requires oil-based pen to write on. You can use… ball pen but they look not that great. Some cards I try to be fancy and used a silver… obviously it was a fail…

Maiev's Christmas Cards FFXI/FFXIV

Mai /provoke Otak :3 – Switzerland

RL Mai and Otak

Many ask while I do address check of how’s life and love life. They are both going very well =) Otak and Mai went to Europe together and travel around Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to visit Jowah from Italy, Aaagh from Spain, Veronique from Belgium or Calaelen from Germany. We’ll try our bestest to get some FFXI nerd meetup in the future :)

We’ll probably take another Europe trip :D this time to Northern Europe. Now that we got a hang of Europe’s rail system, its easier to navigate around :) We’ve gotten a ton of Europe Exp now :D! Hopefully we’d get at least Lv37 in Europe Navigation skillz :D!

Meeting out with buddies from FFXI Fenrir

Daggy, Recheche, Mai and Aene – San Francisco

Visiting FFXI Friends

Mai also travelled to NYC to meet Tsunade, Chidorii, Special, Eleira, Sibe and Xariana =) we had a blast nerding out with other FFXI people :) In fact, we’ve gotten closer everytime. FFXI meetup are best times ever ;) I enjoy every meet up xD

Mai also went to San Francisco this year and met up with Daggy, Cheche, Aene and Keiffa. Mai also took a trip to Vancouver to meet up with Jtaru/YarlyRagnarok and Calaera.

There’s one common thing I found in every one of these meetup. We had SO SO SO SO SO much to talk about, that we NEVER had enough time to finish any of the conversation we started. The old school, the drama, BOTS!! (lol), events, HNM, gear and all the old-school LOL chat just gets more fun and… never on Earth I left these meetup with time to spare. Everyone I met was super awesome, very social able and just have endless amount of stuff to talk about :3 I enjoy every moment I had with them.

Kennen and Teemo Snuggle - LoL Fanart

Kennen and Teemo Snuggle – LoL Fanart by Rinielenika

Current Games!

With smaller and smaller free time available, I’ve started playing League of Legends =) (haha I gifted everyone I know in FFXI who plays League of Legends… some riot points card!). I’m also in the Diablo 3 Beta and plays Skyrim. It’s quite a lot on my plate but these are the games I currently play :) Go find me there :D!

Battle.Net Diablo 3 Real ID Account: maiev at StarOnionDotCom / BattleTag: Maiev
League of Legends (LoL) Summoner ID: Maiev
Zelda Skyward Sword on Wii *lol I just finished Twilight Princess*
Occasional Team Fortress 2 (Steam: maievfenrir)
Simcity 3000 Unlimited (lol)

If you hehe, really wanna play d3, give me a shout and hehe maybe we could work something out :)

No, I don’t play Microsoft Flight Simulators!

I’m new to this LoL thing so… no where a Pro, still learning =) So come and play :D! The picture you see on the right was drawn by Rinielenika from Fenrir. They look like Taru’s but they are call Yordle in League of Legends (LoL). Rinielenika, Mai and Tazo is a huge fan of Yordles :D!

League of Legends is really noob-friendly, and you play with people that’s equivalent to your level :)_ If you play with Mai, drop me a line :)

If you don’t have an account :) Use this referral link. I could see your progress, level and accounts ;) (and maybe, even get $10 Riot points card! I send everyone I know who plays LoL a $10 Riot Points card this year!)

[Signup for League of Legends.]

Connecting with Mai

With I dunno what I’m doing it with my gaming life :x I dunno how to keep in touch with all you awesome people. So all I can say is follow Mai twitter xD! No worries if you don’t have twitter :) can always add me on aim: maievfenrir or email me maiev @ [mydomain].

I hope to stay in touch with everyone of you =) I miss you all :3

If you wish to return a card etc and need my address. Again, leave a message below and I’ll email you my address. You can also find my return address behind the envelope that came with the card. =) Except the cards that I wrote for YOUR kids :P since my return address on the cards that I wrote for your kids is…

Santa Claus
North Pole
H0H 0H0

…. which doesn’t really goto me… LOL so yea in that case, leave me a comment and I’ll reply with addy :)

OR…if you want to be hehe, cheap :D you can take my envelope, cross out my address infront as if it was mis-delivered and it’d bounce back to me LOL.. ok, you did not hear this one from me :D

Maiev's Christmas Cards FFXI/FFXIV

Shayx’ Christmas Card

Mai and Otak’s Artwork Contest

So Mai is thinking of.. meh, its getting more rare and rare to see Final Fantasy XI artwork :3 of Tarus. So I thought maybe I can throw out a contest :) just draw Mai and Otak in any way or form and I could perhaps do something like this.

5 Entries or more to have this contest and…

5 Entries + : Winner gets a $50 usd prepaid gift card + a 16×20 print of their winning artwork, sent to their home =)
If entries passes 15: Winner gets $80 prepaid gift card + 16×20 print of their artwork. Runner up gets $50. I thought about offering commissions, but with gift cards, you can buy whatever commission you like or fuel more art supplies.

And entries would be used to create a 12 month calendar =) for 2013 LOL (yes, Mai is thinking that far)!

Regardless, a random contestant will be drawn out of a hat and get a 3 month DA sub.

Lemme know if anyone would be interested =) I’ll then iron out the details and post it on DA. If you leave a comment, I’d have your email so I’ll email you the details =)

[Self Note]: People that received their cards in 2011: Shaya, keiffa

80 Responses to “Mai & Otak’s Christmas Card 2011 =)”

  1. Carriebabe 。・:*:・° wickedgirl °・:*:・。 says:

    Aww… 。・:*:・° Thanks for the card Mai 。・:*:・°☆ 〜(ゝ。∂)It’s just absolutely adorable, I love it (´ε` )* Sooo Cutee o(・`ω´・)○

    • Maiev says:

      Thanks Carrie for dropping a comment! You’re the first to receive it :D!

      Comments hehe like urs keeps me doing it every year :D! Even if it means breaking an arm and a leg LOL D:!

  2. aene says:

    thank you for the card mai!! it really made me happy when i saw it!

  3. Xariana says:

    Wow, love the card! It is so cute/personalized/awesome/adorable! I don’t know how you have time to do all the amazing stuff you do, but…you do! You’re so super thoughtful, you’re my hero!

    Hope you have wonderful holidays and hope to see you in 2012!

    psst – Jessie says she misses you, too!

    • Maiev says:

      Glad you liked it Xari Cat =)

      Mai will always find time to write to people that matters in my life xD!

      I think next time I should just haha, give you 1hr notice then I’d be in NYC hahaha :D!

      Wish you a happy holidays too =)

  4. Santokie/JuMee/Sunny says:

    Your card is OMG Beautiful! Thank you very very much Mai♥ Your card always reminds me that its a holiday! :) always the first card to receive! Oh and dont worrry about exploring :3 when we get diablo ~ we shall explore again together. we will meet again. Happy Holidays Jeff ♥

    December, 2011

  5. \>(^ )/… g’)(,, ,,)~

    You are one crazy taru! Thank you so much for the card! I can only imagine how long it took to put all this together with your silver fail pen :o. The next time I see you I’m going to have to dig into my mog safe and throw pies at you~!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    ” . ” master

    You better come to NYC (or I’ll come to Canada) next year!

    • Maiev says:

      Well, if I can camp Argus, I think doing Christmas Card isn’t too bad =) I’ll be waiting for your pies :D!

      Thanks special for dropping by leavin a love note <3

  6. neosorcerer says:

    I received your card! It’s really awesome and the most colourful card I’ve ever seen. Not much room to draw on it though, I guess I’ll have to use the envelope!

    Thanks and have a great holiday and happy new year!

    • Maiev says:

      I’ll be looking forward in meeting you AND the envelope LOL with the latest greatest neosorcerer artwork =)

      Love your work! Keep drawing and thanks for dropping by leaving a love note =)

  7. Sibe says:

    Mai and Otak
    We love your card. Its so +1. My family and I love it very much. My wife ask how can she top that lol.

    Guys love receiving these xmas cards hope to stay away from Mai’s naughty list lol so they keep on coming every year.

    If you guys come down to NYC let me know so i can treat you guys out for dinner.

    Happy Holiday and a very joyful but safe New Year.

    Mai and Sibe Bromance since 2007 (i think i got the year right ) lol

    • Maiev says:

      Haha, when your kids gets older, I can be your secret Santa and write to your kids :P I wrote two like this this year hahaha :D!

      Thanks for your $200 steak. I’ll be sure to bring my girlfriend Otak along to double the value =)

      Yes <3 2007 Oct is when DuckHUNT was created =) you are right :)

  8. Ely says:

    Thanks Mai! I love the card, the pics are so cute. Makes me miss DH so much!! Happy Christmas and New Year. :)

  9. ClassicRed says:

    Thanks for the card :)! Thats 3! Will have to send you a picture once I have my computer room setup (just moved/still unpacking)!

    Merry Ho Ho Mai and Otak! :D I have tons of rubys to sell in Terraria!

    See I can read! Just difficult to visit here on my ipod!

  10. yarly says:

    I just got the card this morning. I love the art! Maybe I can find someone to enter the contest. Will Lalafell art work??? She only plays FF14!

  11. Calaera says:

    :3 As you know, I got the card the other day. I was really happy and touched to get it, especially seeing the picture of us together in Seattle. I know it was just a day, but I miss you and the other Jeff! ;3 You two were really cool, and fun to listen/talk to.

    And don’t let my secret out! ;o; I still have a rep to uphold! It wouldn’t do if people actually knew the truth of things! ^^;

  12. Kyarutaru says:

    Yay Thanks Maiev! Got it today and it’s super cute! ;-; I’ve done a ton of small FFXI doodles over the past few years but nothing new colored or able to share :x lol I’m still playing FFXI though with Clave! and I occasionally update my blog :D I just suck at updating.

  13. Wibble says:

    Harro~ XD

    Found a fellow tarutaru site!

    I saw the site and send you invite in LoL!

    LoL: Wibbletaru
    FFXI: Wibble (Valefor)

  14. aene says:

    LOL i got the second card

    • Maiev says:

      TOO SPECIAL! Gets 2 card via 2 separate occasion :D!

      LOL! I wanted to send the US one out first, figure I can’t forget urs, only to find out I also custom made you one!

      If you lost your card, well here’s the backup one.. went to Aene LOL :D!

  15. Calaelen says:

    Thank you Jeffrey for this lovely xmas card!
    My kids were impressed to get a letter from Santa: “He is living in Canada????” <3

    • Maiev says:

      Thanks for being awesome Calaelen :D!

      Hope your kids had a laugh out of all that xD! LOLZ :D! Thanks for dorpping by ;)

  16. Petisu says:

    @aaaghie Just got home from work and received an xmas package from @Maiev and @Karla , and another from Blackash! So happy!!! *^^*

    • Maiev says:

      Thanks Petisu for being awesome to mai & otak :D! We love your christmas gift too :D! very sweet and full of love :D!

  17. Daggy says:

    @daggyink Hehe ty for the card maimaipoops hehe its hanginf on the wall among other pics n cards you gave me hee

  18. Shiyu-Chan says:

    Just got Mai and Karla’s awesome Christmas card in the mail. Thank you so much, you two! (2010’s card is on the left! Excuse the nasty old tablet, lol)

    The cards are gorgeous, and it’s so wonderful seeing everyone’s art on the inside too! I wish I could make you guys such a cool card. Hope you two have a merry Christmas and happy new year as well! <3

    • Maiev says:

      Thanks Shiyu :D! for that awesome commish :D! and being an awesome friend xD! and yes everyone’s art was so awesome, I wish I can feature all ;;

  19. Blackash says:

    I got your card, it was so cute! Thank you for that as well..

    Merry Christmas!

  20. Mirae / Kim says:

    Maimaipoops! :D I got yours too, saw it today ^^ It’s so epicly made, am never throwing it away ‘3’ Next year I will send some cookies to go along with it! ♥ thanks for the epic card roffle it’s awesome :)

    • Maiev says:

      Hay Mirae,

      Good old blog days :D! but hehe glad we still keep in contact :D! I’ll be waiting for your cookies :D! and I love your card too! THanks for sending back the love :D!

  21. I received a lovely Chrsitmas card in the mail from Majeev. Over the summer I had held a kiriban and he caught it and I drew him a picture. This one to be exact…

    Well, he offered to send me a Christmas card just to say thanks. It surprised me when I got the card, for on the front was the very art I did for him. It’s such a lovely card too filled with other wonderful art he’s received from other artist’s here on dA. So, I wanna thank you Maj, for the great card. ^^ Keep in touch~

    • Maiev says:

      Thanks Mireille for the Kiriban :) Since Mai can’t draw, I thought the best is to return a haha… a real life art feature of everyone’s artwork with your artwork as cover too for a few of my friends’ xmas card :)

      Thanks for hosting that Kiriban :D!

  22. Sorasha says:

    I received the lovliest christmas card from you the other day, the card was so beautiful featuring so many artists pieces! So much color and beauty all in one card with wonderfully written words! Thank you so much Mai and Otak! Love you both very much! Expect something small in the mail to return the love! :) <3

    • Maiev says:

      Thanks sora for just being an awesome friend to both Mai and Otak :) we both enjoy having sora around :) We’ll be hehe have surprises too :D! Stay tuned :D!

  23. Leon says:

    oh my gosh, mai i didn’t expect a card so later after xmas but better late than never right! toronto > uk so far w and it was not marked w

    very thoughtful of you and thoroughly appreciated! <3333

    hope you had a great xmas!

  24. Shayx/Lilyana says:

    Got the card the other day! We <3 it. Makes me miss all the old DH days and the awesome vent convos. Totally wish we could have recorded you and your 50 DKP minus remake. Always made me LOL. Anthony/Drguinness says hi. I've quit XI (again) but my son does like it so may go back when I have more time ;) Work/RL have been far too busy to play hardly any games at all. Anyways, love the card (have mai card from last year still too!) and glad to hear you and Otak are well!

    • Maiev says:

      Thanks Shayx :D! DH days was just comedy gold. We win and die together ROFL.. so many lame and awesome win’s :D! 50 DKP MINUS joke is so rofl :D!

      I still kept the website :O!

      It’s ok, gotta have RL to have a VIrtual Life :D I hope all goes well :D! and stay in touch :D!

  25. MirroredSky says:


    I just got back to school from vacation and got your X-mas card. Wanted to say thanks so much! The card is REALLY cool. Hope you had a wonderful holiday and wish you both all the best in the new year!


  26. Rin says:

    MAI I KEPT TRYING TO LEAVE YOU A MESSAGE I LOVE THE CARD! I Got it a while ago, but no message would go through! I forgot about the blog though, Im sorry! I LOVE YOU BRO! Thank you and Karla SO MUCH for the card <33333

    you guys are the best ever ; ;

  27. Fireal/FiFi says:

    Was out of town, just got your card today. Was so nice and thoughtful :D Thanks Mai! Happy New Year!!


  28. Eiffelart says:

    @Maiev I did!!! It’s part of the centrepiece on my coffee table (: LOVE how it came out.

  29. Got a christmas card from @Maiev. If that’s not internet love I dunno what is.

  30. Scragg says:

    @Maiev thanks for the xmas card, it is amazing.

  31. Mitski says:

    Thank you very much for the card. Peyton was so excited about it. She told everyone that she got a card from Santa.

  32. I receiving the wonderful card from Mai and Otak. For now it’s decorating my desk! :)

  33. x4leafx says:

    @Maiev Maiev!!!! I got your christmas card! I was so happy when I got it in the mail, you have no idea how much it made my day.

  34. Asanna says:

    This card was adorable so sad last years was lost in the mail. Much love, Asanna/Chocobo

  35. AAAGH says:

    Mai, I loved the card and the gift. I’m waiting to make a whole post about it when the blog is open because deserves to be shown. It’s hanging now in my wall. It’s adorable and I’m very thankful for it.

    I’d love to join the contest when there’s more info about deadline and theme. All I got was DRAW TARUS FOR 2013 CALENDAR! My english is baaaaaadddddd.

    Much love!

  36. Got your awesome card btw! TY so much <3

  37. Recheche says:

    mai! I got the card! Thanks!

  38. Yuukino says:

    Mai!!! I did get your card! Way to go all out! It looked amazing~ You and your girlfriend looked so cute together.

    Hope things are going well for you. Happy New Year!

  39. Andromedia says:

    Hey u, just want to thank you for the Xmas card
    thank you, and happy lunar new year!

  40. Wicked says:

    Ya know, I really suck at this whole being a friend thing, but I do try and I do think about it. Blah!, once again I loved your card and if it wasn’t for moving again, it would have been placed on the shelf I would have built and hung along with my other gamer stuff. Everything has been in boxes since the year began and we’re actually moving again next summer so I won’t even bother taking anything out lol.

    Thank you Mai, you’ve been a better friend than I deserve and I loved your piece on the closing of FFXIVBlog, even if I wasn’t mentioned :p

    Maybe one day we’ll game again

    League of Legends – Professor Wicked
    Raptr – Wicked Zero

    Drop me a line anytime, oh and I now write for an anime/manga site ^^ yay


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