Category : Maiev RDM the Soloist

Random Ix�Mnk Solo�(Lv75)

Unprepared Ix’Mnk Solo… Seriously, I didn’t even thought about soloing it at all… I was just fighting my way around, got an HQ Aern Organ. Eventually I was near 2nd floor and was about to warp for Salvage. I was curious if the ??? was there and surprisingly, it was there so I asked Istari… […]

Rocked out Bugbear! (Lv75)

Ran in normally prepared. Rocked this guy out… & here’s the video of course :) A few things I know from this fight. He hits hard, nearly 300 per hit, not as bad as Fenrir… He had a ton more HP than Fenrir Sleepable Gravity and Bind start resisting later… So to fight this, I’ve […]

Parrying my Samurai up to 75!

New Category… Call Baby Samurai~ Just to keep everything related to my Samurai progress in ‘-‘. I think my next goal is to cap Parrying Skill. I really see that not being impossible, but takes ages. Its kinda like Goldsmithing but if you have the heart to do something, you’d get it :) So to […]

Soloed Khimaira 13, Salvage and Kirin!

Khimaira 13 / Genbu Yup, nuffin to do so I put together my Khimaira 13 vids along with some fun a few of us had with Genbu ^^; We don’t bring an army to sky ‘-‘ So here it is ^^; The Khimaira 13 (ToAU mission fight) was rather easy. No preparation required. I just […]

Maiev’s RDM Solo-ed Fenrir Prime (Lv75)

Note: Added this after, but this is way before Tier2 merits, as well as no access to composure. So tactics described below are rather outdated! Adjust as needed Maiev soloing Fenrir Prime as Red Mage Lv75 / Absolute Virtue! The Moonlit Path, Fenrir Prime. This BC is the 30 minutes BC where defeating Fenrir Prime […]