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I’m Still Alive!

I’ve been missing in FFXI for almost 2 months now! Been busy with life and stuff. Right now I’m slowly trying to fit some time back to the game. Wings of the Goddess – I barely played much of the expansion. Looks boring so far. The last big update – RNG got boosted so much!  […]

Random Amanomurakumo Screenshot!

Here’s some random weapon skill pictures. XD

The Greatest Journey !!!

Haha.. I was close and got so excited I didn’t even bother to update Stage 4 Damage! Bubian and I finished 2 days ago borrowing our last pieces needed. Here’s our Journey with LOTS of pictures! First I went to the Switchstix to chat …

Dynamis Lord! Now with Grips!

Last night was FryPan’s 200th Dynamis run! We did Dynamis-Xarcabard and was a Dynmais Lord Run. After the update it’s time to see how much I could do on him now, so I bought a Red Curry for 56k !!! Ripped off, but oh well here are some screen shots! We SAM can do so […]

Eternal Mercenary

Finally finished my Treasures of Aht Urhgan Missions! And of course I chose this Ring .. and came with this