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Blizz Con Arena Tournament

selective queuers vs Concil of Mages(CoM) Blizz Con Tournament Since the Wraith of the Lich King (WoW Expansion) will be out in less than a month, Blizzard is concluding this expansion with a cash-prize Arena Tournament! So far its been very interesting to watch. As always, strategy, mind reading and player skill all plays a […]

Arena Rank 1971, Nashira Hands!

Arena Ranking: 1971!! New High Arena Ranks :) This was my last week’s highest ranking :/ It dropped though, but it was nice to see that I can reach world ranking :o. With a 80% winning ratio, I got a whooping 800 Arena points :) An average player gets around 300… so woot :) Kinda […]

1700+ Rating & Arena Strats~

Arena Ranking: 1721 I’m so glad to reach this high in Arena PvP, its really a milestone – felt like I’ve actually accomplished something. Anyway, this is a little um… experience that I’ve gained through PvPing in a controlled environment and equivalent equipment. It utilize a bit of psychology and going against rival’s play habits. […]

Fenrir’s Kraken Club +1 + WoW PvP Talk

Gratz to Tsunade / Chidorii Kclub! A Kraken Club dropped! Yay more Kclub friends! Today’s post going to be.. about Mai friends too – Tsunade! After numerous tries, he finally got his Kclub from his Kclub BC! Took the Tsunade brothers (Chidorii) 25 tries to get em, which is um… roughly 1,500 Beastmen Seals =P […]

WoW’s Arena PvP in FF Language

Season 3 of Arena Majeev’s new Title! Challenger! Arena Season 2 in World of Warcraft just ended a week ago. When a tournament ends in Warcraft II or Starcraft, prizes are given to the top players and the ladder resets again! Apparently, my prize was a new title O.o in World of Warcraft. If you’re […]