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Duckies’ LS Promotional Video

Spare Time =) DuckHUNT Linkshell of Fenrir – Promotional Video! Instead of playing WoW, FFXI or anything else, I’ve decided to use my spare time to do something productive – make a linkshell promotional video. Well the Mai on Fenrir is actually unsubscribed/not paid for so I just only had old materials to make something […]

WIP: LS Website v3 and misc…

DuckHUNT’s Website, Fenrir DuckHUNT Website v3 I think this is what I enjoy =) Creating things :D Well… with my amateur coding skills, I.. err pulled out something like this :D On the right was just me showcase-ing the website to my friends when they were over at my workplace. Obviously it needed some work, […]

Bubian’s RL Wedding

Bubian’s RL Wedding I’m so drunk but at the same time I wanna share the awesome experience that I just had tonight! Bubian (yes, a player from Fenrir server, FFXI), invited me to his wedding (RL Wedding). It was so awesome haha. I apologize for horrible grammar… because I can’t really / don’t want to […]

Taking a “real” break from XI

So tired of hunting people. Finally Being the person standing behind a linkshell isn’t an easy task at all. At all times, I feel like I need to be there to ensure things work (even though I’m not leading/running it). That process is so tiresome. When I quit my HNMLS, one prime reason was I […]

Back from Orlando – LS Vacation!

One of my Email Headers DuckHUNT Vacation Our LS Vacation went very well. There was a total of 5+2 that went to Disney World (Would have been 5+3 if Jayashaya’s fail face didn’t suddenly call and say I can’t go…). It was a real blast. We went to Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, […]