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Duckies’ LS Promotional Video

Spare Time =) DuckHUNT Linkshell of Fenrir – Promotional Video! Instead of playing WoW, FFXI or anything else, I’ve decided to use my spare time to do something productive – make a linkshell promotional video. Well the Mai on Fenrir is actually unsubscribed/not paid for so I just only had old materials to make something […]

Welcome to Midgard…

Maiev now @ Midgard Server Maiev is gone… I’m afraid no one would believe me, but before you EMO at me, please finish reading it first. For so many times in the past 6 months, I wanted to quit FFXI. Its been tough… I try numerous method, such as playing WoW to lower my FFXI […]

Latest Kirin Zerg!

Duckies’ Kirin Zerg Duckies’ Kirin Zerg Its been quite awhile since we’ve done a Kirin Zerg.. so here it is… Our setup is getting crappier and crappier :D Before we’d have 2 Kclubs and 2 Relics, now we only have 1 kClub and no relics… We have more Kclub available than … Dark Knights lol… […]

Random Ix�Mnk Solo�(Lv75)

Unprepared Ix’Mnk Solo… Seriously, I didn’t even thought about soloing it at all… I was just fighting my way around, got an HQ Aern Organ. Eventually I was near 2nd floor and was about to warp for Salvage. I was curious if the ??? was there and surprisingly, it was there so I asked Istari… […]

Ballista for LS leader is… bad news… (Video)

DuckHUNT Ballista Like the title says… scheduling a PvP is fun, but not too fun as the LS leader ^^ everyone on Earth wanna kill you to get “Killshot” Screenshot T_T I’m pretty sure everyone had the screenshot of “Maiev was defeated by -fill in duckies here-” but lol, its all for the fun! This […]