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A Square of Cashmere Cloth was lost =(

Mai’s First Broken Manteel Synthesis ‘~” Yep… like the title says… I broke “my own” Manteel synth ‘.’. Well I was trying to HQ one for Tazo~ Its ok though :( I love Tazo too much, that it didn’t really hurt since it was really for her. Its just err… she’s always been there for […]

Maiev’s Getting Rich Tonight! ROFLCOPTER!

Your Goby Bag! As much as I hate the patch cuz it was pure junk, I don’t hate Goldsmithing. I originally saved those for Tazo’s Heavens earring ^^; But someone was selling the sign so I bought it back. This screenshot was Inventory check a few months ago, so it might not be what I […]

Etain’s Manteel and more Parrying Skillupz!

Etain and her Sha’ir Manteel I think that’s got to be pretty big news! Etain wanted a Manteel for the longest time! I guess her LS made her dream come true ^^ I woke up, Vryali wanted me to synth a Manteel, I randomly ask who it was for, he said it was for Etain. […]

Istari’s Love along with a GuessWho Merge!

Istari’s Love along with a GuessWho Merge!

Merging Hearts The screenshot says it all… bard stalker x_x that goes to the extreme. I was afking @ Whitegate and ugh… afking unattended could be a bad thing… you’d understand why by watching the video below… btw its my 1st time wearing such girly clothes… just to spite Istari :o! but I took it […]

Mai the Drama Queen, lolDaede

Mai the Drama Queen, lolDaede

Welcome to the world of Alzahbi as Home Point! Finish some jobs in Jeuno, warp to Alzahbi, a besiege… walked beside a sappers.. next thing…You know you love sappers =P I play a sapper in Dota too, I go around suicide myself for huge damage w! I sometime think, I’d hate to play myself (meaning […]

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