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Rukenshin was defeated by Mikichan.

Rukenshin was defeated by Mikichan.

He is soft >.>b

Death from above to Rukenshin

I’m still alive … somehow, but I haven’t had any time to play FFXI yet XD soon though, I hope I will be back. I still have to MPK Rukenshin, and watch WHM Demepane swinging her Bravura. Soon!

Rukenshin’s disease.

I’m not dead yet! But, I’m seriously affected by Rukenshin’s disease; Just kidding XD I have been so busy lately with exams and other stuffs that I haven’t been able to find myself some good time to do enough events for regular blog update. I will soon (hopefully) be able to write often again! For […]


Oh my god, I finally got hold of this anime! Finally! If you don’t know about Clannad, this link may give you some ideas (don’t read too far though! a lot of spoilers there!). It took almost 3 years for this amazing novel to be turned into an anime, and I have absolutely no complaint […]

Wake me up when September ends!

The last week was a pretty good week for me! I got my exams results for the pre-sessional course for my Master study, and it turned out that I did pretty well :D (in top 10 or so, I can’t remember XD), so that means I will be less worried about the course itself, which […]