Cleaning Tonberry Hate…

Quote: the guy wants 6k to erase my tonberry hate… there’s no way i’m paying that!! exhibit A: this happened while attempting to get a thief’s knife pop for kylex, yes, after homepointing and running back to the temple, i paid the 6k. Grats on your knife kylex! all in all we had to farm […]

Elysia’s Spring Cleaning!

first things first^^ spring cleaning! i had a lot of spaces being taken up by gear i never need or use, there was more i could have thrown out, but some things i just can’t bring myself to part with. i mean, theres some things you just can’t get back again. i might not ever […]

New Banner from HK!

Check out the hot new banner!! *points up* HK made that! It’s pretty win right?!^^ he makes me look way more bad ass then i really am

Sexy Results!!

Don’t ask about the title… i’m still giggling… I think i forgot to mention in my last post (and how it could have slipped my mind is a mystery to me) but i lost my argus ToD while i was up in sky one night. I almost wept when i realized what had happened, i […]

paranoia, paranoia, everybody’s coming to get me

maybe not the everybody coming to get me, but i’m definitely one paranoid little girl sometimes… why do you think that is? This stupid thing just ate my whole post, so now i have to start all over lol *angry face* Luckily i happen to have my own personal dj right now^^ so all this […]