New Years Wishes and Goals for Sakurakun!

After playing WHM for almost 2 years I still feel my whm is incomplete. there’s several things i still want for my whm: Weapons the templar mace is pretty good in conjunction with the numinous shield. but i probably wont get the templar mace until i can get some time to get hellknight to craft […]

WoW NPC named after Cancer Victim

This NPC is actually a Victim of Cancer IRL. Aldor NPC I was clicking around Scragg’s alliance character and saw this random NPC. I was wondering what the hell he’s doing since.. most NPC don’t have pets and… the name didn’t sound so WoW. I checked and this dude is actually a player who died […]

1700+ Rating & Arena Strats~

Arena Ranking: 1721 I’m so glad to reach this high in Arena PvP, its really a milestone – felt like I’ve actually accomplished something. Anyway, this is a little um… experience that I’ve gained through PvPing in a controlled environment and equivalent equipment. It utilize a bit of psychology and going against rival’s play habits. […]

Taru Binders!

TaruTaru Binders Random Creation Was packing for my move (in ~ 5days), saw like years of school work lying around … in a big pile of paper so I was like.. fuk it lets get organize. If I just toss it in a box, I know I’ll never go back to them again for sure.. […]

Its Cloudstah’s Birthday today!

Cloudstah’s Bday card. (Click for large version) I know… like 99% of the people who reads this doesn’t know him… but he’s our almighty Salvage co-leader! He… leads our Salvage runs! He’s also a cool guy during non-salvage hours. To me, Cloud’s only got one thing in mind, Salvage! So I made him a little […]