Cleaning Tonberry Hate…

Quote: the guy wants 6k to erase my tonberry hate… there’s no way i’m paying that!!

exhibit A:
Tonberry Hate too much, FFXI

this happened while attempting to get a thief’s knife pop for kylex, yes, after homepointing and running back to the temple, i paid the 6k. Grats on your knife kylex! all in all we had to farm for a lot less time for kyle’s then we did for mine right after the update, when every persuer was camped like an nm. and i’m sure me dying only made the whole thing better for him ^^

There honestly isn’t all that much going on, this probably won’t be much of a post… i’ll start with limbus last night. we didn’t get to do my favourite zone because another ls was in it. that happens to us on that zone a lot (i forget what direction, the one with the turtle/faffy/behemoth) so we had to alter our zone which made me sad at first. but i geared up rng and off we went too… i forget the direction, the one where every floor has an immunity.. so the first floor is the clots, immune to blunt but:

they must take like, 3x or 4x piercing damage or something! that was /nin, dual axes, no food, velocity shot and flashy shot. still i freaked out and yes i showed everyone this screenshot but seriously it made me happy so shush!^^ then on the weapon floor (immune to magic)

Elysia, Evil Armory 2k Damage, Ranger, FFXI

i felt so tough XD but just so that i didn’t feel too good about myself… on the floor where the immunity is piercing, i was meleeing with my axes…

Grave Digger and Elysia, FFXI Fenrir

haha oh well, i wasn’t really expecting to need to melee that way, so i don’t feel too bad^^;

in limbus i finally saved up enough coins for my brutal earring, which made me very happy, i’m starting to not feel gimp on my thf anymore… as long as you don’t ask about ws gear, so now i have to save up for my af +1s and omega gear (lol yeah right). i guess i’ll do thf hand upgrade first, unless i get my second blm side soon. the problem is i can’t afford to take another af set out of storage (blm is out from upgrading hat) i don’t have enough room, and i can’t quest the blm back up until i get the body upgraded! i can do thf hands because i dropped all that af a long time ago, except for shoes (long story). so i can just toss it back out again as i get it, because i’m not questing it twice. then i can worry about double rng, double rdm, smn (when my smn gets that high) …sigh.

i’ve been leveling dnc pretty consistantly it’s up to 35! drain samba 2 and erase dance! i bought my pcc….. argus can diaf >.> the problem of course being that this has significantly halted my goldsmithing… i got it to 50 really fast considering… now its losing money on gold ingots which are like 220k a stack… but i digress. i’m having fun with dnc i did some expirements with chr and the healing and didnt find it to make much of a difference at all, so i haven’t bought any chr gear for macroing yet. i’m trying to gear dancer the best i can while thinking about other stuff i’d really like to buy.. (dragon harness, sorcerer’s ring ; ;) and i’ve done pretty well, the problem is that dancer doesn’t really have a lot to choose from, so i’m doing the best i can with my options.. for example i bought new daggers for 34 and don’t get an upgrade on them until i think, 46.

while i’m leveling my dnc i’ve been pling hk sometimes as he levels his monk. i only mention this so i can post this picture:

Elysia and Hellknight, FFXI Fenrir

i thought that screenshot looked neat and i tried to tie it in but my segway there failed pretty hard, oh well. also… those worms freak me out…

our static has been going along really well when we get to do it… smn is almost 65 now, i can’t wait for 71 and my yinyang robe!! we actually make pretty quick xp and my summoning skill is failing a bit, being about 10 levels under the cap, i tried to stay up last night and skill it, but after four trips through my mp pool and one .03 skill up i gave that up as a lost cause. other things i’ve been skilling up (tho useless)include staff! (much cleaner lead in that time)

Elysia Skilling Up, Boyahda Tree, FFXI Fenrir

i don’t really have a point to leveling up staff… if i didn’t quest the archery and marksmanship weaponskills, i certainly won’t quest the staff one but i guess i’m only really doing it if someone else is already going to skill up, i’m not actually making an effort to skill it. and i guess i really should get the archery and marksmanship weaponskills shouldn’t i? :(

been feeling helpful lately and helped muninn get some blu spells, fighting the hippogriffs in grauberg, the flesh in garlaige and the clusters in mount z.

Sweeping Cluster, FFXI Fenrir

refueling was a real pain in our butts to learn, we had to go back out a second time when he didn’t learn it on our first trip out. i didn’t mind going back though, it’s a pretty important spell for blu i hear XD

we also started getting muninn his promys, starting with dem last night!

Promyvion FFXI Fenrir, Elysia

it went easily enough with three smn using astral flow.. and we even did the enm, which i’d never tried before

Promyvion FFXI, Fenrir Elysia

of course we didn’t get anything for it but it was still cool to try.

i guess that’s really it that’s been going on lately… oh! i got to go see jol with hk’s ls again, and i totally didn’t screw up and heal it! go me, i’m awesome! they got a full drop for the second time in a row…. i’m pretty sure other ls’s must want to kill them. but grats to them anyways^^ still waiting for my rdm body so i can move up to smn af… or maybe blm… i can’t decide but it seems to me i stand to benefit more from smn since i have a refresh peice for blm already as well as an elite beret +1 so.. yeah.. hmmm…

Dynamis Xarcabard, FFXI Fenrir Elysia

there’s a ss from our last xarc… one af drop… wtf is that about?

i need to find more dat swaps to make ely look cool, but i haven’t come across anything good lately… i’ll have to search harder…

HK and Elysia, FFXI Fenrir

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