WHM AF2 Body Yay!

WHM AF2 Body Yay!

OMG… Cleric’s Briault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally got it woot!! after 1 1/2 years of dynamis-ing and over three dynamis shells @[email protected] . i feel so complete as a whm now =) last thing two things i’m after in dynamis are: whm and bst belts @[email protected] (both dynamis qufim) . if i ever do complete both, idk what […]

Breakfast Topic: What’s your Favorite NM?

Ducks’ Ultima Mines Ultima :3 Its not that I really hate the other NM’s, but this one is kinda hard when you do it with… a big group. There’s plenty of coordination required and… melees just gotta know when to stop dps when its going crazy to TP moves. The fight isn’t really hard itself, […]

Dancing Talus!

Wow, tarutarus in motion!!! so that’s what i’ll look like dancing lol =P …may not want to watch to the end of the clip @[email protected];; {barf}

Tawu-Waru Love [Daggy]

Draft of TaruWaru Last weekend… I kinda spent my weekend in Toronto with Tazo xD! Did pretty fun things, I’ll elaborate on that later… so when I came back (after like a 3 day trip), Daggy despritely sent me a link, thinking its just some funny stuff but it ended up a drawing of… me […]

Auction House Blunders @[email protected]

Auction House Blunders @_@

I’m sure everyone had an “auction house blunder” once a while….where we accidentally over bid for an item simple because we got careless and wasnt paying enough attention. Here’s one that i found when i was buy silk thread. poor yoha…. buying single silk threads for 10.3k each…..i think they were trying to buy a […]