Elysia’s Spring Cleaning!

first things first^^ spring cleaning!

Elysia's Spring Cleaning

i had a lot of spaces being taken up by gear i never need or use, there was more i could have thrown out, but some things i just can’t bring myself to part with. i mean, theres some things you just can’t get back again. i might not ever use a bibiki seashell or a garuda’s dagger, but i’m not ready to say that i can just drop them either. the only thing i’m still unsure of is my heartsnatcher…. i never use it but i did all that work to break it… hmmmm i don’t know…

So let’s see what’s new… actually not alot, it’s been pretty uneventful lately. One thing, blu’s done!! i got it all the way up to 37 just duoing with another friend on blu… he plans to take it further, but i stopped at 37. no i won’t use it as a sub but you know >.> i couldn’t just leave it at 14 looking all out of place on my job list! it was actually really fun, we did way better duoing then a party at that level could do, and it was alot more fun!

Muninn and Elysia At Yhotar Mandragora, FFXI Fenrir

So the new job begins, because we know i can’t not be leveling something, i love leveling way too much for that!

so i started leveling dnc! i look so cute dancing around i love it!! i’ve been soloing it so far, i want to solo it to 20 and just skip the dunes, i got it to 18 tonight, but i was trying to xp in the wotg areas and that turned out to be pretty fail. ‘lets mix in all the dc mobs with mobs that are IT and so IT that they’re able to one shot you easily if you aggro one by mistake!’ i died like four times but thanks to muni and the pixies i got raises, cures, and level 18! i’m really enjoying it, and plan to take it past 37 i don’t know, maybe its just because i’m a girl but i love it ^^

so at the risk of embarrassing him greatly *evil giggle* it was just valentine’s day… so hk and i did the event that day!

i got a little chocolate that had his name on it and it was fun to run around and do the event together even tho we really messed it up the first time because we weren’t sure what the deal with it was… i just assumed that if they expect you to do it in pairs, the girls would ask me for certain boys, and the boys would ask hk for the same kinds of girls…. but apparently it doesn’t work like that, but we managed to figure it out eventually^^<3

silly people should know that they can’t kill ely!! rawr!! i just thought it looked really cool they all died in a circle like that lol, no rdm body yet what the hell?! you owe me dynamis!!! i waited 2 years for thf hands and never got them! YOU OWE ME!

i have a ton of maps in game… i’ve done so many quests, just because its hard for me to find my way around with a map and without i’m totally hopeless… i even did all those stupid quests for the crawler’s nest map a long time ago.. but i just got two more.. i finally did the quest for the attowah chasm map… not that the map for that place helps much, if they really wanted to be useful, the whole map would just show you the path up that stupid mountain >.>

i also got the den of rancor map while we were trying to farm up a thief’s knife pop for kylex, which at least was something useful that happened during that expedition because we left without the pop item and i managed to die when i didn’t run away fast enough and took a throat stab… lucky i didn’t take a rancor or a grudge i guess, the guy wants 6k to erase my tonberry hate… there’s no way i’m paying that!!

we did a couple of ohats for some people, it was easy enough, i was a little worried because we only took 9 people and there was a couple times where some of the DD’s ate dirt but we ended up pulling it off and got two people their hats, so it was worth it^^

Optical Hat, Hakutaku, FFXI

i’ve gotten goldsmithing up to 48 but unfortuantly that’s gonna slow right down now since i have some things i need to buy. one of those things being a peacock charm because you know what? i give up on argus. i do. that’s it, no more, no way. i managed to miss one claim because i drifted off in my chair at 6:20am.. and the next day, i claimed it on another char but it went white for one second, which resulted in a hate war that i managed to win, while trying to get ely into zone for what? for 0/8 that’s what. forget that nm, i don’t need that hassle, i’ll just buy it! and as jet said, i value my friends, i know they’ll leave me if i keep camping that!! the other stuff is just like, thf stuff… dragon harness maybe, uncursing heca (eventually when i get it) sorcerer’s ring is back up to a mil, not worth it for 50-80 more dmg per spell really… i tested someone’s one day and i mean, any more damage is obviously better but for a mil? idk…

well thats it for this brief update!! so i’ll leave you with the age old question… why are taru’s so darn cute?

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