New Banner from HK!

Check out the hot new banner!! *points up* HK made that! It’s pretty win right?!^^ he makes me look way more bad ass then i really am <3 ty HK! well let's see what's new? I finally finally got sch up to 37 and done with! it was not an easy journey^^ i put up with alot of crappy parties just to get through it. not the least of which was a party that had no tank and a melee rdm, then when a nin popped he asked for volunteers to drop party to get an actual tank. needless to say, i was that volunteer... so now its blu to 37! i've already gotten it from 14 to 28. mostly i cheated, i took hk out with me to pl and solo'd my way to 24, then i started duoing with my friend muni, and we've been doing really awesome! its ALOT more fun then sch was... something i would even consider leveling further in the future... maybe... i really wanna try dnc when i get blu to 37^^ plus the thought of learning spells is a little daunting, i haven't had alot of trouble yet. healing breeze and screwdriver took me about two or three hours apiece and i thought that was annoying enough... so we've been going on with nyzul, our luck just about the same as ever... well.. we attempted the floor 80 boss again the other day.. lol no one really wanted it, it ended up just kind of being lotted by people who will never use it for anything, but i guess its a little encouraging? although we've killed about three bosses since and gotten nothing, no good appraisals either :( Summoner is coming along not quite as fast as i'd like it too, but i'm having a good time with my friends leveling it, we've gotten up to around 55 and most of our parties are going really well^^ there is one thing i don't understand... if the perpetuation rate for carby is 5 mp and wiki claims that the carby mitts reduce it by half then round down which would make it 2 plus the high quality staff is -3 and then an auto refresh inherent trait but i still only have free carby, not an mp refresh. i can only assume that you can only reduce the cost to zero and that you need an outside source of refresh (like the vermy) to refresh mp back.... but i never knew that until now :) on the summoner front... i got a ying yang robe!! it's really early still but we had the ToD and we got one for about four people (me chesh soly and afuce.......) so i was really happy about that. one of the things that put me off leveling smn was that i was sure i would never be able to get that robe XD i've taken up crafting... sort of... i started leveling goldsmithing.. it's really expensive, i knew it would be and i don't really mind it. there was a few people giving me a hard time about it, but i'll stick it out for as long as i can, i think i can stay with it... i'm up to 35, mythril is tough to skill up with i have to wait for just the right day at the guild :( nothing new in dyna... two beauc's no tabards ; ; sky is ok, i got some heca hands, sune-ate and a behe hide in the last three weekends or so which was nice^^ just heca feet and body to go, oh and hiadate for my brd! nothing new from limbus either 40/75 coins for my earring, we're planning lots of omegas^^ (head and hands last run) and a head and hands from ultima the other night as well^^ so the only other thing thats really new is i got to go tag along with hk again last night... and he took me to his ls killing jailer of love! the one thing he warned me before he invited was that the fight was really long, but i said ok anyways, because hey this might be the only chance i ever get to see it! and he was not kidding it was a really long fight... and mostly pretty boring. there's alot of standing around and then really slow killing, but i still had fun getting to see it and listen in on his vent server. his ls is really nice, i was glad to go. and they even got full drops, so grats to them^^ now he was really nice to me after too, he said i did really well even though i totally didn't! here's the proof: but it was nice of him to say i was useful^^ so thats all for now^^ <3 see ya!

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